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15 Cheapest Happy Hour Beer Bars In Singapore You Can Get Drunk On

Last Updated: August 1, 2019

Written by Yiyang Teo

cheap beer happy hour singapore

The age of narcissism has not been too kind to us city drinkers. Considering that Singapore, following a 2014 tax hike, has gloriously been crowned the country selling the most expensive alcohol, it would seem logical for most alcoholics to cease exorbitant bar-drinking and accept the tragic reality by joining the ranks of merrily drunken proles of our neighbourhood coffeeshops.

Somehow or other, perhaps for the need to peacock at fancy establishments and binge on pints of bespoke beers as if we were progenies of Dionysus, chasing the best Happy Hour remains a valiant endeavour.

Happy Hour on this haughty island, however, does come in a kaleidoscope of smirks and sneers always ready to bamboozle the p’s and q’s out of the intoxicated. It truly is sad. Beer, the drunkard’s afternoon delight, should be cheap!

But there’s no need to get all too outraged and risk facing public prosecution. In the hopes that draught beer lovers can economically sustain their bar debauchery, we gleefully unveil these 15 bars pitching what we perceive to be the best Happy Hours:

1. 1 Tyrwhitt Bistro & Bar


1 Tyrwhitt Bistro & Bar is all about great prices for pizza, pasta, beers and many more. Indeed, the happy hours here occupy most of the restaurant’s opening hours, offering great discounts on beers with 1-for-1 from 11.30am until 9pm. While it may be that the food is cheap, expect nothing less of the food quality as it is thankfully not compromised!

Happy Hour: 11.30am – 9pm daily

Address: 1 Tyrwhitt Road, Singapore 207522 | Tel:6341 5167 | Website

2. Loof

Loof cheap beer singapore

Photo: xeraphina.wordpress

There is said to be “always room at the top” at this time-honoured rooftop bar of Odeon Towers at Bugis. If you’ve seen the likes of clubs running Halloween events, you would be convinced that you’ll always have ample space to wine and dine at Loof, which runs on a Southeast-Asian-inspired bar menu.

Asahi Super Dry, Tetley’s English Ale, and Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc are the draught beers available here that go for $10++ per pint during happy hour.

Happy hour: 5 – 8pm

Address: Odeon Towers, 331 North Bridge Road #03-07, Singapore 188720

3. The Cider Pit

Cider Pit cheap beer singapore

Photo: Liveinstyle.com

Few bars are as unpretentious as the all-things-nett home of The Cider Pit that is situated along the shophouse galore of Joo Chiat Road and just a few doors down from affiliated business East of Avalon Wines. With over 50 imported beers and ciders you may never before have laid eyes on from the UK, you will be treated to a menu like no other.

6 draught craft beers, two of which being Badger Hopping Hare and Weston’s Rosie Pig, are consistently priced at $5 Nett a half-pint and $10 Nett a pint at The Cider Pit.

Happy hour: All day, everyday

Address: 328 Joo Chiat Road #01-03, Singapore 427585

4. Alley Bar

Alley Bar cheap happy hour singapore

Photo: Flickr

The dark allure of Alley Bar might be that it used to be an alley, but since Peranakan Place converted it into a cozy and affordable bar, Alley Bar has sure seen its fair share of patrons and online features together with the cognate Acid Bar.

Prices have gradually risen but still presently acceptable when the hour is happy, at $10.90++ for a Pint of Heineken or Erdinger (dark/white) and $12++ for a Guinness on tap.

Happy hour: 5pm – 9pm

Address: Peranakan Place, 180 Orchard Road, Singapore 238846

5. Idle- bar. lounge. bistro

Idle restaurant dempsey

Dempsey, having been known for its opulence and exclusivity, now finds a new and alternative image with the greenery-facing Idle that has all the features of a mini Thai disco. Apart from its popular mookata, a liquid buffet is available here nightly to serve drunkards looking to beat the system.

Priced at $33+ for guys and $28+ for ladies, this incredible all you can drink deal offers an unlimited flow of housepours and beer, but only 1 beer – the Indian gangbuster Kingfisher – is eligible for the buffet. While the Kingfisher is dispensed from cans and not the tap, the crux of the event is to go the distance. So if you have 5 pints, for instance, you would be paying approximately $7 per serving. Idle also sells a pretty decent mookata by the way.

Happy hour: 7pm – late

Address: 16A Dempsey Road

6. Lobby at 9

Lobby at 9 cheap happy hour singapore

In the same vein of heavier drinking at a light investment, taking over Old Town White Coffee near the bustling food street across Beauty World Plaza is this fairly undiscovered bar to date. Lobby at 9, which features a 30% daily lunch discount, is opened by the owner of Five Drunken Rabbits.

What is offered here at happy hour that is practically all-day is a stupefying 1-for-1 on all their 4 draught beers, beginning at $14++ for a Heineken pint  (essentially $7++ per pint). Guinness, Erdinger, and Kirin complete the row of taps. It is possible that you’ll be denied half-pints here, so only visit with lavish intent.

Happy hour: 11am – 1am (Mondays to Thursdays) | 11am – 9pm (Fridays to Sundays)

Address: 9 Yuk Tong Avenue, Chun Tin Road, Singapore 596314

7. Prince of Wales

Prince of Wales cheap beer singapore

Photo: Hostel Times

Established in 2004, the Australian-styled pub has chosen 2 idyllic same-same-but-different locations in Little India and Boat Quay that will certainly be comforting for backpackers wishing to stay in culturally-rich areas. On top of being a standard bar with the attached hostel, Prince of Wales often is playing grounds for up-and-coming local indie bands, so expect to run into some noise every once in a while.

On tap by the pint, PoW presents craft beers such as Speights Gold Medal Ale and Pure Blonde Lager for the happy hour price of $11.50 Nett.

There’s also a new promotion going at $15 for 3 beers, while you can get 6 shooters/spirits/martinis for just $36.

Happy hour: 4pm to 9pm from Monday to Thursday ; 3pm to 9pm from Friday to Sunday.

Address: 101 Dunlop Street, Singapore 209420 | Other branch at Boat Quay

8. Ice Cold Beer

cheap happy hour singapore Ice Cold Beer

Photo: Asia Bar

At Ice Cold Beer opened in Emerald Hill, a custom-made ice tank ensures the bottled beer you are served is at the optimal, eponymous ice-cold temperature. Challenges to win yourself free beer similar to Fastest Fingers First, as well as the standard bar games of pool and darts, are some of the additional perks of the bar that plays host to many college students seeking academic respite in the day.

During happy hour, be entitled to deals like $11 Nett per pint of Hoegaarden and $23 per jug of Stella Artois.

Happy hour: 5pm – 9pm (Emerald Hill)

Address: 9 Emerald Hill Road, Singapore 229293

9. Tanuki Raw

cheap beer singapore tanuki raw bar

Photo: Tanuki Raw Facebook

Tanuki’s fame is predicated on its happy hour that extends to fresh oysters, sashimi, cocktails, martinis and beer. In fact, when its oysters were only going for $1 each in the past, it is fabled that the restaurant was tanking a loss that it prayed would be compensated from the slew of drink orders. From the looks of it, that has certainly paid off.

Over here, $10 Nett during happy hour will get you either a Heineken and Guinness pint. Might be shocking to learn, like a couple of the listed bars, that the bill here is absent service tax or GST.

ChopeDeals: Save 10% at Tanuki Raw (National Design Centre)>

Happy hour: 5pm – 8pm

Address: 181 Orchard Road #02-03, Orchard Central, Singapore 238896

10. Octapas Spanish Tapas Bar

Octapas cheap happy hour singapore

This convivial Spanish tapas bar in Clarke Quay promises to seduce its patrons with a highly sanguine interior and an energetic staff emblematic of its ancestry. A bevy of Sangrias aside from housepours, wines, and beer will comfortably set you up for the frequent gigs in Octapas.

Happy hour here is a generous 50% on Heineken and Tiger pints that each goes for $7.75++.

Happy hour: 12pm – 8pm

Address: Block D River Valley Rd, Clarke Quay #01-08, Singapore 179023

11. Here & There

Here & There cheap beer singapore

Kushiyaki bar Here & There at CHIJMES is part of Perennial Group’s remake of the 159-year old monument. While you get to lounge amid some lovely flora, there won’t be any other bar in the country with a shorter happy hour than what is offered here, which might be a problem if you were searching for a cheap and quiet place for your next Tinder date.

Otherwise, the beers and stouts it has on tap – Guinness, Kilkenny, Heineken, and Erdinger – are available for just $5++ per half pint, or $10++ per pint, during a limited 1 hour. There’s still a regular happy hour till 8pm though, but not as enticing.

Happy hour: 12 – 8 pm | $5++ half pint from 5 – 6pm

Address: CHIJMES, 30 Victoria Street, #01-11/12/13/18, Singapore 187996

12. Stew Küche

Stew Kuche cheap beer singapore

Photo: phuachiuyen.wordpress.com

Coffeeshop-placed Stew Küche is one German stall among several others peddling European and American cuisines. While hardly the most iconic place to be seen at, Salüt Coffeeshop, where Stew Küche operates, is part of a growing local concept of hawker bars. Besides pork knuckles and sausages, the German outlet also offers a delicious plethora of local, Belgian, and German craft beers.

Get a pint of Archipelago or Schneider-Weisse at $10 Nett and $11 Nett respectively, all day (but not every day).

Happy hour: All day, everyday

Address: 119 Bukit Merah Lane 1, #01-40, Singapore 151119

13. District 10

beer happy hour district 10 singpaore

Aside from a Medan outlet, District 10 has opened in 3 areas with similar 1-for-1 happy hour deals that we will expound on. It is useful to note that short of happy hour, everything is pretty pricey.

Bottled Asahi and Kronenbourg 1664 go for $12++ each at the Clarke Quay branch, but on happy hour it’s one-for-one or $6++ a bottle.

At the original UE Square outlet and Star Vista, a 1-for-1 pint of the same Asahi and Kronenbourg 1664 is respectively priced at $17.50++ and $18.90++, effectively working out to be $8.75++ per pint of Asahi.

ChopeDeals: Save 30% at District 10 (UE Square)>

Happy hour: 11am – 8pm daily

Address : The Star Vista , 1 Vista Exchange Green #01-42/K3 Singapore 138617 | Other branches at UE Square Shopping Mall, River Valley Road

14. Cuscaden Patio & Chips Pub

cuscaden-patio-pub beer happy hour singapore

Photo: aimakan.wordpress.com

Cuscadan Patio & Chips pub is a bit on the dodgy side when you step inside the basement of Ming Arcard, but the prices match its image.

This bare bones dive bar doesn’t exactly have a happy hour as the beer is just cheap all around (bucket deals for $30, $18 jugs), but on Tuesdays a jug of San Miguel goes for just $12. And this ain’t no tiny jug, it’s a 1.5-litre big boy.

Happy hour: Daily, with Tuesday being Happiest

Address: 21 Cuscaden Road, Ming Arcade, #B1-111 =, Singapore 249720

15. Five Izakaya

Five Izakaya cheapest alcohol singapore

Photo: Asia-Bars.com

When discussing local cheap beer deals, it is difficult to miss out Five Izakaya that was widely known to serve most alcohol at $5 and now has 4 outlets.

$5++ Half-pint Asahi draught beer is the essential unique selling proposition, and a bucket of 5 bottles is available for $35++. In view of its big name, getting a seat here might prove to be really challenging, hence we implore you to visit early.

Happy hour: All day, everyday

Address : 16 Collyer Quay, Singapore 049318 | Other branches at Cuppage Terrace, Changi City Point, Maxwell Chambers.


Editor’s end notes

We hope to have ignited in you a burning desire to hunt down these cheap happy hour beers, and to also share with us should you know of any more heavenly deals. Also, do share with us where else we can go for cheap beer, we’re always on the lookout!

As one impassioned Jonathan Goldsmith says: Stay thirsty, my friends.

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