Changi Recommends JR Pass: Get Discounted Rail Passes For Your Trip To Japan!

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The Japan Rail Pass, or JR Pass, is valid on most modes of transportation including JR lines (Shinkansen, limited express, express, rapid and local trains), local JR buses, the Tokyo Monorail, and the Ferry to Miyajima.

It is only available for tourists or visitors on a short term stay in Japan, and provides a great deal of convenience to travellers wanting to explore the various regions. The pass can be maximised effectively with long distance travel across Japan.

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From 8 March 2017 onwards, passes that are purchased at selected train stations in Japan will be more expensive, so do check out Changi Recommends to get your pass at a discounted rate!

A JR Ordinary 7 Day Pass would only cost S$353 on Changi Recommends, as opposed to‎ ¥‎29,110 (approximately S$361.45) if purchased in Japan. You’ll get even greater savings when you purchase passes that are valid over a longer period (14 days and 21 days).

Besides the JR Pass, you can also consider getting a WiFi router or overseas SIM cards at an affordable rate on Changi Recommends, so you can explore while staying connected.

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Price: S$353 on Changi Recommends

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