Cream & Custard: Indulge In Unicorn Poop At Bukit Ho Swee On Those Days When You Feel Like Crap

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Cream & Custard is a hidden gem of a cafe in Tiong Bahru that recently started selling Unicorn Poop ($9.80), an original creation that you might have seen popping up on Facebook or on your social media feeds.

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Intrigued by the hype, I went down to try it and am pleased to say that it did not disappoint.

When my plate of Unicorn Poop was served, I could hear a faint popping sound coming from it. I was a little surprised at first, then realised that they had freshly garnished it with popping candy – a nice touch.

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The Unicorn Poop is made primarily of raspberry mousse, vanilla cake and popping candy, and topped with rainbow glaze, placed on a lemon cookie base.

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Just one bite was enough to make me smile. The mousse was milky, yet airy, and melted quickly in my mouth. The vanilla cake was one of the moistest I have ever tried and added a nice crumbly texture to the mousse.

The inclusion of popping candy inside the Unicorn Poop was a good idea, as the crackling in my mouth made the experience of tasting this dessert even more pleasant.

My only qualm is that the natural tartness of the raspberry coupled with the overall sweetness made it difficult to finish the dessert alone. I would recommend that you share it with another person, or maybe get a cup of unsweetened tea to balance your palate.

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The Watermelon Strawberry ($7.80), on the other hand, is a cake that I didn’t want to stop eating. It’s made with alternating layers of almond dacquoise and fruit such as watermelon, strawberries, and grapes, before being topped off with a sprinkle of edible rose petals.

I liked this cake a lot more than the Unicorn Poop and now understand why it’s a bestseller. The dacquoise was indulgent and rich, but the watermelon and other fruits created the perfect balance between creamy and fruity.

Plus, the edible rose petals were fragrant and really made the cake more delicious. You should definitely try this when at Cream & Custard.

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The next cake we had was called Galaxy ($8.80) and was made of chocolate mousse cake, rum-soaked cherries, and blackcurrant jelly, before being topped with a beautiful chocolate galaxy glaze.

The whole dessert was extremely rich and reminded me of black forest cake, with high-quality ingredients. I’m pretty sure chocolate lovers will enjoy the Galaxy, but be warned! This tiny portion was pretty filling.

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Finally, we ended with the Edible Garden ($9.80). It includes white chocolate, mango, and coconut — ingredients that naturally go well together.

The white chocolate shell was very sturdy and it took a few solid whacks with the back of my spoon before I could break the shell.

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What lay inside was mango mousse, fresh mango chunks, bits of nata de coco, and even more edible flowers. The roasted coconut (the garnish at the bottom of the sphere) was fragrant, and its dry texture contrasted nicely with the more juicy ingredients inside the shell.

It was a tasty dessert, but the mousse was a little too tart. That sourness was generally offset by the white chocolate, but I think it would have tasted better if it was just a tad less sour.

Overall, I would want to visit Cream & Custard again for the Watermelon Strawberry cake, if not Unicorn Poop. It appears that they experiment with new recipes once in a while, so I look forward to my next visit.

If you have the chance, you should definitely visit as they certainly do not scrimp on quality and taste, despite having affordable prices. Be sure to drop by when you are in the Tiong Bahru area!

Expected damage: $7 – $10 per person

Cream & Custard: Blk #01-894, 46 Jln Bukit Ho Swee, Singapore 160046 | Opening hours: (Mon to Sat) 11am – 7pm, Closed on Sundays | Tel: +65 9111 8696 | Website