Coucou Hotpot.Brew Tea 湊湊火鍋 to open 2nd outlet in Jewel Changi Airport on 15 April 2022

Yes, folks, you read that right. The well-known Taiwanese hotpot brand, Coucou Hotpot.Brew Tea 湊湊火鍋, will officially be opening its second outlet in Jewel Changi Airport on 30 April 2022!

Image of suntec city's outlet

If you haven’t heard of them, today’s your lucky day. Founded in 2016, the restaurant specialises in Taiwanese-style hotpot and bubble tea— which is a tasty combination, if you ask me.

Coucou is also extremely popular with over 200 outlets spanning across Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong, and according to their Facebook page, is known as an “online celebrity hot pot restaurant”, leaving us to decipher what that actually means.

Image of promotional poster

If you can’t wait till the 30th, a quick look on their social media pages showed that their Jewel outlet will be soft opening on 15 April 2022, and reservations can only be made via Chope. However, due to some delays, only the Suntec City outlet is available online (for now).

Image of three-in-one hotpot

Another thing they are known for is their Three-in-One Soup Pot. And while their Suntec City outlet has four private rooms to host the special pot, their Jewel outlet will only have one. Which is considerably strange, if you ask me.

Chope Reservations

Three-in-one soup pot mystery aside, at Coucou, diners can look forward to six soup bases: Taiwan Style SpicyFish with Sichuan PicklesSichuan Style SpicyBovine Bone with TomatoFresh Mushrooms, and Coconut Chicken. The Taiwan Style Spicy soup base will set you back at S$28.90 for a twin pot and S$39.90 for a single pot.

Image of bubble tea

Oh, I almost forgot, they also have Bubble Tea (from S$3.60). Over here, their Bubble Tea comes in a supersized mug, loaded with heaps of pearls! Cool stuff.

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