10 Best Teochew Kuehs In Singapore No One Teochew (pun-intended) About

Teochew kuehs are lesser known to the younger generations today in Singapore, and this has nothing to do with them being less delectable than other local delights.

For all you out there who are missing out on some of the best foods Singapore has to offer, here is a list counting down some of the best stalls where you can get some of that soon kueh, as soon as possible.

10. Lau Chong Kee Bedok Confectionary

Teo Chew Kueh-6

Located really near to notable hawker food stalls like the Hill Street Char Kway Teow, Lau Chong Kee is has gained a huge popularity in its own rights. From cakes to kueh, this stall serves up all kinds of local snacks.

Teo Chew Kueh-4

The soon kueh here is small but comes with a traditional rice skin. The conventional cooking methods are also used for the png kueh. They taste really fresh and are prepared in limited quantities. Come here early so that you will not be disappointed three words: “mai wan le” (sold out).

Price: From $1

Lau Chong Kee Bedok Confectionary: 17 Bedok South Road #01-591 Singapore 460017 | Tel: +65 6442 0052

9. Lai Heng Homemade Teochew Kueh

Lai Heng Stall

Sometimes, I lightly pan fry the savoury kuehs that I buy home, especially for png kuehs. For those who love that little bit of crispiness to your kuehs without the fuss of heating it up on the pan yourself, Lai Heng is the place for you.

Lai Heng Kueh

The kuehs here are crispy and chewy at the same time. The light charred flavor on the skins brings out the flavours within the kuehs better as compared to just steaming them. If you are looking something with an added dimension of flavour, you are welcome.

Price: From $1

Lai Heng Homemade Teochew Kueh: Yuhua Market and Hawker Center Blk 347 Jurong East Avenue 1 #01-218 Singapore 600347 | Opening hours: Daily; 6am – 2pm

8. Ah Shen Ah Mah Teochew Kuehs and Snacks

Ah Shen Ah Mah Kueh

The rice kuehs here are different from those you can get elsewhere due to the unique fillings that they have. This stall focuses on tradition that dates back beyond decades ago.

Something unique to try is the bamboo shoot kuehs. Did you know soon kuehs were originally supposed to be filled with bamboo shoots in China? In fact, “soon” means bamboo shoots! Our Singaporean rendition substituted that for turnips instead. For a taste of the original, hop on over here.

Price: From $0.80

Ah Shen Ah Mah Teochew Kuehs and Snacks: List of Outlets, Opening Hours and ContactWebsite

7. Yong Xiang Carrot Cake

Yong Xiang Stall

If pan-fried soon kuehs and png kuehs are still too toned down for you, then head down to Yong Xiang Carrot Cake.

Yong Xiang Kueh

You can get a combination of soon kueh and png kueh fried together with egg and chilli. Think cai tow kway, with the carrot cake substituted with soon kueh and png kueh. There is nothing mainstream about this stall and it is probably the only stall that serves Teochew kuehs this way. This place definitely scores really high on the “yum” factor.

Price: From $3

Yong Xiang Carrot Cake: Bendemeer Food Centre 29 Bendemeer Road #01-35 Singapore 330029 | Opening hours: Daily; 630am – 4pm  

6. Poh Cheu Homemade Soon Kway Ang Ku Kueh

Poh Cheu Stall

Founded decades ago, Poh Cheu has been serving handmade kuehs since its inception. This family business has now reached its third generation of operators.

Poh Cheu Kueh

The skins here are almost transparent, and the fillings are packed with strong flavours. The kuehs have started to increase in thickness over the years and have resulted in a bit of unhappiness amongst many customers recently. The generous and flavor-packed fillings are still a draw for many and queues still get very long at this stall!

Price: From $0.90

Poh Cheu Homemade Soon Kway Ang Ku Kueh: Blk 127 Bukit Merah Lane 1 #01-230 Singapore 150127 | Tel: 6276 2287 | Opening hours: Mon – Sat; 8am – 6pm | website  | Facebook

5. One Kueh At A Time

cheap local breakfast

It has been a huge concern amongst many Singaporeans that our well-loved local specialities are slowly fading away along with the generations. This stall helps ease those worries with its middle-aged owners doing their part to preserve our hawker culture.

cheap local breakfast

The kuehs here have a nice translucent skin that is thin and easy to bite into. The soon kueh filling is a highlight here with its aromatic black fungus and shredded turnips. The filling is generous here too and has a great bite when you sink your teeth in.

Price: From $0.90

One Kueh At A Time: #02-61 Berseh Food Centre 166 Jalan Besar Singapore 208877 | Tel: +65 9795 6119 | Opening hours: Wed – Sun; 9am – 1pm | Facebook

4. Teochew Kueh Stall @ Sims Vista Market & Food Centre

Teo Chew Kueh-8

This stall doesn’t even come with its own name. Its sign just says “mushroom soon kueh, rice kueh, crystal dumpling”, putting forth what it offers to customers. Somehow, this reminds me of the story behind the No Signboard Seafood restaurant.

Teo Chew Kueh-9

The soon kueh at this stall ranks amongst the best of the best in Singapore. The skin is soft and translucent, while the filling is packed with a good amount of dried shrimp and garlicky flavours that will make you go “ooooommmpppfffff”! On top of that, most kuehs here cost only $0.70. Probably one of the most reasonably priced foods in Singapore.

Price: From $0.70

Stall Details: Sims Vista Market & Food Centre #01-23 49 Sims Place Singapore 380049 | Tel: +65 9768 6979 / +65 9667 7569

3. Fatt Soon Kueh

Teo Chew Kueh-5

Madam Lim had 30 years of experience in the home-made kueh business before she co-founded Fatt Soon Kueh in 1999. This stall prides itself in years of work put into perfecting the kueh recipes and cooking techniques.

Teo Chew Kueh-2

The skin here is translucent and slightly chewy. While I prefer something less chewy for my savoury kuehs, this texture is perfect for the sweet ang ku kueh. That being said, my favorite here is still the soon kueh. The fillings have a very fragrant taste that bears a significant hint of dried shrimp flavor.

Price: From $1

Fatt Soon Kueh: List of Outlets, Opening Hours and Contact | Website |

2. Ji Xiang Confectionery

Ji Xiang Stall

This stall has been specializing in one type of Teochew kueh since 1988. Ji Xiang whips up an array of all kinds of Ang Ku Kueh that is sure to satisfy all your cravings.

Ji Xiang Kueh

Hand-made till today, the kuehs from this stall have almost become synonymous with the dish itself. The skins are thin enough, ensuring that you do not have to chew too hard and tire your jaws out. The fillings are balanced well, without being too sweet. My favorite is the sweet bean version which is one of the originals for this dessert.

Price: From $0.90

Ji Xiang Confectionery: 1 Everton Park Singapore 081001 | Opening hours: Mon – Sat; 8am – 5pm | Tel: +65 6223 1631 | Website | Facebook

1. Yong’s Teochew Kueh

Teo Chew Kueh-7

One of the most renowned Teochew kueh stalls in Singapore, Yong’s serves up an array of all-time favourites. This stall, with its two outlets, caters to endless streams of hungry customers daily.

Teo Chew Kueh-10

My favourites here are the soon kueh and the cabbage kueh. The skin used have a very soft rice texture that breaks easily upon biting into it. The filling is really fresh and the tastes all blend well together. For those who love intense flavours, the cabbage kueh will definitely hit the spot.

Price: From $1.20

Yong’s Teochew Kueh: 1022 Upper Serangoon Road Singapore 534760 | Tel: +65 6287 4328 | Opening hours: Tue – Sun; 7am – 7pm | Facebook

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