Have a Par-Tea With Ocean Teabag And Their Animal-Shaped Tea Bags Now

Teabags have never been something I paid much attention to. I usually just leave them in for flavour whilst I work on other things. However, Ocean Teabag changes that. This Japanese company produces animal-shaped teabags that will elevate any tea drinking session!

Ocean Tea Bag Online 2

Check out this kawaii Sea Turtle Tea Bag (1,820 yen for four tea bags) with a tropical leaf tagged at the end.

Ocean Tea Bag Online 1

This is a blend of butterfly pea flower and jasmine tea. While the former lends it a beautiful blue hue to represent the sea, the subtle jasmine flavour has a fragrant green tea finish. It looks exactly like a sea turtle swimming in the ocean! How adorable.

Ocean Tea Bag Online 3

If sea animals are not your thing, they do have many other animal shapes too! This Toy Poodle Tea Bag (1,820 yen for four tea bags) is perfect for any dog lover. It is also tagged with a sunflower at the end for an even cuter touch.

Ocean Tea Bag Online 4

Filled with Darjeeling tea leaves, this would have a sweet and slightly spiced finish.

There are so many other designs on the site that are definitely eye-catching. I may or may not have accidentally spent an hour checking out all the cute designs myself. If you are a tea or animal lover, or you know someone who is, these animal tea bags may make the perfect gift!

Dates & Times: Now available online here

Prices: From 1,820 yen for four tea bags