New Sakura and Matcha Cream Puffs in Beard Papa’s limited Yozakura Cream Puff series

Like many other F&B outlets this month, Beard Papa’s is another eatery that has hopped on board the cherry blossom food trend. The Japanese brand has launched a limited Yozakura Cream Puff series, featuring assorted Sakura and Matcha cream puffs. Priced between S$3.30 and S$3.80, these cream puffs are relatively affordable.

image of beard papa's storefront

As I walked past one of their signature bright yellow outlets, I was instantly drawn to the gorgeous pink cherry blossom decorations adorning the store in promotion of the new series. Enticed by the colourful green and pastel pink creams and assorted brown choux puffs, I decided to treat myself to some of these morsels of creamy goodness.

image of beard papa's yozakura eclair cream puff

First, I tried the limited edition Yozakura Eclair Crust Cream Puff (S$3.80), which I found to be the most eye-catching of all the puffs on display. Topped with a layer of white icing and sprinkled with specks of contrasting dark pink powder, this cream puff definitely stands out visually. Contained within the dark brown choux puff was a generous amount of light pink sakura cream.

With this being my first time trying anything sakura-flavoured, I had no idea what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised by the mild earthiness of the cream, which was moderately sweet with some floral elements. I found the taste extremely similar to red bean, right down to the very slightly sandy mouthfeel in the otherwise smooth cream.

It is not specified what the pink powder atop the icing is, though I suspect that it could be plum powder because of its salty and lightly sour profile. This slight saltiness enhances the sweetness of the icing and the sakura cream, making for a scrumptious dessert.

image of beard papa's matcha cookie crust cream puff

Next, I tried the Matcha Cookie Crust Cream Puff (S$3.60), featuring silky matcha cream within a cookie-crusted choux puff. I’m no stranger to matcha desserts, and this matcha cream puff certainly hit all the right spots.

The matcha cream strikes the perfect balance between being sweet and bitter. The texture of the cream was light and not cloying at all, with lovely milky undertones. The choux puff was slightly crispy with a mild buttery aroma, especially enhanced by the fragrant cookie crust.

image of beard papa's sakura mochi mochi puff

I noticed a poster on the countertop for Sakura Mochi Mochi Puffs (S$3.50), which were not displayed with the other cream puffs. With a limited quantity of 80 pieces per day, these puffs felt a lot more exclusive. Hence, I decided to try it out too.

To my surprise, the Mochi Mochi puff was much flatter and smoother than the spherical choux puffs and looked nothing like the advertised image, which displayed a more textured surface. Though I was not impressed by its visuals, its mochi texture sure does live up to its name.

The chewy, glutinous exterior was squishy and had a kueh-like texture. The sakura cream paired with the soft mochi puff made for a light and refreshing snack. While I find the price to be a little steep for something so small and flat, I must admit that it is a rather novel product.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed Beard Papa’s Yozakura Cream Puff series and I am excited for their future monthly special flavours.

Beard Papa’s Yozakura Cream Puff series will be available in the month of April 2022, so be sure to try these intriguing, uniquely Japanese flavours while they’re still available.

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