19 Artisanal Made-in-Singapore Foods You Never Knew About

What exactly is artisanal food products you may ask, they are simply alternative versions of the food products that we use from a day to day basis, like soya sauce or peanut butter. But artisan because more effort is spent into producing them, often by hand and not industrial mass-producing machines.

Because of this laborious fact, interesting flavours can be introduced, such as Nasi Lemak tea and many more.

To sum it up, artisanal foods are the indie versions of mainstream food products and we should definitely patronise these locally made foods; with that much passion and joy put into crafting their products, your tastebuds will be in for a treat. So ditch that cola and choose specialty soda today.

All lovingly handmade and down to earth, here are 19 artisan products made-in-Singapore that are intricately crafted for your peruse and don’t worry, they’re definitely big on the localised flavours.

19. MOFO Chili


MOFO Dodge The Bullet ($10), MOFO Final Destination ($12).

We hold our spicy palates with high regards and it is no wonder MOFO’ s chilli sauce is so well-received. Brain child of Monica and Steffi, these sisters know the way to our hearts is through burning it with passion and of course, chilli.

MOFO stocks up chilli sauces that are versatile, be it for cooking, marinating or simply dipping.

MOFO Chili Tel: +65 9223 8663 | Website

18. The Edible Company


Cranberry Almond Granola ($14).

Everyone loves a good ol’ comforting bowl of granola to start the day with, especially so when it’s home grown and definitely healthy. The Edible Company said so themselves, they are ‘all about loving the nature, tree-hugging, nut-crunching with a passion for natural food made by hands, not machines’.

Additives free, opt for their granola subscription if you’d like a regular supply of granola.

The Edible Co.: 354 Alexandra Road #01-09 Alexis, Singapore 154498 | Tel: +65 9873 9472| Website

17. Eastern Granola


5Cs Granola ($12.50).

Speaking of granola, what better way to indulge than having a rich and robust alternative. The Eastern Granola is inspired by our very own Southeast Asia flavours so you’ll be expecting spices, tropical fruits and even fish sauce.

You heard me right. Have a go at their 5Cs Granola that is packed with coconut, curry, chocolate, chilli and cashews, a luxurious treat for anytime of the day. Psst, if you’re feeling adventurous, pair it with a bottle of craft beer.

Eastern Granola:  Tel: +65 8428 6236 | Website

16. Citizen Pop Soda Company


Forget your coca cola or pepsi when you’ve got specialty handmade sodas and juices in store. Citizen Pop is started by two Singapore friends who left their desk bound jobs for a life filled with variety, sodas and concoctions built to last. Citizen Pop carries a line of invigorating sodas such as Lemon and Lavender, Apple and Ginger and many more.

Citizen Pop Soda Company: Website

15. Popaganda


Popaganda ($4 – $5 per stick).

‘After all, life’s too short to skip dessert’ is what Popaganda says and we couldn’t agree more. Popaganda stocks up on handmade popsicles that are made with natural, organic and local products. Absolutely no artificial sweeteners, colouring and preservatives free. They wash, peel, cut, puree and juice everything themselves, so that you can enjoy safely.

Popaganda: 3017 Bedok North Street 5 #03-33, Gourmet East Kitchen, Singapore 486121 | Tel: +65 6243 9233 | Website

14. Second Helpings


Tak Kiu Beenut Butter / Cinnapretz Beenut Butter ($12.90).

Jumping onto the peanut butter bandwagon, Second Helpings constantly evolve their flavours and comes up with innovative and wholesome flavours like the ones shown above. They’re passionate about their handcrafted beenut butters and you should be too. Tried and tasted, my favourite is the Cocovan Beenut Butter.

Second Helpings: 46 Jalan Bukit Ho Swee #01-890, Singapore 160046 | Tel: +65 8570 9621 | Website



Crunchee Seasalt Almond Butter 230g ($15).

Nutteree is more than just a nut butter spread. It is the solution to everyone who has intolerance to peanuts. The founder of Nutteree is one such victim and has set out on a mission to craft out the best alternatives for peanut butter, thus birthing Nutteree’s nut butters that are affordable, home made and yummy.

Nutteree: Website

12. The Hunters’ Kitchenette


Cashew Nut Butter 200g ($14).

The Hunters’s Kitchenette focuses on all the health benefits nuts could ever bring to our lives. They’re extremely rich in vitamins and minerals, which is thoroughly essential to us. Mix all that together and grind them well to form a lusciously rich nut butter and that’s what The Hunters’ Kitchenette has to offer. Eating and benefiting sounds just about right.

The Hunters’ Kitchenette: 111 North Bridge Road, Peninsula Plaza #21-01, Singapore 179098 | Tel: +65 6507 4560 | Website

11. POPPY & CO


Speculoos Cookie Butter ($12).

We are all familiar with Lotus biscuits and the cookie spread is all the rage right now. Poppy & Co. sees the niche in that and has made their very own speculoos butter, which is a-m-a-z-i-n-g. Definitely an addict myself, grab yourself a jar of this luscious buttery cookie spread that is outrageously rich and bold.

Poppy & Co.: 81 Ubi Ave 4, Singapore 408830 | Website

10. Straits Preserves Singapore


Tropical Calamansi ($15.50).

Straits Preserve is lovingly made and bottled in Singapore and there’s a story behind every single jar, be it an iconic cocktail or spicy and citrusy marmalades that you won’t ever find elsewhere. Be prepared to indulge your palates with tropical fruits, spices and a little bit of crazy.

Straits Preserves Singapore: Website

9. GSH Conserves


Banana Cocoa Seasalt Jam (various prices for different sizes).

Marriage made in heaven, banana, cocoa and seasalt, you can never go wrong with such a combination and having it home made fresh on our own home ground is probably the freshest you’ll ever get. GSH Conserves by Joey Gan is a conscientious effort to create more awareness that we can also help save our environment by making the right food choices.

GSH Conserves Tel: +65 9046 3441 | Website

8. Brew by A.muse Project


Pina Colada Tea ($11).

All great stories start with a good drink, usually alcoholic. But what happens when you’re almost on the brink of alcohol anonymous and you can no longer qualify to call yourself an alcohol enthusiast? You sort yourself out with Merlot Tea, Chardonnay Tea and many more. Thank you Brew by A.muse Project, for recognising the true beauty in the taste.

Of course, they do stock other teas as well, ranging from Noir Tea to Caramel Macchiato Oolong, so fret not non-alcohol enthusiasts. There’s always something for someone.

Brew by A.muse Projects: Website

7. ETTE Tea


Nasi Lemak Tea ($18).

Think about that, drinking a tea that is as fragrant as our local favourite, nasi lemak, but without the fattening factor. How amazing, all thanks to ETTE Tea. Choose from crazy local flavours like the Pandan Chiffon, Mango Sticky Rice to movie inspired flavours like the Kris Grey or Peach Perfect.

ETTE Tea: 333 Kreta Ayer Road, Singapore 080333 | Tel : +65 9233 7632 | Website



Bottle of 6 ($26.96).

We are all about the coco lyfe (life) because healthy and hydration is where the future is at. And yes, I am a proud advocator of coconut water. I’m in love with the coco.

COCOLOCO makes all of this possible by cracking up some serious coconut water business in Singapore, bottling them with love for the sake of us all and sending them straight to our homes. Convenient and yummy.


5. Bruneus


Chia Seeds & Raw Cocoa Clusters ($9.50).

From Superlative Foods’ founder Angeline Lee, Bruneus is her love child that uses only the most organical and naturally grown ingredients for her nut clusters. You’re not only consuming healthy products, which are obviously fresh with no additives or preservatives. You’re also encouraging fair trade for all the cacao and coconut palm farmers, ultimately creating a better livelihood for them.

Bruneus: 10 Tuas Bay Walk, Singapore 637780 | Tel: +65 6401 5507 | Website

4. Crunchie Brownie


($9 for small / $16 for large).

Crunchie Brownie brings a whole new level to brownies. Forget all the mainstream chewy and gooey brownies that may or may not be heaven’s gift to earth, and indulge in these crunchy flakes of brownie that is probably the badass cousin of the former. Either way, you’re in for treat so hurry down to Naiise and get yourself some.

Crunchie Brownie: Website

3. 3 Bites Full


Black Sesame 105g ($8.50).

Three friends shared the same passion for sweets and nougats many moons ago and didn’t have the chance to further it till recently, crafting up 3 Bites Full and its range of wholesome nougats that contains absolutely no trans fat, no gelatine, no preservatives, artificial colours or flavours. Yes, wholesome and milky, these nougats are your healthier alternatives.

3 Bites Full: Website

2. The Ice Cream and Cookie Co.


Ice Cream Sandwich ($5 each).

Haven’t you heard that ice cream does wonders, they even have the momentary ability to cure heartbreaks. Top that off as a gourmet ice cream sandwich and you’re definitely happier than you thought you were, so The Ice Cream and Cookie Co. has specially handcrafted ice cream sandwiches for all you lovely souls out there.

All made in house, they sandwich their very own ice cream in between their freshly baked artisanal cookies, packing all the love in and sending them to you. Choose from a whole variety of flavours like the Apple Pie or Butterscotch Bacon. Mmhm.

The Ice Cream and Cookie Co: 5 Burn Road, #01-01, Singapore 369972 | Tel: +65 6282 4680 | Website

1. Birdy’s Brew


Into The Black ($20 – $36).

Coffee is without a doubt a bestfriend of many, especially so when we are battling the z monster (sleep). The good people at Birdy’s Brew sees that and has come up Into The Black, a coffee concentrate that can be enjoyed both cold and hot. Pop it into the microwave for a hot espresso or simply mix it with cold water to get cold brew ala minute.

And these bad boys are made from 100% Arabica beans that descend from farms in Colombia and Sumatra, cold brewed for more than 24 hours, presenting the creme de la crop.

Birdy’s Brew: Website