Chef Goo opens 2nd stall at Alexandra Village Food Centre selling Milo Dinosaur Appam & Red Sea Prawn Vadai

There has been quite a number of up-and-coming stalls these few days. Maybe it could be the fact that we are easing back to normal post-pandemic, and more and more creative ideas surface.

Chef Goo should be a familiar name to some of you. He helms Red Sea Prawns Fried Hokkien Mee at Alexandra Village Food Centre— a popular gathering ground for various food fare. Now, he opened another stall specialising in unique Indian delicacies located at the stretch behind his first stall.

Chef Goo 1

What caught my attention was the long list of vadai, appam and putu mayam flavours. I was never one to indulge in Indian cuisine often, but these savoury fried snacks are very easy to eat.

Before this, Chef Goo was also known as Johnson Goo— a limousine taxi-driver. He made the switch to the F&B scene shortly after Singapore was hit by the Covid-19 pandemic. Since then, his business has been booming by serving Singaporeans seafood-centric foods.

Chef Goo 2

Clearly, his talents have no limits. The dish is typically made with potatoes or legumes like urad dal, while the addition of peas, spices or vegetables is to improve the taste of the filling. Then, they will proceed to season it with different ingredients and fry it into a fritter with crispy skin on the outside and a soft pillow-like centre.

The exciting part is how Chef Goo manages to come up with variations such as Red Sea Prawn Vadai, Oyster Peanut Vadai, Crab Sticks Vadai (for all you crab stick lovers) and many more for an affordable price of S$2 for 1. If you’re purchasing multiple vadai, you can also enjoy 3 for S$5! I love cheap thrills.

Chef Goo 3

Apart from that, he has a spectrum of interesting Appam and Putu Payam offerings. From Milo Dinosaur, Chicken Floss to Cheese Mayo, his selection includes trendy flavours that cater to many.

If you’re thinking of ordering milo dinosaur by the nearby drink store, forget about it! Try out his version instead and let me know what you think.

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Chef Goo

120 Bukit Merah Lane 1, Alexandra Village Food Centre, #01-44, Singapore

Chef Goo

120 Bukit Merah Lane 1, Alexandra Village Food Centre, #01-44, Singapore

Operating Hours: 9am - 5pm (Daily)

Operating Hours: 9am - 5pm (Daily)