Chateraise Toa Payoh: The Only Outlet In Singapore That Lets You Dine-In & Enjoy Cakes With Hokkaido Milk Latte

Last Updated: June 14, 2017

Written by Melissa Goh

chateraise singapore toa payoh

Chateraise has recently opened a new outlet at Toa Payoh, and it is the patisserie’s first outlet in Singapore that has a small al fresco area for customers to enjoy the sweet treats from Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan.

chateraise singapore toa payoh

It spans across two shop spaces, with one side displaying an impressive array of its cakes and puffs.

chateraise singapore toa payoh

The other side sells ice creams, jellies, tidbits and snacks imported from Japan. Psst, the ice cream seemed to be a great hit amongst the working professionals when we were there.

chateraise singapore toa payoh

There’s also a small cafe within the shop selling coffee, which is a new addition to the chain as well. We tried the Hokkaido Milk Latte ($5.80, Iced) made with Hokkaido milk and specially-picked coffee beans.

The drink was smooth and had a light creamy freshness as compared to the other iced lattes that I’ve had before — a great addition to enjoy with the cakes and pastries while you’re there after lunch, tea and everything in between.

Must-Try Cakes & Pastries

chateraise singapore toa payoh

Out of all the cakes displayed, the Cute Bunny ($5.10) caught our eyes with its adorable cartoonish look and fashion-forward Millennial Pink exterior; it was almost pleading at us to get it with its doe-eyed gaze.

chateraise singapore toa payoh

A quick bite into the Cute Bunny and it revealed a surprise marshmallow centre with a dollop of strawberry compote. The creamy, mousse-like top and chocolate ears reminded us of the taste of Meiji Strawberry Milk.

I’d definitely buy this again when I’m craving for a milky, sweet, strawberry dessert.

chateraise singapore toa payoh

The best seller in Chateraise would be the legen— wait for it — Legendary Fresh Cream Cake ($5.10)..ha ha I just had to do it. 

Alternating between layers of fluffy sponge cake and fresh cream, topped with more Hokkaido fresh cream and strawberries, this number is the icing on the cake.

chateraise singapore toa payoh

I’m not usually a big fan of fresh cream, or anything with cream for that matter but the Legendary Fresh Cream Cake was light and easy on the palate, and wasn’t off-putting at all. The sweetness was balanced out with the help of the tart strawberries.

There’s an egg, milk, and wheat flour-free version of the cake, which is made of rice flower sponge cake, strawberry compote and soy milk cream. If you have the aforementioned allergies, you’ll be glad to know that you still can enjoy a version of this delightful dessert.

chateraise singapore toa payoh

The second best seller is the White Zebra ($4.70), essentially a crepe cake that is held together with thin layers of fresh cream in between.

I loved the glossy finish at the top of the cake, which added a subtle caramelised sweetness to the slice.

chateraise singapore toa payoh

The Mango Tart ($5.10) is part of a seasonal offering, with the mangoes imported from Japan too. Not only is it pretty to look at, I’m certain that this would keep our waistline pretty in shape too, or at least I hope so, with that amount of chunky fruit making up 80% of the pastry.

chateraise singapore toa payoh

We started by having the mango chunks first, and were presented with yet another surprise centre! Hidden within was a strawberry, covered with a sweet layer of cream.

While it was refreshing, we thought that some of the mangoes were slightly sour and made our faces scrunch up a little.

chateraise singapore toa payoh

Hokkaido cheese tarts were once a very big part of our food scene, and when I saw that Chateraise sells it too, I ordered one without hesitation just to find out if it stands out from its competitors.

chateraise singapore toa payoh

The Baked Cheese Tart ($3) wasn’t as luscious and creamy, and instead was slightly drier than the ones I’ve had before and did not melt in the mouth. However, it did have a strong cheese taste to it and the crust was thin and buttery.

chateraise singapore toa payoh

The Matcha Double Fantasy Cream Puff ($1.90) was the perfect choice to order, boasting two types of cream within a thin puff.

Made with Hokkaido fresh cream and custard cream, the texture was smooth and delectable with a strong taste of matcha, yet not overpoweringly sweet.

chateraise singapore toa payoh

We agreed that the Fluffy Bouchee ($1.90) makes for a great light snack in the office. Made with Hokkaido’s mascarpone and French cream cheese, it was slightly sourish, but was balanced out with the sweetness of the bouchee crust.

If you’re in need of a cold treat to beat the heat, this cute Melon Sherbert ($4.20) that comes in the shape of a melon container, is a great midday pick-me-up though slightly pricey for its size.

Incredibly fragrant, the sherbet is made with real fruit juice and was mildly sweet and creamy. We were left scraping the bottom of the container, just wishing there was more.

chateraise singapore toa payoh

Rich in the knowledge that everything is made with premium ingredients, I’m already eyeing the other cakes and snacks available. And what’s even greater is that it’s so near our office, so I can pop by anytime to satisfy my cravings.

The only downside to the dine-in option is the lack of fans to keep us cool. We were dripping in perspiration while taking bites out of the cakes and thought that it would have been a better idea if we packed it back to the office. The plus side though is that ice packs are provided in the takeaway boxes to ensure the cakes are kept fresh.

Expected damage: $1.90 – $5.80

Chateraise Toa Payoh HDB Hub: Blk 490 Toa Payoh Lorong 6 #01-15, Singapore 310490 | Opening Hours: (Daily) 9am – 9:30pm | Facebook

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