Famous Canto-style Porridge reopens after family vacay, with Tampines outlet operating daily!

For those looking to enjoy a comforting bowl of congee in Singapore’s erratic cloudy weather, you are at the right place. The family behind the famed Botak Cantonese Porridge at Our Tampines Hub and One Punggol Hawker Centre has returned from their well-deserved break in Yunnan!

News of their holiday plans was first shared by the stall owners’ daughter, Hwee Yi, in Hawkers United – Dabao 2020 on 30 Apr

Now, they are back and better.

Botak Cantonese Porridge - StorefrontWith the ultimate aim of opening both outlets 7 days a week, their branch at Tampines will first open daily till 26 May

Previously known as Botak Delicacy, the hawker chain was established by an elderly couple – Jook Guan and Ivy, who were rivals at Golden Mile Hawker Centre. Guess what? They have been happily married for the past 12 years. 

Botak Cantonese Porridge - Jook Guan & Ivy

“Enemies to lovers” trope IRL. And in case you were wondering, Botak Cantonese Porridge’s witty name was derived from Jook Guan’s nickname, “Botak”.

Unfortunately, Jook Guan and Ivy have also announced their retirement from the same stall that brought them together. NOOOO…While there hasn’t been any word on whether Hwee Yi or another relative will take over the family-run business, both outlets will continue operations as normal.

So fret not, here’s what you can expect at this beloved porridge spot!

Botak Cantonese Porridge - Porridge

As the name suggests, Botak Cantonese Porridge offers generous bowls of Cantonese-style porridge from an affordable price of S$2.80

Unlike your usual porridge, “jook” has a creamy and thick texture that results from prolonged cooking time. The hawker stall has a flavourful variety of piping-hot congee, all served with crispy you tiao and garnished with fresh chives.

This includes best-sellers like Century Egg with Lean Meat Porridge (S$4) and Minced Pork Century Egg Porridge (S$4), that both feature slices of tender meat and the pungent jelly-like preserved delicacy that you either hate or love.

Botak Cantonese Porridge - Century Egg If you are craving something simple, give their Handmade Meatball Porridge (S$3.50) a try. Made from scratch every morning, their self-kneaded meatballs are savoury and perfectly sized. 

How could I forget my fellow seafood lovers? Using only A-Grade Batang Fish, the Sliced Fish Porridge (S$5.30) and Seafood Porridge (S$6.50) are fintastic for you. The latter also includes a blend of briny ingredients, such as the aforementioned batam fish, juicy prawns and chewy cuttlefish. 

Tip: Add an Egg (S$0.60)! Once mixed in, the raw egg will impart a rich and silky-smooth taste to your fragrant bowl of viscous goodness.

Before I leave you to decide whether Botak Cantonese Porridge is worth a try, let me assure you that their hou sek dishes will NOT make you botak but make you say “ho jiak“!

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