12 best solo travel destinations for an escapade

Although traveling with friends or family tends to be the default option, breaking free from the crutches of familiarity can be a good thing. But as most tours are designed for groups, finding solo travel destinations can be an uphill climb.

solo travel destination - man climbing mountain

We have done the heavy lifting by shortlisting these 12 solo travel destinations. Unless otherwise specified, you’ll have to make your way to the country itself for the tour.

1. Swing and waterfall day tour, Bali

If you need an escapade from the hustle and bustle of life in Singapore, there’s no better solo travel destination than Bali. Check out the Swing and Waterfall Full-Day Tour in Ubud. The experience will allow you to enjoy a retreat in the middle of the forest.

solo travel destination - girl on bali swing
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Liberate yourself from your fear of heights and ride the Bali swing against a backdrop of lush greenery. The only downside? No one will help you take photos as you soar through the treetops. After that, take in the picturesque views of the Tegenungan Waterfall.

A private day trip for a solo traveler is priced at S$77.55/adult for June.

If you require an English-speaking guide, fork out an additional S$25.85.

2. Scuba diving, Bali

If you don’t mind getting your feet wet, go for the beginner Scuba Diving experience in Bali. Learn the basics of scuba diving for 20-30 minutes under the guidance of instructors.

solo travel destination - woman scuba diving
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Master scuba diving techniques such as communicating, gear monitoring, and breathing underwater. Dive up to 5-6 meters deep within 30 minutes. Swim alongside tropical fishes and colorful corals in Tanjung Benoa, a sub-district famous for its beaches.

A scuba dive session for a solo traveler costs S$72.39 per person for June.

3. ATV quad bike adventure, Bali

solo travel destination - ATVQuadBikeAdventureinBali
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Up for a challenge? Give the ATV Quad Bike Adventure in Bali a shot. Traverse muddy slopes, steep inclines, and bumpy terrain on the All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Quad bike track.

Explore the natural landscape, dotted with rice fields, jungles, rivers, and local villages.

This costs S$46.19/person (meet at the venue directly) or S$53.89 (with private transfer).

4. Mount Kinabalu climbing, Malaysia

Embark on a solo adventure by conquering Malaysia’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site – Mount Kinabalu. The summit is a staggering 4,095 meters tall!

solo travel destination in singapore - mount kinabalu
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Take on the challenge of steep climbs with the 2-day or 3-day climb packages. You’ll witness serene views of Sabah and gorgeous tropical rainforests along the route.

An all-inclusive solo package (2 days, 1 night) is priced at S$625.79/person if you are Malaysian. If you’re an international traveler, your registration fee will cost you S$872.65.

5. Borobudur and Prambanan temples trip, Indonesia

Don’t want anyone to disturb you? Visit a tranquil tourist destination. Go to Borobudur and Prambanan Temple, two of Yogyakarta’s finest sightseeing destinations, in 1 day.

solo travel destination - borobudur temple
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Borobudur is the largest Buddhist temple in the world and is Indonesia’s most visited tourist attraction. Borobudur remains popular for pilgrimage, with Buddhists celebrating Vesak Day at the monument. It is one of the great archaeological sites of Southeast Asia.

Prambawan Temple, characterised by its tall and pointed architecture, is Indonesia’s largest Hindu temple site and the second largest in Southeast Asia after Angkor Wat.

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) has also designated Prambanan Temple as a World Heritage Site, attesting to its rich heritage.

A private day trip for a domestic solo traveler is priced at S$62.05 for June. International travelers, however, have to pay S$134.39. Hotel pick-up is included.

6. National Museum of Egyptian Civilisation, Egypt

solo travel destination - national museum of egypt civilisation
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If you want peace, there’s no better place to visit than the museum.

Go to the National Museum of Egypt Civilisation, with more than 5,000 artifacts.

Learn about heritage by visiting historical landmarks in Cairo, such as the Saladin Citadel. Also, you’ll get to shop at the oldest market in the Middle East, the Khan El-Khalili Bazaar.

A private tour with entrance tickets will cost you S$202.29/adult for June.

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7. Kyoto International Manga Museum, Japan

Are you a bookworm? Unfortunately, we don’t have a bookstore to recommend for solo reading. But if you’re in Japan, drop by the Kyoto International Manga Museum.

solo travel destination - Kyoto International Manga Museum
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Its “Wall of Manga” is filled with 50,000 books, ideal for a lone reading session. The “Manga Expo” section contains translated manga and comics.

Kyoto International Manga Museum - exhibition on manga history
Credit – Klook

The main gallery on the second floor houses a permanent display of the history of manga.

Pay S$7.79 to enter the museum in June. Admission is free on 4 Nov, Kansai Culture Day.

8. Vue Beach Club, Canggu

Does lazing alone on the beach sound like your thing? If so, spend a day at Vue Beach Club. Enter one of Bali’s premier resorts. Here, you’ll get to enjoy their beautiful facilities.

solo travel destination - Vue Beach Club
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Enjoy free drinks and snacks after swimming at the nearby Berawa Beach.

You can also upgrade your stay at Vue and rent one of their super-cosy day beds. You will be able to relax in style after swimming. Just make sure to bring your swimwear along.

A day pass for a solo traveler for June is priced at S$11.19. No cancellations are allowed.

9. 7-day, 6-night cycling tour, Bhutan

Cycling is more often than not, a solitary activity, due to the intrinsic need for focus.

solo travel destination - bhutan cycling
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The 7-day Bhutan cycling tour brings you to the old town of Paro, known for its sacred sites and idyllic environment. Next, surmount the highest mountain pass in Bhutan, the Dochula Pass, which offers stunning mountain views at 3,100 meters.

You’ll also cycle across a suspension footbridge above the Pho River and explore ancient dzongs (fortresses). If cycling is not your thing, trek to the sacred Tiger’s Nest Monastery on a cliff with amazing views of the mist-covered mountains and thick forests.

The adventure of a lifetime costs S$4,619/adult. The tour is only available in September.

10. Self-guided canoe adventure, Katherine

Perfect for adventurers who crave independence, the self-guided canoe adventure offers a personalised exploration of enchanting landscapes in the Australian town of Katherine.

solo travel destination - Self GuidedCanoeAdventureinKatherine
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Customise your journey, navigate tranquil waterways, and immerse yourself in the serenity of the self-guided canoe experience. Encounter diverse flora and fauna along the way, creating an intimate connection with the natural wonders of breathtaking Katherine.

A half-day trip on a single canoe costs S$97.65/adult, and S$124.55 for a full-day trip.

11. Self-guided walking trip, Edinburgh Royal Mile

Like exploring at your own pace, pausing to take candid photos, or to grab a drink? The Edinburgh Royal Mile (Self-Guided Walking Tour) is your solo travel destination.

Explore popular spots, hidden gems, and stories as you walk along Ediburgh’s Royal Mile, a UNESCO world heritage site. Find out what inspired the Gothic novel Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde and the hit television series Game of Thrones’ Red Wedding massacre scene.

solo travel destination - edinburgh self guided walking tour
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The tour offers a downloadable application with offline access. The app is well-researched with artificial intelligence narration and comes with Google Maps integration for navigation.

The solo trip costs S$10.59/adult. You’ll be able to cancel it by giving a 24-hour notice.

12. Self-guided driving tour, Kalbarri National Park

If you like going for long-distance drives alone and nature, tick this solo travel destination off your bucket list: Kalbarri National Park Self-Guided Driving Tour.

solo travel destination - kalbarri national park gorges
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Begin at the Kalbarri Park Entrance, where the formation of the dramatic gorges set the tone for the trip. The tour extends to the Kalbarri Skywalk, home to sturdy cantilevered platforms with interpretative indigenous art. Revel in breathtaking views of the canyon.

solo travel destination - KalbarriNationalParkSelfGuidedDrivingTour
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Next, explore Nature’s Window, Hawks Head Lookout, and Ross Graham Lookout.

Each of these spots showcases the geological intricacies of the Murchison River gorge. Here, you’ll admire nature’s handiwork over millions of years.

Then, head to Chinaman’s Beach, Blue Holes, Red Bluff, Mushroom Rock Nature Trail, and Pot Alley. These scenic locations offer glimpses of coastal beauty.

The solo trip costs S$26.95/adult. You’ll be able to cancel it by giving a 24-hour notice.

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