Al Mahboob Rojak: Crispy, fresh, and flavourful Indian rojak in Tampines

When I think of Indian Rojak, a slew of ingredients and a bowl of rich red peanut sauce comes to mind. So, when I heard of Al Mahboob Rojak, and how they serve amazing rojak, you bet your last dollar I’d be there.

Al Mahboob - image of restaurant front

Located in a standalone restaurant at Tampines, it is also fully air-conditioned. Beats the al fresco dining concept most places have to offer. 

Al Mahboob - image of interior

The restaurant was fully packed and the atmosphere, chaotic when I arrived. However, the medley of colourful ingredients on display in front of me instantly drained the surrounding noise out. My focus was certainly on the food— I was truly in rojak heaven! 

What I tried at Al Mahboob Rojak

Al Mahboob - rojak

I might have gone a bit overboard with my rojak. I got two Chicken Sausages (S$0.90 each), two Boiled Potatoes (from S$3.50), one Beancurd (S$2), two Big Prawns with Flour (S$2.80 each), one Crispy Prawn (S$2.80), and three Fish Cakes (S$2 each). Easily my most expensive Indian rojak purchase ever. 

As the place was filled to the brim, I opted to tapau my order. 

Al Mahboob - big prawn with flour Al Mahboob - crispy prawn

Despite the 15-minute journey back home, the prawn fritters still retained their crispness. The prawns were also fresh, which was a lovely treat.

Al Mahboob - fish cake

Like the prawn fritters, the Fish Cake was fried to perfection.

Al Mahboob - potato

Indian rojak Boiled Potatoes always hit a sweet spot. I’m pretty sure there’s a certain kind of sorcery added to their marinade because the potatoes here are out of this world. 

Al Mahboob - sausage

I’m happy to report that the Chicken Sausage was incredibly crispy. I also noticed that it was sliced differently than in most places, which made it easier to consume. 

Al Mahboob - tofu

Fried tofu is a must in every Indian rojak order, and the one here is huge! Two thumbs up from me.

Aside from their Indian rojak, Al Mahboob Rojak also sells other dishes like the usual gorengs, mutton chop, Roti John and more. 

Al Mahboob - mee kuah

I ordered the Mee Kuah (S$6). This dish is essentially a bowl of your choice of favourite noodles in a thick, well-spiced, and red mutton broth. 

Al Mahboob - close up of mee kuah

True to its name, the Mee Kuah here is loaded with heaps of tender mutton chunks, potatoes, and eggs. In my opinion, yellow noodles are the ultimate combination, but you can choose otherwise too. 

The Mee Kuah here tastes sublime. It’s sweet, yet spicy and thick. The tender mutton chunks weren’t too gamey and had the right consistency to them. 

Al Mahboob - nasi goreng

I also got the Nasi Goreng Ikan Bilis Merah (S$6), which loosely translates to red fried rice with anchovies. 

Al Mahboob - close up of nasi goreng

The fried rice comes with an abundance of crispy ikan bilis coupled with soft potato cubes, crunchy vegetables, and eggs. Although this isn’t a dish I’d come back for, it does the trick if you’re craving for a simple nasi goreng.  

Al Mahboob - roti john

Last but not least, Roti John Mutton (S$6)

Al Mahboob - close up of roti john

The dish consists of sliced halves of a French loaf fried atop a griddle, topped with minced mutton, sliced onions, and egg, not forgetting the addition of chilli sauce and mayonnaise toppings.

Personally, I would prefer it to be a bit crispier. Taste-wise it could do with a tad bit more salt and pepper to enhance the flavours of the minced mutton. 

Final thoughts

Al Mahboob - image of food dishes

Be prepared to wait up to 30 minutes for your order. After all, a high volume of customers = longer waiting time, am I right? You won’t have to worry about the ingredients running out as they’re replenished regularly. 

I also love how the restaurant is fully air-conditioned so you wouldn’t be sweating buckets waiting for your order to get prepared. 

Al Mahboob - image of rojak ingredients

I also noticed that due to an overwhelming set of ingredients available, many overestimate their eating capacity and tend to take more than they can tank. Which is absolutely fine because they do allow you to pack what you can’t finish. 

Would I come back here again? A definite yes (for their rojak). 

Expected damage: S$6 – S$15 per pax

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Price: $ $

Our Rating: 4 / 5

Al Mahboob Rojak

300 Tampines Avenue 5, NTUC [email protected] Junction, #01-02, Singapore 529653

Our Rating 4/5

Al Mahboob Rojak

300 Tampines Avenue 5, NTUC [email protected] Junction, #01-02, Singapore 529653

Telephone: +65 6788 2257
Operating Hours: 11am - 8pm (Tue to Sun), Closed on Mon
Telephone: +65 6788 2257

Operating Hours: 11am - 8pm (Tue to Sun), Closed on Mon
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