Chinese zodiac food guide: What food to eat for a ‘huat’ 2021

As PM Lee mentioned, “next year will be better than this year…”. To further ensure all things go smoothly in 2021, the professionals from Way Fengshui have helped us compile a lucky food guide of what food to eat based on your Chinese Zodiac.

Since ancient times, the Five Elements theory—a life philosophy for the Chinese—has been used to describe interactions and relationships between all things in existence.

The Five Elements—Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water—are believed to be the fundamental elements of everything in the universe between which interactions occur. This includes time, environment, and even the food that you eat. By using the Five Elements theory, we can make better decisions to get optimal benefits.

In this article, we are going to use The Five Elements matched with individual Chinese Zodiac signs to recommend foods that you should be eating to help you prosper and be overwhelmingly abundant in the lunar year of 2021. Remember, health equals wealth and honestly, with the shipwreck year 2020 has been, a little more luck through eating can’t hurt.

Foods to eat for Zodiac signs in 2021

Year of the Rat

Picture of rat zodiac, bulb of garlic, and banana
Credit: Way Fengshui

Due to the effects of the Illness Star, you should prioritise your health this year. From time to time, you may feel unwell and easily distracted. In addition, your workload and pressure will increase, causing you to be physically and mentally exhausted. Rest more, take supplements appropriately, and pay attention to regular work-rest cycles. When you are feeling unwell, remember to wear a mask and maintain good hygiene.

This year, your auspicious colours are black, blue, white and gold, which correspond to the water and metal elements. Hence, do eat more foods that are of these elements, such as garlic, cauliflower, bananas, black beans, seaweed, and grapes, to boost your health and luck in 2021.

Year of the Ox

Picture of Ox zodiac, brinjal, and button mushrooms
Credit: Way Fengshui

Your biggest health challenge this year is your mental state. With mounting stress, it’ll inevitably affect your body. Paranoia will also lead to excessive worries about your physical health, making you spend unnecessarily to get peace of mind. Keep the famous Bruce Lee’s quote in mind, “Be water, my friend”.

Exercising regularly can keep your mind off negative thoughts, but remember that moderation is key. Watch your diet, avoid stress eating, and be mindful of what you are putting into your precious body.

Coincidentally, your auspicious colours are of the Water element as well; namely black and blue. For better luck and health, you may consider food of the water element, such as black rice, pork, eggplant, black olives, seaweed and mushrooms.

Year of the Tiger

Picture of Tiger zodiac, corn on cob and apples
Credit: Way Fengshui

This year, you’ll enjoy relatively good health. With work-life balance and regular exercising, you should enjoy a positive physical and mental state. Nonetheless, that does not mean that you can start bingeing. Pay attention to your work hours and avoid prolonged usage of electronics. Otherwise, your vision will be affected. Also, be wary of sharp objects, as injuries can happen when you least expect them to.

Your lucky colours for the year are yellow, brown, red and orange – representative of the earth and fire elements. The corresponding elemental foods include corn, pumpkin, pineapples, chicken, apples, and chillies. If you cannot resist midnight snacks, choose healthier options such as strawberries, cherries or carrot sticks.

Year of the Rabbit

Picture of rabbit zodiac, cucumber, and yellow bell peppers
Credit: Way Fengshui

The existence of the Disaster Star will inevitably cause some health and safety concerns along the way. In your daily life, be more aware of your surroundings.
Staying focused is key, and keeping a lighter diet can help.

Representing the wood and earth elements that are beneficial for you this year, these foods, as well as the colours green, yellow and brown, can help to enhance your health and luck. Stay cautious, and if you feel any discomfort, seek medical treatment in a timely manner.

Take more vegetables and fruits, such as cucumber, leek, yellow capsicum, broccoli, pineapple and corn. If you are a meat lover, choose mutton and beef, but do take in moderation.

Year of the Dragon

Picture of Dragon zodiac, kiwi fruit, and sliced ginger
Credit: Way Fengshui

Dealing with colleagues and entertaining clients daily will drain your energy, and sickness and accidents may come knocking at your door too. Take note of your mental health and keep moderation in mind. To stay alert, do take regular meals and avoid overeating.

Temptations are everywhere, so do your best to resist them. While being busy is a good thing, it is important to take regular breaks and meals.

This year, your auspicious colours are green, white and gold of the wood and metal elements. Food to eat for the Dragon babies include spinach, kiwi, asparagus, tofu, onions, and fresh ginger. For those with a sweet tooth, the pear with white fungus cooling dessert is recommended.

Year of the Snake

Picture of snake zodiac, almonds, and Chinese yam
Credit: Way Fengshui

As you tend to spend most of your time on work and other people, you may overlook your own well-being, causing your body to protest and minor illnesses could develop into something more severe. Treat yourself better with some healthy comfort food such as milk or strawberries.

Activities such as listening to music, reading, or going for walks can allow your mind and stomach to rest and help to gradually regain your physical and mental health.

This year, your auspicious colours are those of the fire and metal elements: red, orange, white and gold. Eat food from the corresponding elements to help enhance your luck, such as cranberries, tomatoes, red onion, almond, mushroom, and Chinese yam.

Year of the Horse

Picture of horse zodiac, rosemary, and lemons
Credit: Way Fengshui

While there are no major health concerns this year, work pressure may lead you to develop poor eating habits, which can harm your digestive system. Hence, do remember to take regular meals.

This year, you are prone to ailments. Pay special attention to your heart, skin and eyes. You should seek medical advice immediately if you feel unwell. Remember, your body is your most precious asset. Sacrificing health for work is never worth it.

Food to eat of the wood and earth elements, such as spinach, beef, rosemary, pumpkin, potato, and lemon, are recommended. You may also consider drinking matcha tea regularly to cleanse your palate. Your lucky colours are green, yellow and brown.

Year of the Goat

Picture of goat zodiac, papaya, and red chillies
Credit: Way Fengshui

Your health is okay this year, but pay attention to your immune system and remember to take your flu shot. Eat healthy and exercise regularly. Taking them in moderation can help to boost your health and luck.

Prior to exercises, remember to warm-up and pay attention to your legs and feet as they may be prone to injuries. Also, watch for accidents when you are out and about. Being impulsive and stubborn can cause unnecessary accidents. Keep calm and obey traffic rules when driving. When crossing the road, stay focused to keep yourself safe.

This year, your auspicious colours are red and orange, which correspond to the fire element. Some foods of this element include tomatoes, red onion, chicken, chillies, papaya, and strawberries.

Year of the Monkey

Picture of monkey zodiac, black fungus and soya bean
Credit: Way Fengshui

Health is our greatest wealth. Having experienced so much, you know that career success and wealth are important, but without health, everything is meaningless. If the nature of your job is sedentary, be sure to watch for spine and waist problems. Try to move around once every two hours to promote blood circulation.

Those who do not like sports should at least keep your body moving to avoid cervical and spinal problems. This year, your lucky colours are blue, black, yellow and brown, which corresponds to the water and earth elements. You may consider eating more foods of these elements which include: black fungus, salted vegetables, black sesame, bread, sweet potato, and soybeans.

Year of the Rooster

Picture of Rooster zodiac, pear, and bowl of rice
Credit: Way Fengshui

With unlucky stars ambushing you from the dark, your health could be implicated this year. Your mind will be preoccupied and stressed, and your tendency to hide your feelings adds to the pressure. Consider donating blood or visiting your dentist to help neutralise the influence of the bloodshed star. Should you require surgery, select an auspicious date for the procedure.

While eating can provide comfort, you must not overeat. Choose foods of the metal and earth elements to boost your luck. Some examples are almond, banana, pears, rice, bread, and cheese. Also, you can consider donning your lucky colours for lunar 2021, namely white, gold, yellow and brown.

Year of the Dog

Picture of dog zodiac, plums, and red tomatoes
Credit: Way Fengshui

2021 will be a smooth sailing year with no major health problems. However, your body could show signs of weariness if you let work stress overwhelm you. Many illnesses can arise from stress. To combat stress, make sure you are sleeping and eating well. For those of you who like to stay home, make sure you schedule time for exercise in your daily routine. Turn your attention away from unsolvable problems and focus on the ones you can solve.

Food of the wood and fire elements are recommended in your diet. Foods to eat in 2021 include green papaya, plum, spinach, red onion, tomatoes and cherries. The corresponding colours of these elements – green, red and orange – are your lucky colours this year.

Year of the Pig

Picture of pig zodiac, bunch of asparagus, black kidney beans
Credit: Way Fengshui

As this will be an exhausting year for you, try your best to get adequate rest and maintain regular exercise. From time to time, you will find yourself in a state of restlessness, which may affect the harmony of your family. Why not order or prepare some nice food to share instead?

This year, your lucky colours are blue, black and green, which corresponds to the water and wood elements. You’re encouraged to take food of these elements to better enhance your luck. Some examples are black beans, seaweed, pork, asparagus, thyme, and spinach.

If you’re preparing a meal for your household, check out the recommended foods based on the Chinese Zodiac signs of your family members so that all of you can huat together!

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