Bellwethers Bistro Bar (Brunch) at Desker Road Singapore

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 Bellwethers - wallTucked away into the crooks of culturally rich of Desker Road sits a quaint structure, much unalike its neighbours. Nuzzled cosily alongside old, rundown shophouses, Bellwethers Bistro Bar adds a touch of flurry to the otherwise sluggish atmosphere of the district.

 Bellwethers - interiorIt is refreshing to be at a bistro deep within the derelict streets of Desker Road and away from the tall skyscrapers and bustling city noises, a perfect venue to catch up with a friend over a drink or two. Bellwhethers features a down to earth interior, an open air dining space complete with a bar for a casual drink.

 Bellwethers - pancakes

Pancakes ($9) with bacon on the side ($3). Note that you are able to complement your pancakes with other sides for extra top-up. The homey smell of cooked butter will assault your senses like it did mine. The pancakes are slightly crisp on the outside, and served with a dollop of butter and a bit of maple syrup, but a tad too much flour and thickness.

Combine the sweetness of the syrup with the buttery goodness of the pancakes – pure bliss. The bacon was cooked well and wasn’t too dry, yet maintaining a level of crispness.

 Bellwethers - fish and chips

Fish and Chips ($15). The fish is generously coated in beer batter, and then deep fried to achieve the golden hue. It was not too greasy and went really well with mayonnaise. The star of the dish, however, had to be the hand-cut truffle potato bits. The bite-sized potato bits make really good comfort food, every bite a fragrant sensation with a slight hint of truffle.

 Bellwethers - beef pot pie Bellwethers - beef pot pie inside

Beef Pie ($14). Minced beef cooked with tomato and vegetables, gratin with mash and Machego cheese, and is served with a salad. The dish offers a multitude of textures, thanks to the crunchiness of the vegetables and the softness of the minced beef. It is slightly spicy, so be careful!

 Bellwethers - foie gras

Fried eggs with foie gras and pickled mushrooms ($14). The curious dish is supposed to be mixed into a cluttered fusion, then served on the slices of toast to be eaten. The eggs are fried in olive oil for the health conscious, and adds a rich creaminess to the overall taste. The sherry glazed foie gras also resulted in a slight sweetness to the dish.

 Bellwethers - eggsEggs Benedict ($15). The increasingly popular dish that is trending amongst obscure cafés and their menus holds with it a very well balanced taste. The salt from the ham balances out well with the Hollandaise sauce, which melts in your mouth in its full creamy glory.

 Bellwethers - breakfastBig Breakfast ($18). Scrambled eggs topped with chives, served with sautéed mushrooms, sausages, grilled vine tomatoes and a slice garlic bread. The sausages were a little too greasy to my liking, however I think this would make a really good hangover dish.

Scrambled eggs will be a bit subjective to personal preference, as this is more towards the semi solid state with small chunks of eggs, and not the smooth type.

Bellwhethers - road

I really enjoyed the tranquil ambience that Bellwhethers had to offer, it is definitely a very ideal place to chill out with drinks and food.

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Expected damage: $20/pax

Bellwhethers Bistro Bar: 120 Desker Road, Singapore 209639 | Tel: 6297 9066 | Website