Atmosphere Bistro: Flaming Thin Crust Pizza At A Chill Restaurant In East Coast Park

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Atmosphere Bistro is a bar and bistro located in East Coast Park that lives up to its name.

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By day, it’s a pretty chill space by the beach where you can soak in the scenery and enjoy the sea breeze. And, it is also a child-friendly restaurant with a play area for your kids.

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By night it takes on a more hip vibe reminiscent of a dive bar, with neon blue lighting and pop hits playing in the background.

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Not only can you enjoy a drink there, you can also challenge your friend to a game of darts.

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What got me travelling all the way to East Coast though, was the Flaming Pizza ($23.80) – a thin crust pizza that is doused in rum before being set on fire.

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It makes for a pretty cool picture and gives you bragging rights on social media. Also, the experience of watching my pizza burn with a robust fire was pretty amazing.

The taste however, does not differ too much from a regular pizza. As the fire is fuelled by the rum, all traces of alcohol is burned off by the time the fire dies down.

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The fire seared the ingredients and even charred some to a certain extent, but thankfully didn’t left a burnt taste.

The Flaming Pizza comes with tiger prawns, salami, capsicums, and assorted mushrooms. While the taste was nothing to shout about, the experience of seeing a fire ablaze on my food was definitely a fun one.

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If you’re looking to satisfy your pizza cravings, I recommend the Mentaiko Waffle Pizza ($18.80). The price seems a little much for its small size, but trust me, it’s worth it.

The taste was amazing, and was due to the combination of waffle, cheese, and mentaiko – three food items that Singaporeans generally love. You have to give this a try.

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I initially questioned the addition of bratwurst and pineapples to the mentaiko pizza but was pleasantly surprised by how the bratwurst actually complements the mentaiko sauce. As for the pineapples, if you’re a fan of Hawaiian pizzas then you’re probably going to love this.

The waffle itself was crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. It also was a little dense at the top where it soaked up the mentaiko sauce, making it all the more delicious.

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Atmosphere Bistro also sells Grilled Baby Octopus ($12.80) with a homemade chilli dip. The baby octopi were very juicy and I particularly enjoyed how the tentacles were grilled to a crisp, adding a great crunchy texture to the dish.

I would have enjoyed the baby octopi more if they were marinated a little more heavily, but the chilli dip that’s made in-house more than made up for it.

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Another good dish that I had at Atmosphere Bistro was the Spicy Prawn Carbonara ($18.80). I loved that it came with the egg yolk intact which, once burst, coated the noodles and gave the dish an even thicker texture.

I really enjoyed the taste of the carbonara sauce which is made in-house and was quite hearty, making this dish great comfort food. The use of tiger prawns instead of the classic bacon was also a welcome change, since it made the carbonara sauce less jelak. I just wished the sauce had been spicier!

If you’ve had a great day at East Coast Park and are looking for somewhere to dine for dinner, drop by Atmosphere Bistro. Start with a Flaming Pizza just to say you’ve tried it, but definitely order the Mentaiko Waffle Pizza and Grilled Baby Octopus to ensure a satisfying meal.

Expected damage: $18 – $25 per person

Do note that closing times subject to change due to live sport screenings. Call to check before you visit!

Atmosphere Bistro: East Coast Park, 920 East Coast Parkway, #01-25/26/27, Singapore 449875 | Opening Hours: (Mon to Thurs) 6pm – 12am, (Fri & Eve of PH) 6pm – 1am, (Sat, Sun & PH) 10.30am – 1am | Tel: +65 6884 6884 | Website

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