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Blue Willow: Try Intriguing Blue Coloured Food & Drinks At This Avatar-Themed Cafe In Clementi

Last Updated: April 3, 2018

Written by Shaun Koo

The Na’vi have invaded Singapore! In a bid to colonise planet Earth, they expect your attendance at their new restaurant in Clementi.

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The founders of the “Harry Potter” cafe, Platform 1094, have brought to us this out-of-this-world themed-cafe based on the James Cameron film, Avatar.

Blue Willow, named after the spiritual tree in the film, will whisk you away to the planet Pandora with its signature ‘blue’ food.

blue willow - 2

If you dare, enter and let your senses be assailed by the beautiful overdose of shades of blue inside.

blue willow - 3

Together with the dim lighting, you will feel transported to the enchanting Pandoran forest in the night-time. Also, say hi to Neytiri who watches over your safety from the mural.

blue willow - 24

Blue Willow’s interior also offers an interactive experience that is perfect for you to snap gravity-defying shots for Instagram.

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While the Na’vi may be from a whole other planet, don’t think for one second that you will be fed unappetising alien food. With a special menu catered just for our species, come enjoy the delicious spread of ‘blue’ dishes at the table. Just looking at these mesmerising blue treats is making me drool!

blue willow - 10

This Blue Hometree ($15) cocktail is a beverage that lets you get your hands dirty. Enclosed in an inverted glass jar, this blue elixir is a delightful mix of gin, blue caracao, rose syrup, sprite and soda.

blue willow - 12

However, what makes this drink truly magical is the psychedelic quartet of beakers filled with coloured milk. With a bit of food colouring and a lot of chemistry, go ahead and add drops of milk to the drink. Watch the milk curdle in an instant!

blue willow - 13

Whoa! Doesn’t it look like the delicate strands of the Tree of Souls? The coloured milk merely creates this beautiful illusion without actually altering the flavour of the drink.

Despite how calming the blue beverage looked, I must say that the drink did pack a punch. There was definitely enough booze to excite the alcoholic that I am. The refreshment went down smoothly and finished with a sweet and fizzy note. Plus points for the elegant glass that made me feel like Na’vi royalty!

blue willow - 15

Of course, the Na’vi would never serve up any old hamburger and fries. Presenting to you their FFL Da Bomb Burger ($19) that takes its name from their sister cafe, Fresh Fruits Labs. Although the same speciality recipe is used, Blue Willow’s rendition is something else altogether.

By incorporating butterfly pea extract, Blue Willow has managed to achieve those intriguing blue buns. I was a fan of the buns as they were really soft. While the beef patty could have been a little less chewy, I really enjoyed the plethora of ingredients sandwiched between the buns, including crispy bacon and a gorgeous sunny-side-up.

blue willow - 14

I haven’t even gotten to the best part yet. Served in the beaker is a generous helping of ‘blue’ cheese, which is actually cheddar and not blue cheese.

Don’t worry about the intoxicating blue colour as the cheese was rich and gooey, which made the dish even more indulgent. My advice — pour it over the burger generously!

blue willow - 17

While we haven’t figured out how to get to Pandora yet, this plate comes close by showing us the planet’s natural beauty. Here is the Grilled Pork Loin ($16) topped with apple chutney and a light pesto mayo sauce, and then spruced up with various herbs to mimic the planet’s lush greenery.

Although I found the pork loin a tad tough for my liking, the flavour of the meat was accented by the sweet black rice vinegar and the apple chutney that provided a refreshing element. The eggplant pesto mashed potatoes were really extraordinary, and the tinge of herbal flavour brightened the taste.

blue willow - 23

Hold your breath for Blue Velvet Waffles (around $8 – $10), which will be making their debut on our planet. Thanks to Blue Willow, I was able to try this unreleased addition to the menu and give you the first look at it.

Adorned with brittle wafer tuile and what appeared to be blue ‘caviar’, these waffles were striking from the get-go. Coloured a beautiful blue right to the core, these waffles offered up great bites although they were a little on the soft side. Let’s not forget about the delicious Haagen Dazs vanilla ice cream that topped the dish!

blue willow - 19

Without a doubt, the best part was the blue ‘caviar’, which was actually blue sago. Infused with maple syrup, the chilled sago added a distinct sweetness that really complemented the waffles. Definitely some real magic here!

blue willow - 21

To end the meal on a sweet note, I had the Tea by Lupicia Cake ($7.50) that is a classic dessert brought over from its sister cafes. Beneath its eye-catching turquoise-blue glaze, this dome cake has thin sponge layers surrounded by a mousse-like chocolate filling.

Dig in and savour the floral notes of the Lupicia tea that uplift the decadent chocolate. Those edible brown rocks dusted onto the sides are actually popping candy! Get a bit of them in each bite and you’ll feel like you are tasting the stunning stars above Pandora.

With great flavours in their dishes, Blue Willow shows that its ‘blue’ food is more than just a gimmick. While I’ll admit that a few of the dishes didn’t taste as good as they looked, I really enjoyed the overall interactive dining experience.

Do look out for new imaginative food to come as the menu is always changing. I’ll give you a hint — homemade gelato, which I’m sure will have some of the cafe’s iconic blue splashed on.

Expected Damage: $15 – $40 per pax

Blue Willow: 28 Clementi Road, Singapore 129754 | Tel: +65 6803 7472 | Opening Hours: (Monday) Closed, (Tuesday to Friday) 12pm – 12am, (Saturday & Sunday) 11am – 12am | Facebook

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