Best dehumidifiers for your home & office

Living in Singapore can sometimes feel like living in a sauna. Beat the insane humidity with our guide to the best humidifier in Singapore and remain sane on the muggiest of days.

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How to find the best dehumidifier

While many models may appear very similar, here are the main specifications you should use to compare them and find the best dehumidifier.

  1. Capacity: Dehumidifier capacity refers to how quickly the device can remove moisture from the air. Different parts of a home (e.g. laundry vs bedroom) will require a dehumidifier with a different capacity.
  2. ACH: ACH stands for Air Changes per Hour, a measure of how many times per hour that the total volume of air in a room is processed by the dehumidifier.
  3. Coverage area: Choose a dehumidifier appropriate for the size of the room or area where it is used. High capacity models are expensive and wasted in small spaces while low capacity models are overworked and result in high electricity use.
  4. Humidity control: Adjustable humidity settings let you control the room’s humidity level. Models with built-in hygrometers let you monitor humidity in real time.
  5. Noise level: Dehumidifiers can produce varying levels of noise while in operation. If you plan to use the dehumidifier in a study area or bedroom, choose a quieter model.
  6. Size and portability: If you plan to move your dehumidifier between rooms, consider weight and size, and look for convenient features such as wheels and built-in handles.
  7. Drainage: Most dehumidifiers collect water in a removable reservoir that has to be emptied periodically. Choose a model with large capacity or one that drains directly via a hose.
  8. Energy efficiency: Energy efficiency is important, especially if you plan to run your dehumidifier frequently. Look for units with high Energy Star certification for the most savings.
  9. Additional features: The best dehumidifiers have features such as app integration, auto shut-off, digital displays, timers, air purification and programmable settings.

Best dehumidifiers in Singapore

Here is our curated list of the best dehumidifiers in Singapore. To grade them, we used the factors listed above as well as one more: price. So, models that come with better specs may be lower down on the list than others that offer better value for money.

1. Sharp DW-D12A-W Dehumidifier

Why buy: From Sharp comes this impressive 3-in-1 dehumidifier that deodorises, cleans and dries laundry. That last features uses high-concentration Plasmacluster Ion (PCI) technology and the powerful dehumidifying function. The 180-degree louvre control is an added bonus.

Dehumidifier - Sharp
Credit – Sharp
  • Capacity (L/day): 12
  • Storage (L): 4 (attach hose for continuous drainage)
  • Size (mm): 314x225x527
  • Weight (kg): 10

Buy now from S$369 on Lazada Shopee 

2. Midea MDDQ1-12DEN7 Dehumidifier & Air Purifier

Why buy: Another model equipped with a HEPA H13 filter, thus affordable dual-role device from Midea also comes with double-bulb UVC and a Super Ionizer to keep the air clean as well as pleasant.

Dehumidifier - Midea
Credit – Midea
  • Capacity (L/day): 12
  • Storage (L): 12 (attach hose for continuous drainage)
  • Size (mm): 334x224x441
  • Weight (kg): 13

Buy now from S$209 on Lazada Shopee 

3. Xiaomi Smart Dehumidifier

Why buy: Control your Xiaomi Smart Dehumidifier with their Mijia smart app or the one-touch panel, enjoy 3 drying modes, and enjoy unlimited use with the direct water outlet.

Dehumidifier - Xiaomi
Credit – Xiaomi
  • Capacity (L/day): 22
  • Storage (L): 4.5 (attach hose for continuous drainage)
  • Min. noise (dB): 35.8
  • Size (mm): 300x300x660
  • Weight (kg): 12.5

Buy now from S$295 on Lazada Fair Price 

4. Novita ND298 Dehumidifier

Why buy: One of the most affordable dehumidifiers from a reputable brand, the Novita ND298 processes an impressive 22L of dehumidified water per day. Coupled with its quiet operation, this is a model that is even perfect for the bedroom.

Dehumidifier - Novita
Credit – Novita
  • Capacity (L/day): 22
  • Storage (L): 4.5
  • Min. noise (dB): 35.8
  • Size (mm): 300x300x600
  • Weight (kg): 12.5

Buy now from S$280 on Lazada Fair Price 

5. Philips DE5205/30 Dehumidifier & Air Purifier

Why buy: With a reliable brand name and doubling as an air purifier, the Philips DE5205/30 is a welcome addition to the home. It can handle 5 dehumidifying levels and even a special laundry drying mode for wet days.

Dehumidifier - Philips
Credit – Philips
  • Capacity (L/day): 25
  • Storage (L): 4 (attach hose for continuous drainage)
  • Min. noise (dB): 35.8
  • Size (mm): 405×369×678
  • Weight (kg): 14

Buy now from S$709 on Lazada Philips 

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6. Momax AP1S with Carbon Filter

Why buy: Doubling as an air purifier with a H13 HEPA carbon filter, the ultra compact Momax AP1S runs at a quiet 35dB. It can be remotely operated with the MOMAX Smart App., and with Voice Control using Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

Dehumidifier - Momax
Credit – Lazada
  • Capacity (L/day): 18
  • Storage (L): 1
  • Min. noise (dB): 35
  • Size (mm): 195x215x315
  • Weight (kg): 2.7

Buy now from S$179 on Lazada Shopee 


Why buy: With the largest water reservoir on our list is this model with a reassuring LG badge. It has an integrated ioniser while the unit comes with dual inverter technology for efficient power consumption. Stay in control with LG’s ThinQ app wherever you are.

Dehumidifier - LG
Credit – LG
  • Capacity (L/day): 30
  • Storage (L): 31 (attach hose for continuous drainage)
  • Min. noise (dB): 33
  • Size (mm): 415×296×685
  • Weight (kg): 16.7

Buy now from S$648 on Lazada Shopee 

8. LifePro DH70

Why buy: This dehumidifier is perfect if you are looking for a sturdy workhorse that can toil away in the largest of home and office spaces. Its 70L/day capacity dwarfs even the stiffest the competition. With its wheeled chassis, it can be moved about at your convenience.

Dehumidifier - LifePro
Credit – Lazada
  • Capacity (L/day): 70
  • Storage (L): 8 (attach hose for continuous drainage)
  • Min. noise (dB): 35.8
  • Size (mm): 460×319×710
  • Weight (kg): 27

Buy now from S$699 on Lazada Shopee 

9. MyAir MYA 40 Dehumidifier

Why buy: The second-largest capacity dehumidifier on our list is a reliable addition to large spaces. It is efficient, too, with an auto-start and auto-off feature.

Dehumidifier - MyAir
Credit – Lazada
  • Capacity (L/day): 40
  • Storage (L): 7.2 (attach hose for continuous drainage)
  • Min. noise (dB): 48
  • Size (mm): 517×330×665
  • Weight (kg): 21

Buy now from S$620 on Lazada Shopee 

10. Simplus Dehumidifier

Why buy: This ultra compact dehumidifier is the smallest on our list. It is ideal for a desktop or to place in a closet or similar small space to combat mold and mildew.

Dehumidifier - Simplus
Credit – Lazada
  • Capacity (L/day): 0.3
  • Storage (L): 0.6
  • Min. noise (dB): <35
  • Size (mm): 146x146x227

Buy now from S$47 on Lazada Shopee 

10 best humidifiers for your home and office