Best Bars in Singapore: Where Bartenders Really Drink When They Aren’t Crafting Your Cocktail

where singapore bartenders drink

I’ve went drinking around Singapore to ask them head bartenders where is their favourite spot to intoxicate themselves with happy juice so that we can equip ourselves with a little insider scoop on the bar industry to look that bit more knowledgeable because we truly are dapper like that.

So this is what these shaking and stirring heroes have to say about their favourite bars to visit in Singapore when they aren’t busy crafting yours, the more you know.

Now you’ll be less like a fool, more like a connoisseur come this cocktail week. From me to you, with love.

Luke Whearty from Operation Dagger

best bars singapore -luke oeration dagger

“I’d definitely say D.Bespoke, they are very spot on. The only way to describe them is fine dining but for cocktails. I highly recommend going there for a drink. I prefer something niche and being really good at it rather than having a comprehensive list of things but being only fairly good at all. I also love a good beer or a drink at 28 Hongkong Street after I get off work.”

Adam Bursik from The Library

best bars singapore -adam library

“My favourite places are definitely 28 Hongkong Street, CUT in MBS, Bread Street Kitchen in MBS. Bread Street Kitchen does amazing drinks and you can have them with a view.”

Kelly D’Cruz from The Secret Mermaid

singapore bartenders-kelly secret mermaid

“I prefer to drink at Dive Bars whenever I’m not working at The Secret Mermaid, so I’d say Chips at Chijmes or at any of the Timbre group locations because I can have my beer and live music.”

Tom Hogan from Anti:dote

singapore bartenders tom-hogan antidote

Smith Street Taps and Manhattan for me as the simplest things are the best things. I go for a good selection of spirits.”

Edwin Poh from Ah Sam Cold Drinks Stall

singapore bartenders - Edwin ah sam cold drink stall

Jigger and Pony as their style of cocktail is very similar to mine – Japanese shaking technique. Classics are done very well too.”

Gerardo Callipo from The Powder Room

singapore bartenders gerry powder room

“If you’re asking about straight after work, I’d say 28 Hong Kong Street as it’s the only one opened till late. On days that I’m not working, I frequent Manhattan, Anti:Dote and D.Bespoke. I used to go to Ah Sam Cold Drinks Stall quite a fair bit but haven’t had a chance since it has moved location.”

Aki from Gibson

singapore bartenders aki gibson

“My favourite haunt will be Jigger & Pony.”

Man of few words, Aki is the ambassador for Absolut Elyx and is definitely getting creative with it.

Angeline from Ding Dong

singapore bartenders angeline ding dong

“Because I’m working in a cocktail bar, I’d prefer to drink beers when I’m not working, especially craft beers. So I’d frequent Five, 1925 or Druggists Beer Bar.”

Yugnes Susela from Smoke & Mirrors

singapore bartenders yugnes smoke and mirrors

“Definitely Oxwell & Co., their gin and tonic is the best one yet. Even when I was in Brussels, people were talking about it. Whenever I pass by Oxwell & Co, thinking to myself that I don’t wanna drink but the gin and tonic is impossible to pass up on. I also fancy a good drink at Operation Dagger.”

Stuart Danker from Sugarhall

singapore bartenders stuart danker sugarhall

“Because I work in a cocktail bar, I prefer an ice cold beer whenever I’m not working. When it comes to bars, I am regular and a fan of 28 Hong Kong Street and Jigger & Pony, which is conveniently located near me.”

Ryan Rhodes from House of Dandy

singapore bartenders ryan-rhodes house of dandy

“I like to head down to Manhattan for a good nursing glass of Old Fashioned or The Wagon across the road from House of Dandy on Tras St, or roam up Emerald Hill in search of a nice cold beer.”

Louis Tan from L’Aiglon

singapore bartenders louis-tan l'aiglon

“I’m a huge fan of Operation Dagger, The Library, Jigger & Pony, all of which are sources of my inspiration. I really love Anti:dote as well, with Tom Hogan and Bannie Kang fronting the bar.”

Jay Gray from LongChim

singapore bartenders jay gray long chim

“Having just moved here, my most recent adventures have brought me to The Cufflink Club and I really liked it there for it’s friendly atmosphere and ‘bar family’ mentality that extends beyond their own staff. I am also a fan of Sugarhall, Jigger & Pony, Gibson and L’Aiglon.”

Samuel from Kite

singapore bartenders samuel kite

“Whenever I’m not working, I like to frequent Fresh!, Jig-A-Jig, 28 Hong Kong Street, Ah Sam Cold Drinks Stall, Jigger & Pony and Club 39.”


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So it seems that most Singapore cocktail bartenders prefer to chill with a casual beer after a hard day’s work of crafting cocktails. They do enjoy cocktails from their peers as well though – here’s the full list of Singapore bars bartenders themselves visit:

1. D.Bespoke

2. 28 Hongkong Street (2nd most mentions)

3. CUT

4. Bread Street Kitchen

5. Jigger & Pony (most bartender mentions)

6 . Sugarhall

7. Chips Cafe & Pub

8. Smith Street Taps

9. Manhattan bar

10. Anti:Dote

11. Five Bar

12. 1925 Microbrewery

13. Druggists

14. Oxwell & Co.

15. Operation Dagger

16. The Wagon

17. The Library

18. The Cufflink Club

19. Gibson

20. L’aiglon

21. Ah Sam Cold Drink Stall

22. Fresh!

23. Jig-A-Jig Bar

24. Club 39