Bedrock Origin, Sentosa: “This one certainly deserves a resounding round of applause”

Finding a reason to traipse over to Sentosa these days might be far and few, especially since we’re all working from home and find the weekends bogged down with an unreasonable want to stay home and catch up on Netflix (this might very well describe me, but I digress). But I say, Bedrock Origin might just be the salvation from your routine, which also happens to make for the perfect excuse to book a staycation at Oasia Resort Sentosa while you’re at it.

Bedrock Origin interior

Once a dining hall that was enclosed and commonplace for a hotel, Bedrock Origin now breathes life into the Oasia’s property. It takes palette cues from nature with its olive greens, almond browns and mahogany reds—and of course, a splash of white and brass for contrast and class.

Come here for a romantic getaway—complete with an Executive Room—or break away from the humdrum of everyday life, just to catch a breath of delicious aromas and the salt-kissed breeze.

What I tried

Kingfish Sashimi

I always favour meals that start light on the spectrum of flavours, and it’ll do you well to follow suit. Kick off the experience with their Kingfish Sashimi (S$32) that’s freckled with plenty of brown rice puffs, chopped wasabi, ceviche soy dressing, and micro-herbs. The fragility of the kingfish is in symphony with the light ceviche soy dressing, so no needs to compete here.

That said, I commend the use of brown rice puffs for an additional touch of texture that you won’t expect from a sashimi adjacent presentation.

Aged Kühlbarra Barramundi Tail

We dive straight into serious business here at Bedrock Origin, with their Aged Kühlbarra Barramundi Tail (S$88), massive enough to feed five hungry people (with accompanying sides, preferably). It might not look it, but this fish’s rear-end has been dry-aged for seven days in-house, before being grilled and finished with herb and lemon dressing, alongside chimichurri.

The reward is flaky AF flesh that’s sweet, with nuances of smokiness. Invite the chimichurri to the party for an uplifting pescetarian dish that’s equal parts heavenly and—yeah, you could call it that—healthy.

Turbot on the bone

By this stage, you might be asking, “I thought Bedrock is a steakhouse?”. Sure they are, but that’s what makes Bedrock Origin a slight deviation from their original concept. Here, the offerings are more diverse to include similarly hearty mains, so that no one at the table feels left out—no matter their appetite or preference.

This brings us to the Turbot On The Bone (S$68), a three-day in-house dry-aged turbot, that’s splashed with kombu compound butter. I suggest taking the time to luxuriate in this wonderfully emollient fish that oozes natural sweetness, even without the assistance of seasoning. Of course, the kombu compound butter does a brilliant job of elevating this almost to the point of opulence, but honestly, this turbot is a star in its own right.

Dry-Aged Australian Barley-Fed Bone in Striploin (400g)

Don’t worry, hunters of steak won’t be left in the dust here; the Dry-Aged Australian Barley-Fed Bone-in Striploin (400g) (S$110) is right up your alley. Seasoned simply with salt and pepper, and grilled over an applewood fire, this is as carnal as it gets for meat lovers. This cut has sufficient fat to keep the meat moist, while also providing enough chew for a satisfying, moreish meal.

Bedrock Mac N' Cheese

Naturally, there are plenty of options to serve as companions to your mains, but I have to, have to, have to, recommend the Bedrock Mac N’ Cheese (S$22). Rivalling a certain other steakhouse’s mac & cheese that I absolutely adore, I had my bar set up indescribably high.

Bedrock Mac N' Cheese

The cheese pull made me squirm in my seat with glee, but not before my senses were overwhelmed by the beautiful intoxicating aroma of gorgonzola, cream, truffle compound butter, and parmesan. I have to give praises where it’s well-deserved, and this one certainly deserves a resounding round of applause—but my ultimate gold standard still belongs to said rival steakhouse establishment.

Sorry, Bedrock Origin, perhaps next time you’ll sweep this lady off her feet.

Bombe Alaska

And what’s a wine & dine affair without an OTT dessert to truly impress? The Bombe Alaska (S$22) here consists of meringue, rum, ice cream, mini chocolate balls, and housemade butter cookies for added textural play. Whip your phones out just in time to capture your server pour rum and light it up to create a classic flambé, for a visual spectacle that might just win brownie points with your date.

This dessert’s punchy and sweet—much like me—and works great for sharing.

Chope Reservations

Final thoughts

Come armed with enough time to while an afternoon or evening away; not because of its location, but because you will want to take your time to enjoy the serenity of Bedrock Origin and its calming ambience. The meal here nourishes just as much as it provides palatial pleasure, and it’ll be a well-spent meal that you won’t forget too quickly.

Expected damage: S$60 – S$85 per pax

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Price: $ $ $

Our Rating: 4 / 5

Bedrock Origin

23 Beach View, Palawan Ridge, Oasia Resort Sentosa Hotel, #01-02, Singapore 098679

Our Rating 4/5

Bedrock Origin

23 Beach View, Palawan Ridge, Oasia Resort Sentosa Hotel, #01-02, Singapore 098679

Telephone: +65 6818 3333
Operating Hours: 12pm - 3pm & 6pm - 10.30pm (Daily)
Telephone: +65 6818 3333

Operating Hours: 12pm - 3pm & 6pm - 10.30pm (Daily)
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