Beer Market (Clarke Quay): Singapore Bar Review

“Singapore Beer Exchange”

Beer Market - logo

As one of the exciting bars along Singapore’s party central, Beer Market @ Clarke Quay boasts one of the most interesting and innovative dining experiences in town.

Beer Market - interior

Introducing a pioneering concept inspired by the dynamics of the stock exchange, drink prices move according to demand, creating an exciting atmosphere and interactive experience for all.

Beer Market - TV

The prices of almost all the beers are listed on the Beer Market Exchange (BMX) on TV screens all around the bar, and will be updated every half an hour. The price changes respond to demand, much alike the actual stock market. The more popular a particular brew, the higher the price.

Today’s tasting is to introduce their new menu in addition to their cool beers.

Beer Market - seafood shooters

Seafood Shooters ($22.90). We started our journey towards food coma with a bucket of Seafood Shooters, which featured fresh prawns, salmon sashimi cubes, and crabmeat shots, fresh harvest from the sea fortified with the fruity tang of Tiger Radler beer.

Beer Market - shrimp Beer Market - shrimp 2

The Tiger Radler and fresh prawn combination resulted in a curious slight sparkle to the crisp prawn meat. Note that all the prawns are fresh tiger prawns bought from a wet market by the chef himself and not from suppliers, in order to maintain the fresh quality.

Beer Market - salmon Beer Market - salmon 2 Beer Market - salmon 3

Salmon sashimi cubes were marinated in whiskey and orange to give off a zesty taste when mixed with the Tiger Radler. The salmon cubes are rich and creamy and also a little spicy due to the small chilli slices. Delicious.

Beer Market - crab meat Beer Market clark quay - crab meat 2 Beer Market - crab meat 3

Shreds of crab meat provide an interesting texture to the sweet concoction. I felt that the beer slightly overpowered the flavours of the meat, though.

Beer Market - rojak platter

BM Rojak Platter ($39.90). This sinful platter of golden goodness features a little bit of everything they have to offer in the “Bites” section of their menu: Fries, deep fried Spring Rolls, Mushrooms, mini Japanese sausages, Luncheon Fries, Thai Fish Skin. It is served with Honey, Mustard, Tartar and BM Shiok Sauce – a Beer Market secret sauce that has a zesty sensation with the right touch of spiciness.

Beer Market bar - banana beer

Wells Banana Bread Beer ($18). We washed down all the fried food with tasty Banana Bread Beer that has an initial aroma of banana and nuts, but mellows down to just a slight banana taste once it hits your lips. Very recommended to drink with fried food.

Beer Market - chicken truffle

Chicken Truffle ($15.90). This is a definite must-try if you’re a lover of everything cream-based like me: tender, perfectly done chicken in piping hot mushroom gravy and served with truffle mash. The truffle oil is blended within the thick creamy mash, which gives off a slightly “earthy” aroma which was very pleasant to the taste when eaten together with the chicken.

Beer Market - steak Beer Market - steak 2

BM No-Nonsense Steak ($22.90). Slabs of beef marinated and then grilled to achieve the juicy pink centre, the steak was tender and richly marbled.

Beer Market - fish and chips

Grandma’s Fish and Chips ($13.90). The crust was just the right thickness and texture, however the fish was a little too dry for my liking.

Beer Market - squid ink

Midnight Seafood Rice ($13.90). Beer Market’s cheeky “Tze Char” rendition of the famous Squid Ink Pasta, I was pleasantly surprised when the dish tasted better then I expected it to be. The squid ink and seafood stir-fried with rice was so well done it gave off a fragrant aroma once the glass cup holding it up was lifted. The amount of seafood within was generous as well as delicious.

Beer Market - beef horfun

BM Beef Horfun ($14.90). Australian sirloin beef strips stir-fried with ‘horfun’ and served in french onion soup gravy. Another mischievous fusion of east-meets-west dish from Beer Market, the act of eating ‘horfun’ evokes feelings of nostalgia and gives one a warm feeling of being right at home, even if you’re in a loud, boisterous bar along Clarke Quay. The French onion sauce gives the ‘horfun’ a slight tangy taste which I enjoy.

Beer Market - sizzling salmon Beer Market - sizzling salmon 2

Sizzling Salmon ($18.90). Cut of salmon grilled just right, the skin is crisp yet the meat is tender and soft.

Beer Market - salted egg pizza

Salted Egg Seafood Pizza ($21.90). Crabmeat, tiger prawns and fish chunks on a salted egg yolk based pizza, can you say “pure bliss”? The ingredients are very generously topped, the freshness of the seafood went really well with the salted egg yolk.

I’ve never been a pizza crust person but I really enjoyed the crust because it wasn’t too thick and really fragrant. The salted egg yolk base might get a little too overwhelming after a few slices, just wash it down with beer when it does.

Beer Market - chicken rice pizza

Chicken Rice Pizza ($17.90). Yes, you read it right. Beer Market might have taken fusion cuisine a little over the top this time with the Chicken Rice Pizza. It was literally the local favourite Hainanese Chicken Rice topped on to the pizza crust, you could even taste the rice bits. It tasted a little dry to me, and I did not appreciate the texture of rice mixing with pizza. Valiant effort nonetheless.

Beer Market - mystic beer

Mystic Peach (price based on BMX). Citrusy wheat beer that encompasses the full flavour of sun-ripened peaches is a perfect companion to seafood. The price of the beer fluctuates according to the Beer Market Stock Exchange (BMX).

Beer Market - toffee beer

Wells Sticky Toffee Pudding Ale ($17). My personal favourite, this ale comprises of caramel, toffee and nuts. Although ale gives off a certain sweet toffee smell as it is being raised to your lips, it does not taste sweet at all. It leaves a lingering bitter aftertaste that I enjoy very much, and tastes very similar to Kilkenny.

Beer Market - pop art

With live local bands playing everyday, and it being an interesting dining concept in the middle of Clarke Quay, Beer Market is an excellent venue for socializing and hunger curbing.

Beer Market - signboard

Boasting an impressive inventory of curious craft beers and beverages, this is the place to head to for the ultimate booze relief, accompanied by impressive east-meets-west fusion cuisine.

Expected damage: $30  – $40/pax

Beer Market @ Clarke Quay: 3B, River Valley Road, #01-17/02-02 | Singapore 179021 | Tel: 96618283 | Website