Suss out the im-pearl-ster with these adorable Among Us Bobas

Recently, our boss Seth has gotten us quite hooked on Among Us—the game that almost everyone around us seems to be having their noses in. The rules are simple really, stay alive and finish your tasks if you’re a crewmate, sabotage and kill if you’re an imposter.

Seeing how the game has taken the world by storm, YouTubers Amy and Claire lost no time in jumping onto the Among Us bandwagon. And what better way to ride the craze than to create miniature in-game characters in the form of every Asian’s dream—boba.


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The adorable but absolutely troublesome boba characters took a painstaking three hours—that’s the kind of dedication I can only dream of.

Among Us Boba 1

Swirl them around in a milk-based tea or watch them float about in a clear tea. Either way, make sure to switch out different colours for each pearl to achieve the authentic multi-coloured spaceship that we’re all too familiar with.

Among Us Boba 2

Pink looks like it just got yeeted out of the spaceship and is floating around in space at the hands of their sad, sad fate.

Among Us Boba 3

We’ve seen many attempt their hand at homemade boba during the 2-month long Circuit Breaker earlier this year, especially when bubble tea shops weren’t allowed to operate for a hot second back then. But nothing has quite impressed us and tickled our fancy the way these Among Us bobas have.

Perhaps the next time company bonding night comes a-knocking, we just might give these a shot. After all, we do have a couple of talented resident bakers here at

You can catch their recipe here:

If you do end up taking on the challenge, let us know how long it took you, and whether it was worth it.