CocoCane: The Newest Lovechild of Coconut And Sugarcane


Yay to Woodlanders!

Here is a healthy drink option for you. Conveniently located in between the MRT and Bus interchange, CocoCane, as the name suggests, specialises in Coconut and Sugarcane juice.

CocoCane’s menu offers a whole list of coconut, sugarcane and related desserts of varying choices. You can choose from the fixed creations of DIY with your desired toppings.

So why CocoCane?

CocoCane starts off with the intention that it can provide a good alternative to the many sugary drinks on the market. Seeing that there is only about one in three stalls selling healthy drinks option, CocoCane aims to bring a healthier lifestyle to consumers and to cater to the health-conscious as well.

CocoCane’s sugarcane juice is 100% pure with no added sugar nor is it soaked in water or sugar syrup.

The coconut juice too, is 100% pure, with no added sugar or water. The flesh is scrapped into smaller pieces for easy eating.


As for their specialty, the CocoCane ($3 medium, $3.90 large) drink is a mixture of coconut water and sugarcane juice, very refreshing and thirst quenching.

What’s recommended is the Vita C Boost with CocoCane ($4.30 medium, $5.40 large) which comprises of coconut water, sugarcane juice, freshly squeezed orange and lemon. This is not only rich in vitamin C but also freshly made in house.

For those who are avid fans of ice cold chilly drinks, try the Coconut Snowshake with varieties such as the Lychee Refresh ($5.50) and Tropical Banana ($5.50).


For desserts, you can opt for the Thai Style Coconut Ice Cream ($4.90) or the Mix and Match ($4.90) where you can choose two flavours  (coconut ice cream/sorbet, yam, double chocolate, banana walnut and mango), and three kinds of toppings such as lychee, Nata de Coco, aloe vera, cornflakes and so on.


I had the Coconut sorbet with Nata de Coco, grass jelly and added on a topping of aloe vera for $0.20. Psst, there’s slices of coconut flesh. It was an enjoyable dessert, one of which is worth ‘snacking’ on all day err day.


Going by the belief that hydration is important, why not up the notch further by having something that contains actual nutrients and vitamins, CocoCane has it covered for us with their wide range of healthy drinks. Surely, a small step to a healthier lifestyle is all we need to kickstart the habit, right?

Expected Damage: $2 onwards

CocoCane | 30 Woodlands Ave 2, Singapore 738343 | Daily 10AM-10PM | Website