Feel The Buzz With 2-In-1 Bottled Boba Milk Tea Liquor Available In Japan

Ever wanted a quick 2-in-1 bubble tea AND alcohol fix?

Perhaps a bottle of Tapioca Milk Tea Liquor might do the trick.

Kaldi Alcoholic Tapioca Milk Tea Online 1

This new product by Japanese food manufacturer Kaldi Coffee Farm combines the best of both worlds.

Kaldi Alcoholic Tapioca Milk Tea Online 2

The liquor is mixed with condensed milk, tea, and tapioca pearls, and contains an ABV of 5%.

It’s not enough to get you intoxicated, but you’ll probably experience a bit of a buzz.

Kaldi Alcoholic Tapioca Milk Tea Online 3
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According to Japanese netizens, this milk tea liquor is sweet and creamy but could use a lot more pearls.

Would you try this “adult-version” of boba milk tea?

Dates & Times: Available online via the official website, and at Japanese supermarkets and convenience stores

Prices: JP¥345 per bottle