First dibs: BreadTalk has new Pulut Hitam Mochi Bread and Pandan Gula Melaka Cake for National Day 2022

With National Day 2022 fast approaching, many F&B businesses have started launching their very own Singaporean-inspired dishes and creations. Of course, our very own home-grown bakery, BreadTalk, has hopped on board with its new Flavours of Home collection.

breadtalk national day 2022 - flavours of home

Flavours of Home introduces eight enticing new products with Singaporean elements incorporated into them, including cakes, breads and drinks. The Flavours of Home collection will only be available from 1 August to 31 August 2022.

breadtalk national day 2022 - pandan gula melaka crunch

BreadTalk’s new Pandan Gula Melaka Crunch (S$25.80) is a fluffy pandan cake covered in gula melaka infused cream and filled with a layer of light gula melaka mousse. The cake came with a small tub of crunchy gula melaka bits for me to sprinkle on top.

The Pandan Gula Melaka Crunch was incredibly soft and pillowy with a fragrant pandan taste. The gula melaka cream and mousse added an extra layer of aroma, and I thoroughly enjoyed every bite of the light yet satisfying cake.

breadtalk national day 2022 - breads

The four breads introduced in BreadTalk’s new collection are Kaya Kebaya (S$2.20 for one, S$4 for 2), a buttery croissant filled with pandan kaya custard, Sambal Swirl (S$2.20 for one, S$4 for 2), a flaky pastry layered with shrimp sambal and mozzarella cheese, Chicky Satay (S$2.20 for one, S$4 for 2), made with chicken satay, mozzarella cheese and satay sauce, and Pulut Hitam (S$1.80), which comes filled with black glutinous rice and mochi.

breadtalk national day 2022 - pulut hitam mochi bread and kaya kebaya

I was thoroughly impressed with how each bread managed to capture the essence of familiar and local flavours. Kaya Kebaya was incredibly aromatic with a strong coconut milk fragrance while Pulut Hitam was soft, chewy and fun to eat.

Sambal Swirl was savoury and lightly spicy, while Chicky Satay impressed me with how much it tasted like actual satay.

national day 2022 - kopimisu

Kopimisu (S$9.80) is a new boxed cake available in the Flavours of Home collection, and combines the classic Italian dessert, tiramisu, with the Singaporean Nanyang Coffee. The chocolate chiffon is infused with Nanyang Kopi and layered with creamy mascarpone mousse.

Coffee lovers will be sure to enjoy Kopimisu, as it provided a strong and slightly bitter coffee profile that was well balanced out by the sweet and milky mascarpone mousse.

bandung rose

Finally, refresh yourself with Bandung Rose (S$2), a classic drink in Singapore infused with the aroma of roses.

There’s truly no better way to celebrate Singapore’s 57th birthday than with delicious and familiar local-inspired treats. BreadTalk’s Flavours of Home collection will be available from 1 August 2022 at all BreadTalk outlets islandwide, as well as on GrabFood, foodpanda, Deliveroo and on BreadTalk’s online store.

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