Burger King New Star Buys Include Truffle Mayo Fries, Malty Float ‘Gao’ & Returning Favourite Teh Tarik Pie Now Available

I’m not sure about you, but I am always very intrigued by all things new and interesting. As a huge snacker myself, I love keeping my eye out for new tea break bites that I can grab and go. When I saw Burger King‘s latest Star Buys menu, I was so stoked to try them out.

Bk Star Buys Truffle Mayo 1

The first new item that I tried was the Truffle Mayo Fries (S$2.90). While truffle has been all the hype for quite a while now, the heftier price tag often puts people off. Well, it probably can’t get any more affordable at under S$3.

Bk Star Buys Truffle Mayo 2

The fries were fried to perfection, with a generous dollop of their truffle mayo on top. I appreciated that the fries did not get soggy even after a prolonged period for photos.

The truffle mayo is made up of mayonnaise, white truffle-flavoured olive oil and black truffle pâté. I must say, the truffle scent and flavour was pretty distinct which made it really enjoyable. It made for a tasty snack and I will definitely be back to try their truffle mayo burgers too.

Bk Star Buys Truffle Mayo 3

The Malty Float “Gao” (S$3.20) intrigued me and I was expecting it to taste similar to one of Singaporeans’ favourite drink, Milo. It is a unique twist to our typical ice cream float, with chocolate soft serve atop a malt drink.

Bk Star Buys Truffle Mayo 4

While it was definitely not Milo, I did taste the sweet and nutty tones to it. The drink itself wasn’t gao at all but I guess that made it less jelak than it would have been. The drink itself was very one-dimensional but the richness of the soft serve did aid in providing the drink with some texture.

Bk Star Buys Truffle Mayo 5

I am so glad they brought back the Teh Tarik Pie (S$1.20). I’ve heard so much about it and was genuinely disappointed when they took it off the menu without me trying. I was not going to miss my chance this time.

Bk Star Buys Truffle Mayo 6

Indeed, it was as good as I imagined it to be. The pie was piping hot, with the crust a beautiful golden brown. It was buttery, crisp and flake, which ticked off all the boxes of a good crust.

Encased within was the viscous teh tarik filling, which was a beautiful caramelised brown. It was very fragrant and there was a burst of flavour in my mouth as I bit into it. They nailed the aromatic milk tea flavour, which was delightfully sweet and milky without being overwhelming. Definitely worth S$1.20 in my books.

Bk Star Buys Truffle Mayo 7

Burger King has never been my favourite fast food chain, but this new line up of Star Buys may have just wavered my loyalty towards MacDonalds. I really enjoyed the Teh Tarik Pie especially; that alone would warrant me a trip down anytime I’m craving something sweet. If you happen to pass by a Burger King outlet, do try them out and let us know what you think!

Dates & Times: Avail now for a limited time only at all Burger King outlets 

Prices: S$1.20 – S$3.20