Melvados Singapore: Free delivery and great value by local everyday gourmet specialists 

Revolutions begin with small, brave steps. In 2004, a fledgling local company opened its doors on the simple premise of everyday gourmet; today, it has grown into a chain of 8 stores dotting our food-obsessed island. Meet Melvados, the pick-n-go gourmet supermarket giving major chains a run for their money for quality.


Melvados Festive Set

I was fortunate enough to sink my teeth into their Festive Set (S$50), which I think is perfect as an introduction to this homegrown brand. It includes the Signature Festive Sampler (featuring 20 of their best selling cakes) and 5 100g Melvados snack packs.

box of mini cakes

Melvados Snack Packs

The Festive Pack offers a choice of 5 flavours from their extensive range:

  • Original Browney Brittle
  • Almond Browney Brittle
  • Ondeh Ondeh Brittle
  • Citrus Pistachio Biscotti
  • Almond Biscotti
  • Coffee Biscotti 
  • Gula Melaka Biscotti
  • Parmesan Rosemary Biscotti
  • Double Chocolate Cookies
  • Rainbow Cookies
  • Coconut & Seeds Clusters

    What I tried

    I tried the Original Browney Brittle, Ondeh Ondeh Brittle, Citrus Pistachio Brittle, Coffee Biscotti, and Gula Melaka Biscotti.

browney brittle

The Original was easily the best! It’s almost impossible to describe the sensation of these hard, brittle dark chocolate biscuits melting into gooey sweetness on my tongue. The Coffee Biscotti was a bit too dry for my liking but there is no denying the infusion of coffee flavour. Best for dipping!

gula melaka bicotti

Regale your tastebuds with the traditional
Ondeh Ondeh and Gula Melaka Biscotti. I found the former especially faithful to the local favourite I grew up enjoying. The Citrus Pistachio Biscotti leaves a subtle zesty aftertaste with every bite. I think it pairs with tea better than it does with coffee.

ondeh ondeh biscotti

Melvados Cakes

Heavens, I was not prepared for the delectable decadence packed into the cakes tray! The 20 rectangular fellows looked all prim and proper, packed neatly together in the heat-sealed pack. There was nary a clue of the hedonistic experience they were about to unleash upon me.

mini cakes

By no means am I vegetarian or vegan but my first bite was of the Eggless Red Velvet (simply because it was in the bottom corner and, so, easiest to retrieve). It turned out to be the best of the lot! Who knows what manner of sorcery goes on in the Melvados kitchen but here I am days later, still reminiscing about that absolutely divine first taste of an eggless cake.

red velvet

There was also a Vegetarian Brownie in the set but, alas, it was scooped up by an actual vegetarian. Meh.

chocolate cake

I tried my best to be all food-appreciate-y but spurred on by that first introduction, went straight for the next piece. The Blueberry Cheesecake was dense and moist, with a slightly thinner base than I am used to. It was nice to know that Melvados sources only organic blueberries.

My fingers danced over the pack before being drawn to the wonderfully uneven topography of the Apple Crumble next. Caramelised Granny Smith apples enriched with cinnamon and spices captivated my taste buds. This cake is a celebration of textures with the buttery crumble completing the party.

I haven’t gone through all 20 flavours but if the first three are any indication, Melvados creates some of the best bakes in Singapore.

Final Thoughts

The quality of each product aside, I was blown away by the Festive Set deal.

Every set is delivered free of charge straight to your home anywhere in Singapore. It comes in a huge reusable cooler bag that I can see myself conveniently using for picnics and potlucks down the track. These perks aside, the sheer value of the deal impressed me.

coffee biscotti

Let’s break it down. A brownie of the size and quality Melvados bakes costs between S$3 and S$4 at any decent bakery or confectionery; you get 20 of them here. A 100g bag of well-made biscotti will easily set you back between S$5 and S$6; the Festive Set contains 5 packs.

Somehow, Melvados manages to throw in complementary delivery and a cooler bag in with the deal as well. Maybe I am just being paranoid but they just might give the price a bump once the cat is out of the bag. No time like the present to get your hands on one.

holding cake

Melvados Ingredients

In gastronomy, that which starts well ends well. Melvados embraces this philosophy with an almost obsessive pursuit of top-tier ingredients. It is a search that has taken them across the world to over 15 countries, including Mexico, Germany, Turkey and Thailand.

Today, they have a  uniquely reliable supply chain with an overwhelming emphasis on personal relationships, not corporate ones. It is how every Melvados product is of a consistently-high quality.


There are eggless and vegetarian options for the planet-friendly among us. Best of all, especially for the health-conscious, each Melvados product is completely free of artificial preservatives and chemicals.

melvados festive set

The Company

18 years is a lifetime in the competitive F&B industry, and even more so when you throw Covid into the mix. Melvados has come of age despite the challenges because of their emphasis on quality and celebration of its homegrown roots.

The brand started off as a single ‘pick-n-go’ gourmet supermarket. Today there are 8 outlets:

  • United Square
  • Anchor Point
  • Jurong Point
  • Eastpoint
  • Woodlands Terrace
  • PLQ Mall
  • Harbourfront
  • Hillion Mall

They have even made footprints across the border with Melvados Malaysia. 

I am disappointed that I had never tried Melvados before this, despite having heard of them. With the wonderful package that the Melvados Festive Set turned out to be, I am eager to support this homegrown Singaporean company and its handcrafted goodies.

Click here to get your hands on this premium festive set.

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