11 best home printers & step-by-step guide to choose the right one

There has been a surge in demand for home office tech since the lockdowns, and the humble home printer is easily one of the most popular devices. Singaporeans continue to search for the best home printer for work, arts & crafts and everything in between.

If you are looking for a home printer, our guide gives you the 11 top choices. Instead of a simple numbered list, I have compiled them by type of use. So, instead of scouring through technical specs, it will be easier for you to pick the best home printer for how you plan to use it.

Choosing the best home printer – 10 things to help you decide

First, here are the 10 things that you should consider before you decide on the best home printer for you.

  1. Printer type: There are 3 main types of home printers: inkjet, laser, and all-in-one (printer, copier and scanner in one). The next section covers their unique features in detail.
  2. Printing needs: Consider how you’ll primarily be using the printer. If you print a lot of text documents, a monochrome laser printer might be ideal. If you also intend to print photos or colour documents occasionally, an inkjet printer may be better.
  3. Print quality: Look at sample prints or reviews to assess the print quality of the printer. For photo printing, pay attention to colour accuracy and detail.
  4. Print speed: Consider the printer’s speed, especially if you frequently print large documents or batches in your home office. Laser printers are generally faster than inkjet printers.
  5. Connectivity: A good home printer offers convenient connectivity options such as USB, Wi-Fi, Ethernet and mobile printing (e.g., AirPrint, Google Cloud Print).
  6. Size: Consider the physical dimensions of the printer, especially if you have limited space. All-in-one printers tend to be larger due to their multifunction capabilities but they can replace multiple devices, ultimately saving you space.
  7. Ease of use: Look for a printer with an intuitive interface and easy-to-use features, especially if you’re not tech-savvy.
  8. Additional features: Determine if you need any extra features such as automatic duplex printing (printing on both sides of the paper), automatic document feeder (for scanning/copying multiple pages), or borderless printing (for printing photos without borders).
  9. Operating costs: Consider the cost of replacement ink or toner cartridges and paper. Sometimes, printers with cheaper upfront costs end up being more expensive to maintain because of high ink or toner costs.
  10. Budget: Set a budget and find a printer that offers the features you need within that price range. Remember to consider long-term costs like ink or toner replacement.

Choosing printer type – inkjet, laser or all-in-one

Here is a quick breakdown of the advantages and disadvantages of the 3 main types of printers.

Inkjet Printers


  • Versatility: Inkjet printers are versatile and can handle a variety of printing tasks, including text documents, photos, graphics, and even special media like glossy paper and transparencies.
  • Colour printing: Inkjet printers are known for their ability to produce vibrant and high-quality colour prints, making them suitable for tasks like photo printing or marketing materials.
  • Affordable initial cost: Inkjet printers typically have a lower upfront cost compared to laser printers, making them more accessible for home users.


  • Ink cost: While the printer itself might be affordable, the cost of ink cartridges can add up over time, especially if you print frequently or in high volumes.
  • Print speed: Inkjet printers tend to be slower than laser printers, particularly when printing large volumes or high-resolution images.
  • Printhead maintenance: Inkjet printers require periodic maintenance, such as printhead cleaning, to prevent clogging and maintain print quality.

Laser Printers


  • Fast printing speed: Laser printers are known for their fast print speeds, making them ideal for high-volume printing environments.
  • Cost efficiency: While laser printers often have a higher upfront cost than inkjet printers, they typically have lower printing costs per page, especially for black-and-white documents.
  • Sharp text quality: Laser printers produce crisp and clear text, making them suitable for printing documents like reports, resumes, or presentations.


  • Initial cost: Laser printers generally have a higher initial cost compared to inkjet printers, which might be a barrier for some home users.
  • Limited colour options: While colour laser printers are available, they are typically more expensive than their monochrome counterparts and may not offer the same vibrant colour reproduction as inkjet printers.
  • Size: Laser printers tend to be larger and heavier than inkjet printers, which could be a concern if space is limited in your home.

All-in-One Printers (Multifunction Printers)


  • Space-saving: All-in-one printers combine printing, scanning, copying, and sometimes faxing capabilities into a single device, saving space in your home office.
  • Versatility: With multiple functions in one device, you have the flexibility to handle various tasks without needing separate devices.
  • Convenience: All-in-one printers often come with features like automatic document feeders (ADFs) and wireless connectivity, enhancing convenience and productivity.


  • Complexity: All-in-one printers may have more features and settings than standalone printers, which could be overwhelming for some users.
  • Reliability: Because they combine multiple functions, there’s a risk that if one component fails (e.g., the scanner), it can affect the entire device’s functionality.
  • Cost: All-in-one printers typically have a higher upfront cost compared to basic inkjet or laser printers due to their multifunction capabilities.

The best home printers in Singapore by how you use them

Here’s our list of 11 best home printers to buy in Singapore right now, based on 5 distinct types of use cases. They are:

  • High volume, low cost
  • Creative printing
  • Basic printing
  • Laser printing
  • Compact size

For High-Volume Printing & Low Running Cost

1. Canon PIXMA G3770 MegaTank All-in-One Inkjet Printer

This printer uses refillable ink tanks, making it incredibly cost-effective for high-volume printing. Print quality is excellent for both documents and photos.

2. Canon PIXMA TS8370 Wireless All-in-One Photo Printer

This printer is perfect for creative projects, as it can print on a variety of media, including photo paper, fabric, and even magnetic sheets. It also offers excellent photo print quality.

Home printers - Canon PIXMA TS8370
Credit – Canon

Buy now from S$348 on Lazada Shopee

For Basic Printing

3. Epson EcoTank L3250 All-in-One Inkjet Printer

This printer is a good option for basic printing needs, as it is affordable and easy to use. Its refillable ink tanks can help to save money, too.

Home printers - Epson EcoTank L3250
Credit – Epson
Buy now from S$299 on Lazada Shopee

4. HP DeskJet 2723E All-in-One Printer

This printer is a great all-in-one option for basic printing, scanning, and copying needs. It’s also very affordable and the lowest-priced printer on our list.

Home printers - HP DeskJet 2755e
Credit – HP

Buy now from S$79 on Lazada Shopee

This printer is another good option for basic printing needs and comes with the added convenience of wireless printing.

Home printers - Brother DCP J1050DW
Credit – Brother

Buy now from S$189 on Lazada Shopee

For Laser Printing

6. Canon ImageCLASS LBP6030 Laser Printer

This laser printer is a good option for those who need a printer that can handle high volumes of black-and-white printing. It is also very fast and efficient.

Home printers - Canon ImageCLASS LBP6030
Credit – Canon

Buy now from S$179 on LazadaShopee


7. HP LaserJet Pro M111W Laser Printer

This laser printer is another good option for black and white printing, and sports the extra plus points of a compact design and affordable price tag.

Home printers - HP LaserJet Pro M111W
Credit – HP

Buy now from S$109 on Lazada Shopee

For compact size

8. HP DeskJet 2755e Wireless All-in-One Printer

This printer is small and lightweight, perfect for those who are short on space. It also offers wireless printing capabilities so you can print instantly from your smartphone or tablet.

Home printers - HP DeskJet 2755e
Credit – HP
Buy now from S$375 on Lazada

9. Canon PIXMA G4770 All-in-One Printer

This portable inkjet printer is a great option for students and professionals who need to print on the go. It’s small, lightweight and does both printing and scanning very well.

Home printers - Canon PIXMA G4770
Credit – Canon

Buy now from S$382 on Lazada Shopee

10. Brother MFC-J4540DW Home Printer

This all-in-one printer has printing, scanning, copying and faxing functions, all in a compact design. It’s a good option for home offices or small businesses.

Home printers - Brother MFC J4540DW
Credit – Brother
Buy now from S$448 on Lazada Shopee

This compact photo printer is perfect for printing high-quality photos at home. It’s affordable and easy to use.

Credit - Epson
Credit – Epson
Buy now from S$99 on Lazada Shopee

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