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Looking for cheap hotels in Singapore? You can do just that with the HotelQuickly app, but there’s a catch – it’s only for last minute hotel bookings. However, bookings can be on average 28% cheaper, and there is a potential to be even cheaper if you have friends redeem your promo code.

I’ll explain more on that later, but first, how does the app work?

hotelquickly cheap last minute hotel singapore

How Do I Book Cheap Hotels in Singapore with this App?

Basically after you download the HotelQuickly mobile app and create an account, you can make online bookings via the app and pay using credit card or paypal. It’s pretty straightforward.

The uncertainty however, is that you can only book hotels 1 day in advance, or on the day itself as these hotels are basically having a sale for these last minute unfilled rooms. It makes a lot of business sense both ways though; the hotel might as well clear its rooms at a cheaper price since no one is booking it, while the consumer gets cheaper rooms. Its a fixed cost to the hotel anyway and vacant rooms just means lost business.

So if you want to book a cheap room through HotelQuickly, you can only do it the earliest 1 day before. The number of days you can stay is limited too, ranging from 2 to 5 nights max per hotel.

Oh and the range of hotels in Singapore are pretty diverse, from boutique hotels to 5 star luxury hotels as well.

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Obviously, I wouldn’t be recommending this app unless I’ve used it before. Here, I decided to take a staycation on friday but I was quite flexible with which hotel.

Looking through the deals of the day, I ended up booking Hotel Clover, which is a pretty affordable and quaint little boutique hotel. Online booking through the app is fuss-free and probably took only 5 minutes. What made the deal sweeter is that I had a $30 SGD discount from redeeming a promo code from my friend – I’ll tell you how to do that later on.

hotel clover-2387

After booking, just print out the email confirmation and remember to bring your ID and credit card for verification. Actually you probably don’t even need the printout, just mention your name at the front desk and they can look up your booking.

Do note that the hotel will require both your physical ID and your guest’s ID if you’re staying with someone.

hotel clover-2389

The room at Hotel Clover small, cosy but comforting enough for a small escape. The neighborhood also has many interesting cafes in the area. Hotel Clover’s amenities could be improved though, like at least providing guests with ice.

Most of the hotel deals don’t include breakfast, but some of the better ones DO provide breakfast and full facilities like the pool and gym. This really depends on what standard of hotel you’re booking at.

Participating hotels with HotelQuickly include Pan Pacific, Ritz Carlton, Fullerton, Raffles Hotel and pretty much every other major luxury 5-star brand.

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Get $30 SGD Discount Off Your First HotelQuickly booking with Promo Code ‘SLUID’

So let’s get you started on this free app with a $30 SGD credit shall we?

*Note that the credit given has been adjusted to $25 due to USD to SGD exchange rate.

After downloading the HotelQuickly app for the first time, just go to CREDITS > REDEEM and use my promo code ‘SLUID’ to get $30 SGD credited free into your first hotel booking. It’s free so just try downloading it risk free 🙂

hotelquickly discount code singapore cheap hotel

After you download the app, you will also receive your own Personal Invite Code as well under Free Nights that you can ask your friends to use.

Once a friend enters your Invite Code, you get $2 FREE credited into your app. If that same friend makes a booking, you will receive an additional $30 SGD FREE too. With enough friends booking, you might even accumulate enough points to book a room free!

Oh yea, after your first booking, you get a 4% silver member discount.

After 5 bookings within the year, you become Gold which gives 6% discount on top of your next booking. At 10 bookings a year, you become a Platinum member with 8% discount.

This is a great app for getting cheap hotel deals in Singapore (and many other Asia Pacific countries) if you aren’t too fussy about which hotel you want to stay at. It is 100% guaranteed there will be at least a mix of boutique and luxury hotels on the day you want to book, so don’t worry too much about not being able to book a hotel last minute.

My only complaint so far is that the app seems to load quite slowly sometimes.

It’s also great for if you… somehow require a hotel last minute, perhaps if you’re too drunk to drive home? Regardless of the situation, for hotel junkies like myself, HotelQuickly is an amazing app to have.

Download the HotelQuickly app today on Google Play or iTunes.

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