Briyani By Hamidah Bi: Try This Melt-In-Your-Mouth Mutton Briyani Served In Generous Portions At Circuit Road Food Centre

Briyani By Hamidah Bi 8

Briyani is a great dish for when I’m hungry, the portions are usually big and I’m able to get the most value for my dollar with the dish. Briyani by Hamidah Bi is a newly opened stall at Circuit Road Food Centre, by the same cook from Mami Midah Briyani at Eunos Food Centre, so come with an empty stomach!

They only serve two briyani dishes, Mutton Briyani ($5.50) and Chicken Briyani ($4.50), and of course, I had to try both variants.

Briyani By Hamidah Bi 1

The Mutton Briyani was accompanied by a bowl of mixed vegetable dalcha (a type of curry), as well as a small mound of achar. The dalcha was similar to what you would get when you order prata, but a little thicker and not as spicy.

Briyani By Hamidah Bi 3

As the pickled cucumbers from the achar were just the right amount of spicy and sour without being too overwhelming, I felt that it would have been acceptable for most palates.

Briyani By Hamidah Bi 2

The mutton was melt-in-your-mouth tender with a nice gamey flavour that would delight any fan of the meat. The ratio of meat to rice was also perfect, with enough meat to pair with every spoonful of fluffy rice.

Briyani By Hamidah Bi 6

I was definitely surprised by the Chicken Briyani,; it came with a whole chicken leg that was tender to the point of falling off the bone, and the briyani rice was fluffy and firm. The spices could be tasted in the rice, and I loved the fact that the raisins in the rice added pockets of sweetness.

Briyani By Hamidah Bi 4

The taste of the dalcha and achar for this dish was consistent with the Mutton Briyani‘s, and the soft carrots and potatoes in the dalcha went nicely with the rice.

Briyani By Hamidah Bi 5

At $4.50 and $5.50, I think these briyani dishes are great value for money, considering the quality and quantity of the food. It was hard for two hungry adults to even finish the food provided, so that’s a testament to how generous the stall is with the portions!

Circuit Road Food Centre might be less crowded now, but once the new Mattar MRT station nearby is open, I have a feeling there’ll definitely be a larger dinner crowd and longer queues at Briyani by Hamidah Bi.

Expected damage: $4.50 – $5.50

Briyani by Hamidah Bi: #01-14, 79 Circuit Road Food Centre, Singapore 371079 | Facebook | Opening hours: 12pm – 9pm Tuesday to Sunday, closed on Monday