Judge For Yourself If 7-Eleven’s Bubble Milk Tea Cake A Yay Or A Nay

The boba wave hit our shores hard since last year as we witness the opening of several new bubble tea stores in Singapore. Since then, these harmless-looking bouncy black balls have also made way into the food that we eat, taking the form of not only beverages but also dishes which we commonly see such as cakes, ice creams, and even hotpots.

Bubble Milk Tea Cake 5
Credit – 7-Eleven Singapore

This time around, 7-Eleven Singapore has brought in their store-exclusive Bubble Milk Tea Cake from Taiwan to excite all boba lovers with a flavour so familiar but in an extremely different form. Immediately after I saw a post on 7-Eleven’s Instagram about this product, I knew I had to try it for myself to see if it will meet my boba expectations.

Bubble Milk Tea Cake 1

Excitedly, I rushed to the nearest 7-Eleven outlet near my house to get my hands on this exclusive product. But boy, my quest for this box of Bubble Milk Tea Cake was a difficult one. It took me four days, visiting two to three 7-Eleven outlets daily before I finally found a box at Raffles Place’s 7-Eleven outlet.

Bubble Milk Tea Cake 2

For S$5, I got a box of five individually packed Bubble Milk Tea Cake, wrapped up in a classic gold foil. A whiff of sweet tea fragrance floated in the air as I opened the first packet and frankly speaking, I was rather disappointed when I saw the “cake”. 

Don’t be misled by its name my friends, this Bubble Milk Tea Cake is more like a pastry or a cookie. At first glance, I was not impressed by its dull-looking brown colour; it looked totally different from the picture on the box. However, to my surprise, this snack tasted not bad at all!

Bubble Milk Tea Cake 3

The earl grey tea-infused pastry which encased the filling exuded a subtle earthy smell from the roasted black tea leaves and the pastry was buttery and crumbly—melting in my mouth almost immediately.

Bubble Milk Tea Cake 4

Made from nata de coco, the black sugar-flavoured chewy bubble filling had toasty and nutty nuances, adding a different layer of flavour and texture to the snack.

Overall, despite its look and colour, the flavours balanced well and were not too overpowering in any aspect. This Bubble Milk Tea Cake might not taste as refreshing like the beverage itself, but it sure makes for an enjoyable snack!

I personally feel that it is rather costly to pay S$1 each for a snack of this size. If you are a boba lover and is curious about its taste, gather some friends, share a box and try them for yourselves!

Dates & Time: Available at all 7-Eleven outlets, while stocks last

Price: S$5 per box

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