Buttergrill: Pair Your Grilled Meats With 11 Creative Hand-Crafted Flavoured Butters


Specialising in seafood and grilled grub, Buttergrill is a unique restaurant that infuses handcrafted flavoured butters into their dishes. Located along a whole stretch of eateries at Tanjong pagar road, diners will be treated to irresistibly delicious butter varieties cooked with the finest ingredients. What’s not to love?


The moment you set foot into their restaurant, you will be greeted by a warm and comfortable atmosphere. I’m talking black tiled walls and sleek furnishings that add a modernised flair throughout the establishment.


Walk up to the second level and you will find a more rustic looking space, complete with wooden tables and comfy sofa chairs set within a brightly lit area. Perfect for family get-togethers.


With 11 butter varieties to choose from, customers will be spoilt for choice. The selection includes: classic white, mustard, red wine & figs, truffle, foie gras, classic red, orange ginger, lemon chilli, spicy salted egg yolk, spicy miso, and their latest addition, the French butter.


We began the evening with two tapas from the menu. As with a majority of their dishes, these are also made with their signature butters.


The Stir Fry Button Mushroom ($8) is infused with the premium foie gras butter which, has herbs mixed into it. The addition of their homemade butter really does make the otherwise plain mushrooms taste a whole lot better and intensifies the flavours.


Tossed around in lemon chilli butter, the Beer & Shells ($10) is stir fried with onions and simmered in beer before being served. I was delighted to find that the vongole and mussel assortment managed to soak up most of the tangy juices. The spicy and sour combination from the butter also served to spruce up the flavour of the seafood quite well.


Consisting of the angus sirloin, chicken leg, norwegian salmon fillet and two whole king prawns, the Pu Pu Platter ($108) spread was certainly a grilled feast. To accompany this platter, we chose from their butter selection and paired them to each meat and seafood specifically.


We had the French butter to go with our angus sirloin. Made from their secret recipe, it helps to enhance the taste of the steak even further.


As for the chicken leg, we went with the red wine and figs butter. The red wine reduction introduced as a butter is simply heavenly when paired with the tender cuts of meat.


Pairing the Norwegian salmon fillet with the classic white butter was a definite choice. The white wine integrated into the mixture of garlic and parsley gave off a herbal taste that was perfect with the fish.


And of course, we had to give their locally inspired, salted egg yolk butter a try. While I am not usually a huge fan of prawns, the butter mingled wonderfully with the crustacean and really hit all the right spots. In addition, the caviar on top added a nice salty crunch.


Served with potato wedges and a nice salad on the side, we found that the assembly of seafood was delicious when paired with the well-made butter spreads. You can even drizzle a fresh lemon and add some pepper and salt from the graters provided to intensify the flavours.

Although this sharing platter is said to serve 3 to 4 pax, we found that the portion size was adequate for two, as well.


If you need your share of carbs but still want to sample their butter offerings, go for their Scallop & Crab Meat Pasta ($26). Tossed in spicy salted egg yolk butter, sauteed onions, garlic and chilli, this pasta really packs a good punch.

As compared to the prawns from the platter, the salty taste of the egg yolk was more prominent in this dish as we could really taste the richness of the creamy butter with each forkful.


For dessert, we had the Moelleux au Chocolat ($12), a classic chocolate lava cake paired with vanilla ice cream. 


Made from 75% dark cocoa cale, the chocolate lava that oozed out of the cake was decadent and extremly satisfying. Eaten together with fresh fruit and spoonfuls of vanilla ice cream, you really can’t go wrong with this dessert choice.


In need of a refreshing pick-me-up, we ordered the Berries Power ($7.50), one of their fruity smoothie combinations. It helped to wash down all the buttery goodness that we consumed previously.


We couldn’t leave without at least having an alcoholic beverage. Hoegarden Rosee ($8.90), a wheat beer with a pinkish hue, has never disappointed so we went for that. While it may not have the highest alcohol content, the subtle taste of raspberries lends a nice sweetness to the typical bitterness that comes with beer.


As a restaurant that is constantly refining their butters and menu items, they are always looking for ways to improve and enhance the tastebuds of their patrons.

No matter what butter renditions they put out next, I’m sure Buttergrill’s luscious butters will always be a welcome pairing with their extensive menu of large platters, pastas and pizzas.

Expected damage: $40++ per pax

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Address: Buttergrill, 114 Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore 088529 | Opening Hours: 11am – 10.30pm daily | Tel: 62212354 | Facebook