10 Buffet Caterers In Singapore Under $20 For Your Next Party

If you’re looking into food options, buffet catering is perhaps the most convenient. I know your concern, sometimes prices can be too high for food that’s not satisfying.

It’s always difficult to plan a party, and food is probably one of the most important considerations. Home cooked food is the healthiest, but it’s quite a feat to whip up a full meal for a big group.

So here’s a list of 10 buffet caterers in Singapore that are the best value for money, all under $20 per pax.

1. QQ Catering

QQ Catering-ONLINE-1 buffet catering singapore

Thanks to an exclusive 35% discount, this buffet is going at just $11.02 per pax (inclusive of GST)! One of the cheapest on the website, this 8-item buffet caterer has a good variety of dishes for you to choose from, including Hong Kong Braised Chicken and Jonker Street Assam Fish.

QQ Catering: Order here | Website 

2. Ronnie Kitchen

Ronnie Kitchen-ONLINE-1 buffet catering singapore

$11.56 per pax (inclusive of GST) to cater a 10 course buffet? If you’re looking for a spread, that’s pretty worthwhile. With duck, prawns, squid in addition to the normal items available for buffet, check them out for gatherings with your relatives who are adamant on only eat Chinese food.

Ronnie Kitchen: Order hereWebsite

3. On & On Diner

On & On Diners-ONLINE-1 buffet catering singapore

If you’re looking to cater to your Muslim friends as well, check out On & On Diner’s 9 course buffet menu at $12.73 per pax (inclusive of GST). With over 50 items to choose from, you’re going to be spoiled for choice.

There’s even a promotion for free delivery if you make your order before 30th April 2017, so don’t miss out on that!

On & On Diner: Order hereWebsite 

4. Savory Kitchen

Savory Kitchen-ONLINE-1 buffet catering singapore

At $14.77 per pax (inclusive of GST), Savory Kitchen has one of the more interesting catering menus around with Xiao Bai Chye with Razor Clams, Satay Prawns and more. Make sure to include the Signature Curry Chicken or Satay Prawns in your order though, those are the hot favourites!

Savory Kitchen: Order hereWebsite

5. Hawa Catering

Hawa Catering-ONLINE-1 buffet catering singapore

Too often, the vegetables from buffet caterers are substandard and a bit of an afterthought. Well, the consensus online is that if you’re looking for more than just bland vegetables, Hawa Catering is the way to go for your catering needs.

If you’re looking for a unique dish, check out their Plum Sauce Chicken in the $16.05 (inclusive of GST) buffet menu. They also offer bento sets if you’re looking for something a little more convenient!

Hawa Catering: Order hereWebsite

6. ECreative Catering

ECreative Catering-ONLINE-1 buffet catering singapore

If you prefer to have a wider variety of food at your events, ECreative Catering has plenty of items for you to choose from that most other caterers don’t, such as Yakitori sticks and Paper wrapped chicken. All that for only $17.01 (inclusive of GST)!

My recommendation? The Tokyo Yakitori Sticks are one of the most popular choices, so if you need a meat dish, that’s where you should start.

ECreative Catering: Order hereWebsite 

7. Savis Food

Savis Food-ONLINE-1 buffet catering singapore

Check out Savis Food if you want a combination of Western and Chinese food. With items including Fish with Mornay Sauce, Korean Sweet Chicken Wings and Oriental Fried rice, this catered spread will be great for parties with plenty of people who have different tastes.

It might be a little pricy at $17.90 (inclusive of GST) since there’s only 7 food items included, but the quality of the food is definitely on the higher end.

Savis Food: Order here | Website

8. Jai Siam

Jai Siam-ONLINE-1 buffet catering singapore

Thai food for you? Check out Jai Siam and their Thai buffet catering. Five dishes are pre-selected, including Mango Salad that is one of their best dishes, so your other five choices are limited to the green curry, tom yum soup, rice, fish and dessert categories, but at $18 (inclusive of GST), the all Thai buffet is pretty enticing.

Jai Siam: Order hereWebsite

9. How’s Catering

How's Catering-ONLINE-1 buffet catering singapore

Yet another buffet that does a mix of cuisines, How’s Catering is one of the few that I have a personal experience with. They catered for my friend’s 21st party and we were all impressed with the quality of food.

At $19.26 per pax (inclusive of GST), this is definitely one of the most expensive buffets on the list, but the quality of food justifies the amount paid — you get what you pay for, after all.

Hows Catering: Order hereWebsite 

10. BellyGood By TungLok

BellyGood by TungLok-ONLINE-1 buffet catering singapore

For smaller parties that don’t require huge buffet set ups, check out BellyGood by TungLok’s Mini Party Set going at $19.26 per pax (inclusive of GST).

The price is high as well, but considering the fact that this is part of the TungLok group, you know that the quality of catered food that you’ll be receiving is assured. The curry chicken is one of the best sellers, so don’t miss out on that on this buffet caterer.

BellyGood by TungLok: Order hereWebsite 

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