Corner Burger: Affordable Hawker Burger Joint At East Coast Road That Doesn’t Cut Corners

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Corner Burger serves up cafe-style burgers at Western hawker stall prices — it’s perfect for those who want to have higher quality Western food without spending too much. You can find burgers from as cheap as $4 here!

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Corner Burger is located along East Coast Road, in Brunners Coffeeshop. It is a little far from any MRT station, but worth a visit if you are already headed to the Katong area.

We visited them twice before only to find that they had run out of buns for the burgers. Making the journey to the East only to find that you’re not able to get the food you wanted for two times in a row… is a serious downer.

To avoid being disappointed like we were, drop by in the evenings after 6pm, by which time they would have finished baking a fresh set of buns. You can also attempt to reach them at +65 9736 7264 like we tried, but no guarantees that they will pick up.

Though the service was disappointing in this regard, the food is still worth a visit if you are nearby and do not know what to have for dinner.

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Besides classic Western burgers, Corner Burger also serves burgers with more local and Asian influences, such as the Canteen Burger ($4) and the “Nan Ru” Tonkatsu Burger ($8). If you’re not feeling burgers, you can also help yourself to other classics like the Pork Chop ($8) or Tiger Beer Fish & Chips ($8).

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We decided to go with the Breakfast Burger ($7) as well as the Wagyu Beef & Cheese Burger ($13). And I’ll say it right now: Buy the Breakfast Burger. It is the perfect thing to get for breakfast, brunch, or heck, even dinner.

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The Breakfast Burger ($7) is a tall stack of toasted buns, a hash brown, fried luncheon meat, crispy bacon, and a sunny side up egg; all of which are sitting on a bed of thick and seasoned straight-cut fries.

If that doesn’t sound like a heart attack – I mean, a hearty, indulgent meal… Then I don’t know what is. This burger does not include any cheese and I’m glad it doesn’t, because the runny egg yolk coats the rest of the ingredients as you take a bite, which really makes the dish come together.

I couldn’t get enough of the Breakfast Burger because the combination of the meat, hash brown, and egg really was amazing. However, I found the buns to be overly buttery, and even felt a little nauseous at the end of the meal.

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The next burger we tried was the Wagyu Beef & Cheese Burger ($13). I thought this would be my favourite, but I’m sad to say that the beef was bland and retained a lot of water, probably because it was stored frozen.

Eating the burger was also incredibly messy for me. I normally don’t mind messes and I love a juicy burger as much as the next guy, but this burger just was just greasy and seemed to leak a lot of fluids. I say fluids as it was not just the meat juices that oozed out, but also a lot of water content.

I think this dish could have been saved if the patty was seasoned with more salt, and if the meat was properly thawed before cooking.

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I wouldn’t order the Wagyu Beef & Cheese Burger again if I return to Corner Burger, but I am definitely up for the Breakfast Burger once more… if they can tone down on the butter a little bit!

Expected damage: $4 – $13 per pax

Corner Burger: Shaw Towers, 100 Beach Road, Singapore 189702| Opening Hours: (Tue to Sun) 8.30am – 2.30pm, 6pm – 9pm; Closed on Mondays | Tel: +65 9736 7264 | Facebook

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