15 Cafes in Orchard Road To Rest Your Shopaholic Soul

Singaporeans all love a good retail therapy on the Orchard road shopping belt, though when it comes to food, it can get a little confusing. Of course there’s a myriad of restaurants to choose from, but what if you’re looking more for a casual pit stop to rest your weary bodies before soldiering on again? Cafes are the answer. You can have meetings here too.

I’ve known that pain and have tried googling for cafes to eat in Orchard before, alas, with no amazing returns. So I’ve compiled this list and I hope this helps, bisous.

Here’s a much needed list of cafes in Orchard Road, starting from Wheelock Place all the way up to Dhoby Ghaut.

15. Montana Brew Bar

montana brew bar-12

Located within PoMo is Montana brew bar, a Sydney-inspired specialty coffee house that serves up pretty mean and fluffy waffles where both sweet and savoury options are available. Serving all-day brunch style dishes to appeal to the current cafe-hopping, brunch-eating, gourmet-coffee-drinking crowd.

montana brew bar-9

Mocha ($5), made with the Montana houseblend is an easy-drinking, medium-bodied coffee with mild acidity and just a hint of nuttiness. With very pretty latte art too.

montana brew bar-5

Southern Fried Chicken Waffle Sandwich ($10.50). Juicy fried chicken with a crispy batter topped with a homemade wasabi coleslaw all sandwiched between two waffle halves. Despite being technically only half a waffle, this thing is a meal in itself.  Carbs, protein and vegetables all in one right?

If you fancy a good crisp waffle (which I’m sure many of us do) and gourmet coffee, head down to Montana Brew Bar to get your fix. The savoury waffles do make good meals on their own and are definitely value-for-money. Look out for special discounts seasonally while students get 10% off when you show your student pass too.

Montana Brew Bar: PoMo, 1 Selegie Road #01-04,  Singapore 188306 | Tel: 9833 1790 | Facebook

14. The Coffee Academics

new restaurants singapore 2015 coffee academics

Panama Estate (Brewing method: Chemex).

coffee academics best new restaurants singapore 2015

Scrambled Eggs with Crayfish on Sourdough ($23).

On Scotts Square is famed The Coffee Academics from Hong Kong. Earning a reputation for their artisan coffee and their specially concocted coffee that takes inspiration from different parts of the world for each month of the year.

Think ‘Tokyo’, a cup of fresh Fuji apple juice that is topped with iced macchiato and apple slices, resembling a waterfall-like texture to give your very own mini Mount Fuji. While this isn’t available at our coffee joint yet, it is definitely something to look forward to.

Their artisan coffee is certainly outstanding, complete with all the fancy brewing tools like the aeropress, chemex, you name it they’ve got it. The food served isn’t lacking in quality either, the only complain I have is that the serving portion for certain plates are a tad bit too small for their pricing. Other than that, coffee on point.

The Coffee Academics: Scotts Square, 6 Scotts Road, Singapore 228209 | Website

13. Wild Honey

Best Bacon in Singapore - Wild Honey

Wild Honey offers a large variety of breakfast and lunch items featuring their yummy, greasy, chewy back bacon. Outside of the classic English breakfast, there is always a side order to be had, Candied or Back Bacon ($8.00), or if you are feeling a little healthy, try the Curly Kale Caesar Salad ($24.00), which is topped with a thin, dried version of the more sinful original.

Best Bacon - Wild Honey

Wild Honey (2 locations): 6 Scotts Square, #03-01 & 333A Orchard Rd, #03-01/02 Mandarin Gallery, Singapore 238897  | Tel: 6235 3900 | Website

12. In Good Company


The newest love child by Plain Vanilla is In Good Company, within ION Orchard. Nestled among locally designed clothes and artisanal products, In Good Company boasts of clean, white washed walls that will definitely fit well on your instagram feed.


Jamon Royale Sandwich ($15.00) – smoked ham with gruyere cheese with wholegrain mustard, butter lettuce and tomatoes, all sandwiched with toasted brioche that are exceedingly fluffy. The serving of cheese is generous and I can definitely taste the wondrous combination with thick smoked ham. I’m in love with this sandwich.


Tea Cake Raspberry ($7.50). The cake is slightly on the drier side but when combined with the glaze that contains julienned lime, it becomes a refreshing and well-rounded dessert. Within the cake, there’s hidden raspberries that gives an extra tang to the cake.

In Good Company: Ion Orchard, 2 Orchard Turn, #B1-06, Singapore 238801 | Tel: +65 6509 4783 | Website

11. Kith Cafe


Just right across Plaza Singapura lies Kith Cafe at Park Mall, one of my favourite places to have a good cuppa joe. I was even happier to discover their toastie sandwiches, to die for banana bread and most of all, extra friendly staff who are always smiling and remember your order.


Not only do they serve up your usual brunch menu, they also offer a pretty kick ass dinner menu. So if you’re looking for a quaint cafe that doesn’t feel quite like Orchard Road, head on down to Kith Cafe and grab yourself a slice of cake, with coffee obviously.

Kith: Park Mall, 9 Penang Rd, #01-01E, Singapore 238459  | Tel: 6341 9407 | Website

10. PS.Cafe

PS Cafe

I’m embarrassed to say I’m one of those PS.Cafe enthusiasts who has likely given half their annual income to this eatery. I mean why not – the food is excellent and you get a different vibe from each of their multiple locations.

PS Cafe

I go to PS.Cafe petite on Martin Road when I am needing something quick for take away, while I take out of town guests to the Dempsey location for some cool, Singapore jungle dining and I check out the Palais Renaissance outlet when I’m really into fancy aesthetic and plants. PS.Cafe is a quick easy option that consistently cures my cafe food cravings.

PS.Cafe (multiple locations): Harding Road; Palais Renaissance; Paragon; Martin Road; Dempsey Hill | Tel: 9224 6611 | Website

9. Jones the Grocer

Best Bacon in Singapore - Jones the Grocer

The Side Order of Bacon ($5.00) at Jones the Grocer is one of the more generous portions and best value for money I have found in Singapore. Their streaky bacon wonderfully meets that delicate, desirable balance between crispy and chewy. The menu at Jones the Grocer offers a wide range of fresh, delightful dishes – morning, noon and night – that pair well with some bacon on the side.

The Jones Big Breakfast, multiple egg dishes and their Club Sandwich are some house favorites that feature their crispy, juicy bacon.

Jones the Grocer (2 locations): Mandarin Gallery, #04-21/22/23, 333 Orchard Road & Block 9 #01-12 Dempsey Road, Dempsey Hill, Singapore 247697 | Tel: 6476 1512 | Website

8. Hoshino Coffee


I still remember when Hoshino first opened up in Plaza Singapura, it earned itself a snaking line of queue for their hand drip coffee and fluffy pancakes that are thick, light and yummy.

A trip to Hoshino Coffee will not be complete without trying their specialty hand-dripped coffee. We went for their “Hoshino” Blend Coffee ($5.80). After having been lovingly roasted over open fire, a cup of delightfully light and slightly sour coffee was obtained through Hoshino Coffee’s pour-over brewing method.


Hoshino Coffee’s French Toast Topped with Sugar and Cream ($9.80), is fluffy and not soggy at all. Seems like the Japanese know their way to our hearts through the stomach.

If you think that the French Toast had been topped with vanilla ice cream, I don’t blame you. I only realized my mistake when I greedily scooped some of it up with my spoon – it was actually homemade whipped cream.

Hoshino Coffee: 68 Orchard Rd, #03-84, Plaza Singapura, 238839 | Tel:+65 6338 3277 | Website

7. Mon Bijou

mon bijou-1426

Mon Bijou, located at Claymore Connect (formerly known as Orchard Hotel Shopping Arcade) is the newest F&B brand by the Millennium group, serving French pastries and desserts with a local twist. The list of food items on the menu ranges from their all-day breakfast, lunch to snacks and desserts.

Mon Bijou- Sliders Trio

Served in a triple combination of Classic Beef Burger, “Ngoh Hiang” Chicken Burger, Mon Bijou Crabby Patty Burger and a bucket of fries (literally), the Sliders Trio ($22) can be found under Light Bites in the menu. Even though the sliders trio is considered a light bite, the portion is really generous and can easily be considered a main. Great burger patty variety and an innovative 3-in-1 presentation. 

mon bijou-1433

There’s a good variety of pastries, as well as power sockets under alternate seats in the cafe – perfect for working with your laptop or charging your phone.

Mon Bijou: 442 Orchard Road, #01-19/20 Singapore 238879 | Tel: 6739 6738 | Website

6. Watanabe Coffee


Watanabe Coffee located at Shaw House boasts of an Anglo Japanese interior, complete with plushy chairs. I’ve been meaning to try out their food for the longest time and finally got around to ordering myself an Omu Rice and Soy Matcha Latte.


Soy Matcha Latte ($8.80). I like how the matcha essence can be singled out easily but not overly bitter, remaining light and subtly sweet. Most matcha lattes I’ve had either lose out on the matcha taste or are too sweet, so this, my friend, did it for me.


Omu Rice with Demi Glace ($15.80). Fried rice with chicken, enwrapped with a thick serving of scrambled omelette and slathered with a thick syrupy brown sauce that is savoury with a slight tinge of tang. The rice is soft and fragrant but not overly mushy and the ketchup gives it a little zest. I particularly like the omelette – soft and runny to the right amount.

Watanabe Coffee: 350 Orchard Road, #01-00 Isetan Scotts, Singapore 238868 | Tel: +65 6235 0608 | Website

5. Oriole Coffee + Bar

Oriole Coffee -28

Located at Pan Pacific Serviced Apartments at Somerset, is Oriole Coffee + Bar.


Taisho White Cold Brew ($7.00). You know how iced latte can get a little watered down when the ice starts melting away, but the White Cold Brew makes sure that your cold white coffee will never be that way, simply because it doesn’t need any ice when it’s cold brewed. It is milky and sweet on its own, mmhm.


Tuna Poke ($14.00). Ah the joy of raw seafood, I’ll never know how to live without it. Oriole Cafe and Bar has a pretty damn good rendition of tuna poke, the sauce packs a chockful of flavour – fragrant and savoury with a hint of sweetness, which combines well with the raw goodness. The sesame adds fragrance and the lettuce layers on textures.

Read about our detailed review of Oriole Coffee + Bar here.

Oriole Coffee + Bar: 96 Somerset Rd, Pan Pacific Serviced Suites Orchard,#01-01, 238163 | Tel:+65 6238 8348 | Website



How could I ever not mention PAUL, not when I’m such an addict of their hot chocolate. I can still remember my first encounter with PAUL’s hot chocolate, that lusciously creamy and velvety thick pot of chocolate that has not been tainted by the over addition of steamed milk. I was pretty certain I fell in love in that moment.


Pair all of that with their freshly baked breads, afterall, they’re a boulangerie. And this is about as close as I can get to Paris without paying for the air ticket.

PAUL: 391 Orchard Road #03-16/17 Takashimaya Shopping Centre, Ngee Ann City, Singapore 238872 | Tel: +65 6836 5932 | Website

3. The Providore


Iced Mocha ($7.00). I can taste the chocolate in it and that’s exactly why I’d order a mocha. Chilly and yummy.


Tuna Ceviche Crostini ($18.24). The toast is done well – fluffy and toasted to a nice charred brown on the surface, preventing any of the toppings to seep through and render it soggy. The generous serving of avocado is creamy and blends well with the nicely cubed tuna pieces. The slight tinge of zest from the capers gives a nice finishing touch to the dish.


Lobster Mac and Cheese ($25.50). Done al dente, the pasta mixes well with the creamy blend of cheese that is surprisingly light all at the same time. The lobster pieces are chunky, sweet and chewy, which adds onto the flavour of the whole dish. Definitely a hearty one.

The Providore: 333A Orchard Rd, #02-05 Mandarin Gallery, Singapore 238897 | Tel: +65 6732 1565 | Website

2. Muji Cafe


affordable japanese food in singapore muji cafe

2 Cold deli, 1 Hot deli and white rice ($12.90), changing to 10 grain rice ($1) and Hot Chai Milk Tea ($4.90). The first of its kind in Singapore, Muji Cafe first started out in Japan and has now ventured to our shores. It serves various hot and cold delis that are quintessentially Muji and Japanese. No frills, just a simple and nutritious meal that will leave you feeling healthier.

Opt for the 10 grain rice instead of the white rice, it is healthier and also more flavourful than the white rice. Think nutty and filled with barley. I like their chai milk tea, it isn’t overly sweet like the chai lattes I’d get at certain coffee joints. Easy on the pocket and the waistline I’d say.

Muji Cafe: Orchard Paragon, 290 Orchard Road $04-36, Singapore 238859 | Tel: +65 6735 0123 | Website

1. Patties & Wiches


Showcasing burgers from Tokyo’s Franklin Avenue, bakes from Asanoya, coffee from Common Man and desserts from Chef Yamashita, Patties & Wiches is definitely an amalgamation of the bests. Cafe counterpart of Ginza Kuroson, Patties & Wiches is located right next to Ginza Kuroson, on the third level of mini Japan, Takashimaya.

Quaint and refined, Patties & Wiches stock a good variety of burgers and sandwiches. Dare I say their service is impeccable as well.


Sakura Cappucino ($7.00). Since this was a seasonal item and it looked so pretty, I decided to have a go and only to realise I really do not like sakura flavoured things. Nothing wrong with the drink, it’s milky and light with a slight sweetness. It’s really just personal preference.


Blue Cheese Burger ($22.80). The patty is well seasoned and cooked to the right amount of doneness with a subtle juiciness. It also pairs well with the pungently fragrant melted blue cheese that I adore so very much, to give a lingering after taste. The bun is fluffy and helps to balance out the rich savoury element. The fries won my heart over, thickly cut golden crisp brown that is doused with the right amount of salt.


Chou-Pop ($3.00). I asked for the popular flavours and chose the chocolate one out of the lot and boy I sure ain’t disappointed. The choux pastry is light and fluffy on the inside, which complements the dense cream that is rich in chocolate. Surprise, there’s a mix of custard cream as well, blending two flavours to perfection and definitely not too cloying.

Patties & Wiches: #03-10A Takashimaya Shopping Centre, 391 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238872 | Tel:+ 65 6268 7237 | Website