Bird Bird: This Wholesome Fried Chicken Restaurant In Kembangan Will Have You Lickin’ Your Fingers With No Regrets

Bird Bird is a restaurant in Kembangan with a really interesting food concept. Though it seems like an American-style diner, it serves up fried chicken with class — accompanied by ciders, beer, artisanal food, and wholesome side dishes that will leave you feeling stuffed and happy.

I mean, you know the feeling when you gorge on fast food and you end up stuffed with lots of regret? You’ll have none of that at Bird Bird.

Bird Bird has three main types of signature fried chicken. (Left to right) Feast your eyes on the Southern Fried Chicken (a classic), Bangkok Fried Chicken (which tasted the best), and Lebanese Fried Chicken (has an interesting Middle Eastern twist). 

We were given tasting portions, but when you’re there you can get The Whole Damn Bird for $49 or a Half Bird for $25.

You really can’t go wrong with any of its signatures, as all the types of fried chicken were delicious in their own way. However, I really enjoyed the Bangkok Fried Chicken the best. It was fried in a thick batter, and served with crispy greens and wedges of juicy limes.

The Thai sauce served on the side was refreshing, sour, and a little spicy. I loved the addition of fresh coriander and onion to the sauce, as it made it taste very homemade and comforting.

And let me tell you, drenching the chicken in the Thai sauce and taking a bite of it while it was still crispy was damn shiok. Pair that with a refreshing beer like the Mac’s Old White ($11), and you’ve got a great combination that will have you relishing every bite.

The Southern Fried Chicken tasted like classic American chicken, having been seasoned with Old Bay (an American spice mix), and served with house gravy and waffles.

This is comfort food you should indulge in if you’re not certain about trying the other more unorthodox flavours.

The waffles are made with cornbread that has been baked with freshly-shucked corn. You can tell by the dense and fibrous texture that it is truly artisanal.

The waffles are meant to be eaten together with the chicken for you to taste the fusion of sweet and savoury. However, I found myself enjoying the dishes separately, punctuating each bite with a sip of Pipsqueak cider ($13) that added bittersweet notes of apple to the experience.

Lastly, we tried the Lebanese Fried Chicken. Heavily dusted in aromatic Middle Eastern spices (known as za’atar), and served with a refreshing Lebanese garlic whip (called toum), it was very gratifying and tasty.

In particular, I loved the contrast of the juicy chicken flesh against the crispy skin that was covered in spices.

Bird Bird is more than just fried chicken though. The menu also features great mains to be shared including the Milk Braised Pork ($16) and Crawfish Mac & Cheese ($12).

The Milk Braised Pork ($16) tasted great when you mop up the pork and milk sauce with the doughnut that comes slathered in a mustard sauce and sprinkled with sage.

The Crawfish Mac & Cheese ($12) was really gooey, indulgent, and creamy too. You need to order this if you love cheese and if you’re looking for good ol’ comfort food.

For more nourishing options, you can try the 3 Bean & Corn Salad ($6) or the Fennel and Cabbage Slaw ($6). The 3 Bean & Corn Salad was really good with crispy quinoa adding a crunch, and bits of corn and pomegranate adding small bursts of juiciness.

The Fennel and Cabbage Slaw ($6) is something you should order if you already like coleslaw with your fried chicken. It has the classic coleslaw taste, and will refresh your palate.

Make sure that you don’t leave without trying Bird Bird’s Sticky Housemade Curly Fries ($11). Served with a blend of maple soy, Kewpie mayo, and Sriracha, these ultra thin curly fries were crispy with fluffy insides.

We completed our meal with one of Bird Bird’s signature desserts, the Rhuppleberry Softie Pie ($14++). All the desserts featured are a combination of soft serve and either pies or cobbler.

What made the Rhuppleberry Softie Pie great was the kataifi pastry — needle-thin fritters that added a very contrasting texture to the strawberry beetroot soft serve. There were large chunks of fruits and candied pecans too that made this entire dish an indulgent and tasty one.

If you want something lighter for dessert, go for one of the ‘ugly’ doughnuts (called Ugnuts). Priced at $5.50, it may be a little steep but you’re in for a delicious combination of flavours.

We tried the Almond Croissant Ugnut ($5.50). Baked twice, this doughnut was flaky, indulgent, and tasted really good with the powdered sugar and crunchy almonds. I just wish I had more stomach space to appreciate it more.

Bird Bird is definitely a place to consider visiting for a satisfying brunch. They’ve got hearty, wholesome food that will leave you feeling stuffed and happy at the end of the meal.

Expected damage: $25 – $40 per person


Bird Bird: 97 Frankel Ave, Singapore 458222 | Opening Hours: (Tues to Sun) 11am – 11pm, Closed on Mondays | Tel: +65 6694 8270 | Facebook