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Airbnb Promo Code Singapore – Get S$45 Off Your First Booking!

Last Updated: October 17, 2018

Written by Seth Lui

Sign Up for an Airbnb Account with FREE S$45 credits.

Airbnb is probably one of the most popular options for booking affordable and/or unique living locations overseas. Hotels are great, but Airbnb stays can be cheaper as well as a lot more hospitable.

Airbnb Unique Homes

Just look at all these unique homes available, including a treehouse, stay in campers, glamping and even on a dock! The possibilities are endless and you’ll find something for any occasion.

Is this your first time trying out Airbnb? Well fret not, it’s really simple to use and what more, there’s a S$45 travel credit promo code you can use if you’ve not opened an Airbnb account before.

For first timers, learn more about how to use Airbnb with our friendly article: How-to Guide On Booking Airbnb online.

Airbnb Promo Code Singapore

Before you book any new Airbnb stay, you’ll want to click my Airbnb travel promo link to get S$45 FREE in your account for your first booking (above S$100).

My mistake was signing up without using a referral link and losing S$45 credits I could have used for my first booking- Don’t make the same mistake as I did and travel smart!

Click my referral link to create an Airbnb account with FREE S$45 booking credit

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