CreatureS: Crispy Chicken Rendang & Modern Peranakan Dishes Along Desker Road

Being a creature of habit, I am always on the lookout for good food and the latest buzz on this tiny red dot. CreatureS at Desker Road has always been on my list since I started writing for food.

My first visit to CreatureS was two years ago (funny how Google maps remember my trips) when they were relatively new in the food scene. So I’m back again this time armed with my camera, a notepad and an empty stomach.

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The interior is contemporary with a twist of a Peranakan home; charming, sexy and romantic. The natural lighting is easy on the eyes and sets a romantic mood, perfect for a date.

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The large mural was recently added after a brief renovation. A good backdrop to have your pictures taken here for the ‘grams.

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Spanning two floors with an outdoor area, CreatureS can easily accommodate large groups for dinner and gatherings. Did I mention that the whole restaurant smells lovely of fresh flowers?

After settling in at our table, this is the part that we have been waiting for: the tasting.

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We started with the Roast Duck and Pear ($18). An Asian spin on salad. It consists of Chinese Roast Duck and Chinese Pear Slivers tossed with fresh butterhead lettuce with sweet plum sauce dressing. I like how well balanced this dish is. The sauce is not too overwhelming as you might find in some salad dressings.

The pear and the duck complimented each other. I had to resist from eating too much of this as I have four other dishes to try. Simply put, this salad is amazingly addictive. Plus points for the prawn keropok for that lovely texture.

Creatures 8

The Ngoh Hiang & Cuttlefish Kueh Pie Tie ($24) is a sensory to the eyes and we enjoyed how you get to have a little hands-on with your food. Momma always say not to play with your food but we can’t help ourselves and this dish brings back nostalgia.

Creatures 15

The Ngoh Hiang was made of fresh homemade pork and prawn rolls, fried to perfection and the fillings were generous.

Creatures 16

Overall, we found that the dish is okay and there was nothing too exciting about it. I can’t help but wonder, are we able to stay true to traditions without giving too much away of it?

Creatures singapore cafe 9

MasterChef UK, What’s good? The Crispy Chicken Rendang ($23) is something that we need to show more love.

Creatures 1 2

You heard it right, crispy chicken rendang! The chicken is slathered in rendang sauce served with a side of butterfly blue pea coconut-infused fragrant rice and a slice of egg omelette.

The sauce is thick and a combination of savoury, sweet and piquant. The egg omelette felt like an extra addition to the dish and did not bring out anything special to it.

Creatures 10

One of our favourite dish of the day is the Miso Cod and Ulam Onigiri ($40, Seasonal Pricing). This is the clear winner of all the dishes we tasted.

Creatures 5

The dish is clearly thought through and the portions are just right. The miso cod is torched to a light char on the surface to bring out the flavours. It is flaky, delicate and melts in your mouth like butter.

The sambal belacan accompanying the dish adds a little kick to it and does not kill the taste of the miso cod. I’ve asked if they sell their homemade sambal belacan because I would love to take some back home.

Creatures 7

The Creamy Creatures ($16) reminded me of chendol for adults and I can’t stop sipping.

Myers dark rum, gula melaka and rosemary-infused milk froth. First of all, who is the genius behind the rosemary-infused milk froth idea? How a herb can change the taste of the drink experience is surreal.

Creatures 14

It’s always martini-o-clock somewhere and the Lemongrass and Galangal Martini ($16) is made up of 42BELOW vodka, galangal, lemongrass and fresh lemon juice.

We can’t taste much of the galangal and lemongrass and felt that the lemon juice was a bit too much and killed the other two flavours in the drink.

Creatures 18

For dessert, we got the CreatureS Signature Durian Cake ($12/Slice). If you look at the reviews on their Facebook page, you will see that it’s highly raved.

They are generous with Mao Shan Wang durian paste and there were fibers of the fruit present, so you know you’re getting the real deal. The pandan genoise sponge is fluffy and moist. We were simply in love with this and highly recommend you try it.


Creatures singapore cafe 11

The ambience was lovely and the food is divine. My colleague who was with me said Creamy Creatures is one of the best drink she had in a long time.

I would say the price is a bit too steep for certain dishes like the Crispy Chicken Rendang and Ngoh Hiang & Cuttlefish Kueh Pie Tie. I would definitely visit CreatureS again to try out their other dishes, well if I get a bonus that is.

Expected Damage: $20 – $60 per pax

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CreatureS: 120 Desker Road, 209639 | Tel:6291 6996 | Opening Hours: 12:00pm – 10:00pm (Closed on Mondays) | Website | Facebook