Big Boys Sizzling Western Hotplate: XL-Sized Cornflake Chicken & S$14 Succulent Steak At Bukit Timah

Big Boys Sizzling Western 2

As someone who’s lived in Bukit Timah since her primary school days, I’m so ashamed to admit that I’ve never stepped foot into Beauty World Food Centre.

I’ve heard great things about the stalls there, and I finally have work to give me the nudge I needed to actually check out one of the raved-about stalls.

Big Boys Sizzling Western

Big Boys Sizzling Western Hotplate isn’t immediately noticeable as you reach the fourth floor by escalator. They’re literally tucked into a shaded corner of the food court, but it’s worth the extra effort to locate them because their food is not only amazingly affordable but hella delicious!

Their succinct menu serves up familiar Western plates and they’re extremely generous with the portions. Also, if you’re looking to take photos for your social media feed here, the natural lighting is simply fantastic!

Big Boys Sizzling Western 3

Step aside truffle fries, because these incredibly crispy Mentaiko Fries (S$4.20) are no ordinary fries. Aside from the thick and luscious mentaiko sauce, the fries are slathered in a batter that’s been through numerous rounds of R&D by the chef to ensure that they remain crisp even after being left out for some time.

Big Boys Sizzling Western 4

He finally discovered the magic recipe all thanks to his wife, and now you’ll be able to enjoy extra crispy fries even after taking a million shots of your food for the ‘gram! The crunch was so satisfying, you won’t care about carbs that day, I guarantee it.

Plus point? Big Boys Sizzling Western Hotplate isn’t stingy with the amount of mentaiko sauce, and you’ll be very tempted to take away an extra portion of this once you’re done with your meal here.

Big Boys Sizzling Western 5

I heard that their massive Cornflake Chicken (S$7.90) is one of the must-tries, so naturally, the Singaporean in me went all in for it. The hotplate comes with a side of rice and veggies, which frankly needed more pizzazz to be able to stand up against their amazing proteins.

Big Boys Sizzling Western 6

The chicken was breaded very liberally in cornflakes, but I wished that I didn’t have to rely on condiments to add some much-needed moisture to the meat that was a little dry.

Big Boys Sizzling Western 11

As far as seasoning goes, I would say it was adequate, but I feel like those more inclined to big flavours may find this dull.

Big Boys Sizzling Western 7

I need to tell you about the 180g Australia Sirloin Steak that’s only S$13.90.

A lot of Western stalls may be able to pass on low costs to their customers, but typically it would mean quality has to be sacrificed. Here, they want us, the patrons, to truly get their money’s worth and it shows in this dish.

Big Boys Sizzling Western 9

I could cut through the meat with little resistance and it was perfectly seasoned with salt and pepper.

Big Boys Sizzling Western 10

The bonus was the rich, peppery black pepper sauce, which really completed the dish. I try and avoid ordering steak at Western stalls simply due to my low expectations, but Big Boys Sizzling Western Hotplate has to be an exception.

Big Boys Sizzling Western 12

If you’re feeling fancy, they also have a triple threat Mix Grilled Platter (S$13.90) consisting of beef, chicken and fish, complete with an extra hotdog. This dish was the least impressive to me, as it felt that it’s something intended for quantity and not quality.

Big Boys Sizzling Western 13

Big Boys Sizzling Western 14

For example, the fish was just alright, bordering on limp and unimpressive. The chicken was average, although I have to give credit to its tenderness that made it quite enjoyable.

Stick to the fries and single protein portions here, and you’ll leave with a very happy belly. This discovery has made me want to forge my own food journey and check out the other stalls. Who knows what other incredible food there is to be eaten at Beauty World Food Centre?

And while I’m there, I’ll be sure to swing by and order myself a portion of the Mentaiko Fries for sure!

Expected Damage: S$7 – S$15 per pax

Price: $

Our Rating: 5 / 5

Big Boys Western Sizzling Hotplate

144 Upper Bukit Timah Road, Beauty World Centre, #04-25, Singapore 588177

Our Rating 5/5

Big Boys Western Sizzling Hotplate

144 Upper Bukit Timah Road, Beauty World Centre, #04-25, Singapore 588177

Telephone: +65 9383 7475
Operating Hours: 11.30am - 8.30pm (Daily)
Telephone: +65 9383 7475

Operating Hours: 11.30am - 8.30pm (Daily)
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