Don Don Donki’s new Hokkaido cake rolls come in flavours like Matcha and Tiramisu

Don Don Donki’s cake rolls are some of my favourite desserts ever, so imagine my pleasure when I discovered that the iconic Japanese supermarket had added a new series of assorted Hokkaido Rolls (S$9.80) to their already impressive roster of cake rolls.

Image of Hokkaido rolls sold at Don Don Donki

Conveniently nestled among the other cakes in the dessert section of their stores, the new Hokkaido Rolls stand out for their impressive length and vibrant hues. They’re certainly the longest cake rolls I have ever seen.

Made with Hokkaido condensed milk, the Hokkaido Rolls come in five different flavours, including Original, Matcha, Strawberry, Tiramisu and Cheese.

I couldn’t leave the store without getting my hands on some of these tantalising rolls, so I decided to get the Matcha and Tiramisu rolls. The rolls were on offer, hence I managed to score them at S$8.80 each, a dollar cheaper than their original prices.

Image of Hokkaido rolls sold at Don Don Donki

I cannot emphasise enough on how sublime the textures of these Hokkaido rolls are. The delicate cake was cotton-soft while the cream was luscious and creamy without being overly cloying. Visualise eating a delicious cloud in heaven, because that’s what it felt like as I devoured these rolls.

image of matcha hokkaido roll

First, I had the Matcha roll. As an avid matcha fan, my standards were admittedly pretty high. While the roll wasn’t overly sweet, I’d say that the matcha profile leaned more towards the floral and mellow side.

The matcha isn’t as gao or rich as other matcha treats I’ve had, which might disappoint die-hard matcha lovers. However, the subtle yet aromatic matcha flavour makes it suitable for those who may dislike traditionally bitter matcha desserts. Personally, I enjoyed this roll very much, but would preferred a stronger matcha profile.

Image of tiramisu hokkaido roll

Next, I had the Tiramisu roll, which initially won me over with its attractive deep brown colour. The top of the roll is dusted lightly with cocoa powder, which adds to its light chocolatey taste. The deep fragrance of the coffee-flavoured tiramisu cream pairs with the chocolate cake perfectly.

Even though I’m not much of a coffee drinker, I still fell in love with this fragrant, soft Hokkaido roll. The cream isn’t too bitter and retains a fantastic coffee aroma while the cake isn’t too sweet and complements the delicate cream wonderfully. In the words of Thanos, it was “perfectly balanced, as all things should be”.

Don Don Donki has yet to let me down with their fantastic selection of roll cakes, and these new Hokkaido rolls certainly do not disappoint. Don’t walk, run down to the nearest Don Don Donki and grab one or two rolls on your way out. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

The Hokkaido rolls are available in the dessert section of Don Don Donki stores islandwide for S$9.80, though prices may differ between stores. Check out their outlets here.

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