BreadTalk launches gorgeous new Yam and Rose Raspberry cakes for Mother’s Day

BreadTalk never fails to blow me away with its stunning, unique cake creations. Their new Everlasting Love Mother’s Day Cakes (S$40.80) certainly hold up that standard. Frosted with snow-white cream and topped with an intricate pastel-coloured chocolate carnation, these cakes are a vision of beauty.

image of breadtalk's mother's day cakes

These Mother’s Day cakes come in two tantalising variations: the yam-flavoured Eternal Love, and the rose and berry-flavoured Enduring Love. They can be purchased as whole cakes for S$40.80, or as individual slices for S$6.90.

Taro fans rejoice: Eternal Love consists of layers of soft purple yam chiffon cake, luscious taro filling made with Dajia yam imported from Taiwan, and a lovely layer of smooth cake pudding.

On the other hand, Enduring Love provides a fruitier alternative, with layers of pretty pink chiffon cake, strawberry mousse, raspberry rose coulis and smooth cake pudding.

images of breadtalk's mother's day cake slices

I’m definitely excited to try BreadTalk’s Mother’s Day cakes. As a huge yam lover, I especially have my sights set on the yam-flavoured Eternal Love.

BreadTalk has launched yam cakes in the past, such as 2021’s Mother’s Day special, Yammy Mummy. I’m thoroughly impressed by how BreadTalk always manages to make their yam cakes even more beautiful than the last.

image of breadtalk's mother's day breads

BreadTalk is also bringing back its popular purple-coloured breads from its 2021’s Mother’s Day series. Yammy Croissant (S$2.50) is my personal favourite, as it features a buttery, flaky croissant filled with fragrant yam paste and soft, stretchy mochi.

Sweet Pur-tato (S$1.80), meanwhile, looks and tastes just like a sweet potato with its eccentric shape and purple potato filling. Alternatively, enjoy a simpler treat with their yam-filled Yam Bun (S$3.80).

BreadTalk is currently having an early bird promotional discount on their Mother’s Day cakes from now until 24 April 2022. Grab one of these beautiful cakes at 15% off for only S$34.68 both in stores and online. Alternatively, enjoy two slices of these cakes at S$12.50 (U.P. S$13.80).

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