New in town: Bakery 1946 – Viral apple-shaped bread at famous Korean bakery’s first outlet!

Apple-shaped bread? This should be unfamiliar to bread lovers out there. Cue Bakery 1946, or Suhyeongdang, the famous Korean bakery renowned for its whimsical fruit and vegetable-shaped buns.

If you were unable to snag a share of these viral bakes at previous pop-up events, lucky you, the bakery is slated to open its first physical outlet at Suntec City in June 2024.

Bakery 1946 - Assorted Buns

If you can recall long, snaking queues at a Bugis Junction or Tanglin Mall pop-up a few months back, chances are that it belongs to Bakery 1946 heh. Naturally, this begs the question: “Is it worth the hype?”

Among the variety of decadent options, let’s start with their K-Apple Bread (DaeguNeunggeumbang), yes, that popular apple-shaped bread. Similar to the bakery’s other Instagrammable bakes, the K-Apple is generously loaded with rich filling. Look out for a combination of fresh cream cheese, apple jam and juicy apple cubes encased within a fluffy hyperrealistic apple.

Daebak lah.

Bakery 1946 - Apple-Shaped Buns

Aside from apple-shaped buns, be sure to catch other creative bakes at their first outlet!

This includes the Sweet Potato Bread, which closely resembles…yeah you guessed it, a sweet potato. Unlike its pillowy fruit-like counterpart, the Sweet Potato Bread has a chewy texture from a starchy-sweet paste. And not to forget the Whole Chestnut Bread, which has a delightful chestnut filling with notes of roasted coffee.

Meanwhile, the Garlic Manju sports a whole garlic with individual cloves. Filled with savoury garlic, this might be quite unnerving to some. But fret not, the garlic taste is balanced with creamy white bean paste.

Bakery 1946 - Vegetable-Shaped Buns (Sweet Potato, Chestnut, Garlic)

The indulgence doesn’t stop there. More iconic features include the Black Sesame Cream Cheese BreadBlack Sesame Peanut Crumb Bread and the Original Daegu Sweet  Red Bean Bun!

While prices and items available for this K-Bakery’s permanent home at Suntec are TBA, their prior pop-ups in Singapore offered over 55 different types of bread starting at S$2.50 each.

Want more updates on Bakery 1946’s grand opening and menu details? Stay tuned here. In the meantime, I’ll fantasise about getting my hands on those adorable buns.

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Price: $ $

Bakery 1946

8 Temasek Blvd, Suntec City, Tower 3, Singapore 038988


Bakery 1946

8 Temasek Blvd, Suntec City, Tower 3, Singapore 038988

Operating Hours: TBA

Operating Hours: TBA