Bistecca Tuscan Steakhouse: Singapore’s Best Bistecca Alla Fiorentina

Bistecca Tuscan Singapore 8118

On the neverending quest to try all the outstanding steakhouses in Singapore, I’ve arrived at the chic, Italian themed restaurant Bistecca Tuscan to try their Florentine-style steaks.

Quietly located along Mohamed Sultan Road, Bistecca alla fiorentina basically means beefsteak in Florentine style, which consist of a t-bone that is grilled over wood/charcoal with very basic seasoning like salt and pepper.

Bistecca Tuscan Singapore 8123

A lot of dark wood and comfy leather chairs, the interior exudes a classy and romantic ambiance perfect for a special date. The professional photography with huge bulls and a chica bella also further accentuates their focus on the beef, as well as style.

Bistecca Tuscan Singapore 8150

Ostriche ($5/pc). Raw freshly shucked Tsarskaya French oyster with prosecco mignonette (minced shallots, vinegar, pepper). A tad on the oceanic side with an iodine-like taste, but balanced with the sweetness from the shallots and light vinegar.

Bistecca Tuscan Singapore 8135

Capesante ($35). Pan-seared scallops, saffron celeriac puree, roasted shimeji mushrooms. Pretty regular taste profile for pan-seared scallops. I’d skip this for something more interesting on the menu.

bistecca tuscan salami

Salumi ($25/$38). Platter of house made and premium cold cuts aged from their own chiller. There is a mix of Italian style meats like Pancetta, Prosciutto, Capocollo, Bresaola and Parma. The cut I liked was the Prosciutto which was soft and still had that tinge of moisture, while the Bresaola, cured from beef, had a lot of beefiness and was unique in a more uncommon way.

Each meat was quite different in taste profile and you would have to decide for yourself which you prefer. The special olives in the center also goes well to give a bite more excitement to the dry palate.

Bistecca Tuscan Singapore 8139

Polipo ($26). Slow-cooked octopus, chorizo, romesco sauce, preserved lemon. A typical Spanish dish, this soft and slow-cooked octopus delivers exactly as described, but nothing more.

Bistecca Tuscan Singapore 8153

Fiorentina (1.1 kg $188 | smaller sizes available upon request). This F1 Karoge Washu, MBS 6+ T-bone steak is a combination of shortloin and Tenderloin meat together with the bone-in for more flavour. This Australia Wagyu-cross beef cut is exclusively exported to Bistecca Tuscan restaurant only, and is grain-fed for 420 days as well as dry aged in-house.

By the way, the steak we had was 800g at $136, which was more suited for two to share than the 1.1kg which feeds at least three.

Bistecca Tuscan Singapore 8170

I love my thick steaks as they can produce a nice charred finish from the wood-fired grill, yet still retaining pockets of moisture and juiciness in the meat. The signature Fiorentina t-bone had a very good combination of marbling fats with flavour, as well as being quite evenly cooked throughout as seen from the pinkness.

Very lovely, and probably one of the best t-bones I’ve had in Singapore.

Bistecca Tuscan Singapore 8173

The various sauces including rosemary mustard, salsa bernese and red wine and shallots give your taste buds a break from the fat umami overload.

Bistecca Tuscan Singapore 8176

Pasta al forno ($16). Baked maccharoni, five-cheese blend. Nice crunchy texture and a lot of distinct character in the cheese blend which elevates it above your run-of-the-mill mac n cheese.

Bistecca Tuscan Singapore 8163

Risotto ($30). Roasted wild mushrooms, asiago cheese, black truffle. This was a stellar risotto which had a lot of umami coming from the mushrooms. The rice was also softer than the classic style, which I think is meant for the Singaporean palate.

bistecca tuscan dessert wine

Castello Della Sala Muffato Della Sala ($19 per glass | $130 per bottle). A smooth, sweet dessert wine to end off the meal.

Bistecca Tuscan Singapore 8148

Nuova Sour ($22). Rittenhouse rye, fresh lemon, PX sherry, sangiovese. No nonsense cocktails are available at Bistecca Tuscan as well; not blow your mind delicious, but good enough.

Bistecca Tuscan Singapore 8127

Amicable service with a very juicy, balanced Fiorentina steak, Bistecca Tuscan is definitely on my list of one of Singapore’s top steakhouses. If you’re a steak lover, you won’t want to miss out their signature MBS 6 Wagyu Bistecca alla Fiorentina.

The contemporary setting is also perfect for a fancy night out, but make sure to keep tabs on the final bill as it can rake up quite a number.

Expected Damage: $150 – $200/pax


Bistecca Tuscan Steakhouse and Restaurant: 25 Mohamed Sultan Road, Singapore 238969 | Tel: 67356739 | Website