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Last Updated: March 5, 2021

Written by Gene Lim

Enjoy Fine-Dining In A Casual and Laid-Back Cafe Setting


As a cafe in the daytime and a Restaurant/ Bar in the nighttime, BRIDGE is all about its contemporary modern European menu.

Wishing to bridge (hey, nice pun) the gap between ordinary Singaporeans and fine dining, the restaurant has revamped their menu a total of 6 astonishing times just to find the perfect combination of menu items which would be able to offer the total experience of fine-dining; doing away with the exorbitant costs and intimidating atmosphere inevitably found within a high-end restaurant.

With the chef hailing from the now closed Au Jardin, you can expect to see some pretty amazing plating from the chef: the presentation of the food really matters and it shows how much pride and passion the chef has for the presentation of his food.


The interior decor of BRIDGE is deceptively minimalistic: despite its simplicity and under-stated nature, it manages to pack in quite a sizeable number of tables to accommodate high traffic.

Unlike other cafes, BRIDGE also features a bar which allows customers to kick back and relax with friends over a couple of drinks. Fine-dining does not have to be stressful: the ambience at BRIDGE was really casual and I could visualise first dates happening in the eatery.


I started my meal off with a cup of Hazelnut Milk ($3.80 Hot, $4.50 Cold). This drink hit all the right spots – it was frothy, light and finished off strongly in the mouth with a nutty aftertaste. Comforting and homely, the Hazelnut Milk will be perfect for anyone who is a fan of hazelnut or even just milk in particular.

As my own personal preference, I think that the hazelnut notes come through a little stronger and are not as muted when the drink is warm; which is why I ordered mine hot instead of diluted with ice.


We kick started our meal off with the Heirloom Tomato Mozzarella ($16). On the ridiculously photogenic plate, you will find 8 different seasonal varieties of tomatoes served alongside caviaroli, mozzarella, dried tomatoes, olive powder and kalamata (a sort of olive) emulsion. This colourful dish tasted just as good as it looked: it was perfect as an appetiser due to its refreshing and light nature.

Fresh tomatoes are made into powder form right in BRIDGE through molecular methods and state of the art equipment usually found in high-end restaurants. Eating the juicy tomato sliced together with the mozzarella, cavioroli and olive powder will give your mouth an orgasmic experience.

The acidity of mozzarella cheese is balanced by the slight alkaline nature of tomatoes. You will also enjoy the little spurts of goodness which are released when you bite into those cheerful looking caviaroli.

Bridge-8 Bridge-7

As a lover of animals’ intestines in general, I expected great things from BRIDGE’s Foie Gras ($18). Foie gras can get heavy pretty fast so I really appreciated the fact that the chef paired it with citrus to remove the jelat feeling left in the mouth.

The pan-seared foie gras was indeed very rich and flavoursome – cooked to the perfect amount of doneness. To prevent diners from feeling too bothered by the full-flavoured foie gras, the chef has also decorated the duck liver with generous amounts of candied hazelnuts on top.

The crunch of the hazelnuts provides a nice contrast to the buttery texture of the foie gras. Diners can also choose to dab a little bit of balsamic reduction: the slight bitterness will help to enhance the natural flavours of the foies gras. Overall an excellent dish; I was not disappointed.

Bridge-5 Bridge-4

Just look at the NZ Blue Cod ($29): it honestly looks as though the crispy scaled NZ Blue Cod mated with perfection to give birth to a heck of a visually appealing organised mess – savoy cabbage and Spanish seaweed doused with a healthy amount of yuzu bouillon.

Cod fishes are one of my favourite types of meat, which would explain why I attacked this dish with great enthusiasm. You can hear just how crispy the skin of the fish is when you cut it apart; it gives way to a breath-taking view of tender and juicy white meat.

Just lightly seasoned with a pinch of salt and pepper, the Blue Cod on its own was delicious. The natural taste of fish meat really came through, with no off-putting fishy smell at all.

When paired with all the other ingredients, they only served to enhance the taste of the fish. This is honestly one of the best fishes I’ve ever had in my life; Chui Choo and I cleaned this off our plates in a record-breaking amount of time. I think it only took us a few minutes.

Bridge-2 Bridge-3

BRIDGE’s Truffle Chicken ($26) showcases organic-fed chicken breast, earl grey infused barley, sabaco, eryngii mushroom and natural jus. What impressed me the most from this dish was how the chicken meat was not tough at all, like most of the chicken breasts I’ve gotten to eat elsewhere.

Have you heard how often fitness enthusiasts have complained about the texture of chicken breast? Well, they sure would not be complaining about having to eat this everyday for their protein source!


We ended off the satisfying meal with BRIDGE’s deconstructed cheesecake. You know how traditional cheesecake is always very jelat (heavy)? Well, this dish is nothing like the traditional cheesecakes – it is very light and foamy, and the fresh fruits and granola which were added to the dish gave it an interesting texture.

What’s even better? There was vanilla ice cream at its very core. If you want a cheesecake that you can actually finish and have enough room for a second one, this is totally for you.

Overall, BRIDGE’s dinner menu is sure to satisfy anyone who is seeking for a fine-dining experience without having to part with a significant sum of money from their wallets. All dishes’ presentations served at BRIDGE are on point: perfect for that Instagram shot and personal enjoyment.

Expected Damage: $30 – $60 per pax

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BRIDGE Cafe, Restaurant and Bar: 31 Seah Street, Singapore 188387 | Tel: 6333 4453 | Opening Hours: Closed on Mondays; Tue to Thurs: 1200 – 2200; Fri: 1200 – 0100; Sat: 1100 – 0100; Sun: 1100 – 1700 | Website

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