What to eat & shop at Singapore’s very own Chatuchak Night Market featuring 180 stalls

Air travel has more or less resumed back to pre-Covid19 times, and I’m sure some of us have already made a trip to Bangkok to fix that travel itch. For those who’re still stuck in Singapore, don’t worry. You can always visit the Chatuchak Night Market, which has officially opened to the public and runs from 7 Feb to 2 Apr 2023 at The Grandstand South Carpark.

chatuchak singapore - front entrance

You may be wondering what there’s to eat and shop at the market— we’ve done the groundwork for you by checking out the place on the opening day!

chatuchak singapore - roti and chachak

The first stall that tickled my curiosity was Roti & Chachak by Kobkhun Satun. Besides selling an assortment of roti like Eggs Roti (S$4) and Banana Roti (S$7), what won us over was the tea-pulling performance by the vendor.

chatuchak singapore - teh tarik ma

He stretched both the metal jugs so far apart that I was afraid the tea would spill, but I was wrong— not even a drop was lost. Respect! He even spun in circles while pulling the tea, like a seasoned performer.

chatuchak singapore - teh tarik closeup

The Teh Tarik (S$5) was robust in flavour, aromatic and perfectly sweetened. It immediately cooled us down under the sweltering heat of the afternoon sun.

We also tried the Thai Coconut Waffle stall. It had options like Coconut Waffle (S$5) and Foi Thong Waffle (S$5) (orange coconut). We finally settled for the Corn Coconut Waffle (S$5).

20210929160845 IMG 5180

chatuchak singapore - thai coconut waffle closeup

It was cut up into smaller pieces for us— super convenient! The waffle was satisfyingly chewy with juicy corn kernels hiding within, with a filling that almost resembled nian gao. We loved it!

It was time for savoury food, and we spotted Wizard Family which sells dishes like Garlic Prawn with Rice (S$8) and Prawn Vermicelli Salad (S$15).

chatuchak singapore - wizard family

chatuchak singapore - mama noodles

We ordered the Yum Mama Seafood (S$8), which was stir-fried Mama noodles with prawns, squid, crabstick and vegetables . I swear my colleagues’ (Gillian, Rachel and Joshua) faces lit up as the tangy and spicy flavours of the noodles were super shiok!

chatuchak singapore - scallops

2 Ninja 1 Fat Pig sells grilled seafood like Ayutthaya Giant River Prawn in flavours like Original (S$10.90) and Cheese (S$12.90). We went for the Japanese Grilled Jumbo Scallops (S$10 for 3) instead. We asked for a combination of flavours (garlic butter and cheese). The meat was fresh and plump, and it was topped with tobiko and seaweed.

chatuchak singapore - drinks

We also got this Insta-worthy Bubblegum Thai 3 Layer Drink from Yum Cha.Sg. It looks pretty in pictures, but the flavours were a little too artificial.

chatuchak singapore - marshmellow

Be sure to check out a Singaporean-based vendor called Chonkymallows. We were blown away by their loaded marshmallows like Birthday Cake and Smores (S$8 each). I want them at every pasar malam!

chatuchak singapore - detergent

I also chanced upon Feel Good (run by a local couple) which sells fragrance beads for laundry and diffusers using plant-based ingredients.

chatuchak singapore - shopping

You can also explore other retail shops selling loads of unisex clothes as well as other accessories at the Chatuchak Night Market.

chatuchak singapore - thai massage

To end off your market exploration in true Thai style, get a fuss-free massage done at Original Thai Massage. Gillian and I tried the Shoulder Massage (S$15 for 10 mins) and it really transported me back to Bangkok!

What are you waiting for? Experience the Chatuchak Night Market right here at The Grandstand. This certainly not one to be missed.

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Chatuchak Night Market

200 Turf Club Road, The Grandstand, South Carpark, Singapore 287994

Chatuchak Night Market

200 Turf Club Road, The Grandstand, South Carpark, Singapore 287994

Operating Hours: 4pm - 10pm (Tue to Sun), Closed on Mon

Operating Hours: 4pm - 10pm (Tue to Sun), Closed on Mon