Satisfy Your Unagi Cravings With This Kabayaki Eel-Flavoured Corn Snack Now Avail At Selected 7-Eleven Outlets

I dropped by my neighbourhood 7-Eleven recently in search of a good snack to have while at work. I noticed a pack of Kabayaki Eel Grilled Corn (S$2.30) snack by Calbee peeking out from the corner of the shelf. Intrigued at the unique flavour, I immediately grabbed two packs.

7 Eleven Kabayaki Eel Grilled Corn Snack 1

The matte red and black packaging is both attention-grabbing and comes off as slightly premium. While not necessarily the nicest looking packaging I’ve seen, it conjured images of large chunks of juicy unagi grilling over a charcoal fire.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that the snacks took up quite a lot of space in the packaging (as opposed to half air).

7 Eleven Kabayaki Eel Grilled Corn Snack 3

Flavour-wise, the Kabayaki Eel Grilled Corn packs quite a punch. Unagi is well known for its bold, rich taste and I believe that Calbee did a rather good job in recreating that flavour. I could definitely taste the sweetness and saltiness as if it were a real piece of grilled unagi slathered in teriyaki sauce.

The flavour quickly dissipated to be replaced by the bland, but crunchy corn. I couldn’t really taste the “grilled” aspect of the corn. I’d definitely want to have some water near me the next time I eat this as it’s rather dry overall.

7 Eleven Kabayaki Eel Grilled Corn Snack 5

With each little piece being a tiny flavour bomb on its own, coupled with the sizeable volume of each bag, I can see this Kabayaki Eel Grilled Corn snack becoming something I’d munch on while binge-watching Netflix.

7-Eleven has commented that since the launch of the product in mid March, they have faced stock issues due to overwhelming demand, so make sure to grab your pack quickly.

What are you waiting for? Skip those long queues at Japanese unagi restaurants, drop by your neighbourhood 7-Eleven and fix your unagi cravings with a wallet-friendly pack of Kabayaki Eel Grilled Corn snacks today!

Dates & Times: Now available at selected 7-11 outlets

Price: S$2.30 per packet