Ultimate COVID-19 Guide To Online Grocery Shopping

In the midst of the COVID-19 situation, we want to ensure we do our best to flatten the curve as much as possible. One way to do that is to minimise going out and practise social distancing.

However, we still need our daily groceries to keep ourselves satiated and healthy. The beauty of the Internet is that you can get literally everything all within a couple of clicks. To make things even easier for you, we have compiled a guide to online grocery shopping so you can still get what you need but stay in the safety of your homes. Plus, you get the ingredients you need to try some of our stay-home recipes.

Also, this is also a great way to help elderly relatives get what they need without risking their health. The Internet does come through for us sometimes.

We’ve categorised our guide based on the types of goods sold by each brand. For each section, we’ll feature a few of the more prominent ones, and list the rest in point form for easy reading and reference. We’ll even throw in a table at the end of the article, just in case those visuals appeal to you more. Without further ado, here is a list of online groceries to optimise your stay-at-home time.

—Fresh Produce—

1. The Seafood Market Place by Song Fish

Online Grocery Covid 19 3

For everything under the sea and unbelievably fresh, The Seafood Market Place is where you’ll get the freshest catch. From Whole Barramundi (S$8.80) to Japan Scallop (S$18, 400gm), the sea’s the limit with The Seafood Market Place.

The Seafood Market Place: Website

2. Quan Fa Organic

Online Grocery Covid 19 4

Quan Fa Organic Farm specialises in ecological agrarian methods of farming without pesticides and fertilisers. So you know you’ll be feasting on the freshest that Quan Fa Organic has to offer.

Plus, all their harvesting and packaging is done in the morning, and it doesn’t get fresher than that.

Quan Fa Organic Farm: Website

Looking for even more variety? Check out these five other websites for fresh produce delivery. Let your inner Master Chef come to life!

—Daily Groceries—

1. NTUC FairPrice

Online Grocery Covid 19 1

Good ole reliable, NTUC FairPrice has everything you need. From cleaning supplies to daily necessities, FairPrice has it all. But remember, only shop for items that you need.  Now that they are ramping up their delivery slots, you don’t have to worry about not getting your essentials on time.

NTUC FairPrice: Website

2. RedMart

Redmart Lazada Singapore Mar 2020 Online

When Fairprice doesn’t have all your favourite brands, RedMart is the next place to look for. With an extensive selection of goods, there is no need to leave the house unnecessarily.

RedMart: Website

If both of these sites aren’t cutting it for you, browse any of the other eight brands below. Some stock more eclectic goods than others, so take your pick.

—Halal Groceries—

1. CS Food

Online Grocery Covid 19 2

CS Food houses several delectable halal brands under their belt from Merri Valley to Union Station. For those unfamiliar with Union Station, it offers hefty, grass-fed beef from Australia. If staying at home is getting you a little down in the dumps, a good quality steak will make you feel like you are in a fancy restaurant again.

Plus, there is 10% off site-wide, which is all the more reason to shop online.

CS Food: Website

2. Adam Halal

Online Grocery Covid 19 5

If you’re a bona fide carnivore then, Adam Halal is where you can find high-quality meat at a reasonable price. With air-flown lamb and gorgeous cuts of beef, this where you’ll want to feed all your meat-eaters.

Delivered in custom cooler boxes, Adam Halal will ensure your meat stays fresh for all your cooking needs.

Adam Halal: Website

And here’s another two options for you, if Adam Halal and CS Food aren’t what you’re looking for.

—Gourmet/Specialised Groceries—

This one is for our high-SES friends or for days when you’re feeling like a total baller. This here is a list of premium groceries and speciality grocers for if you need to find that obscure Italian sauce, for example.

1. Ryan’s Grocery

Online Grocery Covid 19 6

Ryan’s Grocery is where you can free-range meats and for those who require gluten-free diets. With a selection of organic vegetables and fruits, you can ensure that your loved ones are eating the best.

Just a note some of this exclusive produce might be sold out, so do check out the other alternative to get your organic produce.

Psst, their flagship outlet at Great World even has a cosy Australian-style cafe, Ryan’s Kitchen. Bookmark it for your next visit once this “circuit breaker” situation is over.

Ryan’s Grocery: Website

2. The Farmer’s Market

Online Grocery Covid 19 7

Here at The Farmer’s Market, you can get 100% naturally farmed meat & seafood products including beef, lamb, pork, chicken, salmon, chicken, barramundi, sausages and more.

The Farmer’s Market prides themselves on their sources and their ethical buying. Their meats come from naturally farmed, well-treated animals and their seafood are from sustainable sources. Plus, there is no minimum order and there is free delivery thrown in for orders under S$150.

The Farmer’s Market: Website

Looking for even more gourmet and specialised grocers? Maybe these 11 other spots will tickle your fancy.

Types of Products Brand Website
Fresh Produce The Seafood Market by Song Fish https://songfish.com.sg/
Quan Fa Organic https://quanfaorganic.com.sg/
Tankfully Fresh https://tankfullyfresh.com/
Market Fresh http://www.marketfresh.com.sg/
Marine Seafood https://apollomarine.com.sg/
Purely Fresh https://www.purelyfresh.com.sg/
Organic Delivery https://organicdelivery.sg/
Daily Groceries NTUC FairPrice https://www.fairprice.com.sg/
RedMart https://redmart.lazada.sg/
Open Taste https://www.opentaste.sg/
Sheng Siong http://www.shengsiong.com.sg/
Giant https://giant.sg/
Amazon https://www.amazon.sg/
Cold Storage http://www.coldstorage.com.sg/
EA Mart https://www.eamart.com/
Qoo10 https://www.qoo10.sg/
Shopee https://shopee.sg/
Halal Groceries CS Food https://csfoods.sg/
Adam Halal https://adamhalal.sg/
Nikmart https://mynikmart.sg/
Hao Mart http://www.haomart.com.sg/
Gourmet/Specialised Groceries Ryan’s Grocery https://www.ryansgrocery.com/
The Farmer’s Market https://www.farmersmarket.com.sg/
Sasha’s Fine Foods https://sashasfinefoods.com/
Best Organic Food https://bestorganicfood.sg/
The Fish Wives https://thefishwives.com/
Hubers https://www.hubers.com.sg/
Nature’s Glory https://www.natures-glory.com/
PH Deli http://phdeli.sg/
SG Organic http://www.sgorganic.sg/
Little Farms https://littlefarms.com/
Green Circle http://www.greencircle.com.sg/
Yaya Papaya https://yayapapaya.com.sg/
SG Deli and Grocer https://sgdeliandgrocer.com.sg/


In these difficult times, perhaps the one thing that we can be thankful for is the ease of the Internet. With the wealth of online groceries to choose from, it can help us get what we need, even as we continue to #stayhome.

Once you’ve purchased your groceries, how about trying out some of our quick and easy Stay-Home recipes?