Malaysian customer horrified to discover maggots in Sushi King’s soy sauce bottle

Famous Japanese chain, Sushi King is on the receiving end of criticism when a customer recorded and shared an unhygienic incident at one of its outlets recently. TikTok user @dyrasalleh or Dyra Salleh posted a video of her unfortunate maggot experience at a Sushi King restaurant earlier this week on 21 Dec 2022.

In the video, she showed a Sushi King Shoyu bottle where, upon closer inspection, a few maggots can be seen moving around at the wall of the bottle. Unfortunately for the customer, she had already finished eating before noticing something peculiar in the bottle.

Sushi King - soy sauce

The video went viral and has now reached 1.1 million views, 23.6k likes, and 2.7k comments. Dyra posted a follow-up video as a response to a netizen’s comment who advised her to speak with the staff instead of making the situation go viral. The customer clarified that she did speak to a staff member but felt like they weren’t taking the issue seriously.

Sushi King - apology

Not long after the post went viral, Sushi King Malaysia responded to the issue quickly by issuing a statement in both English and Malay on their social media. In the statement, Sushi King apologised to the affected customer, taking full responsibility for the incident.

Sushi King will conduct an investigation regarding the matter and will further reinforce the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for food handling and employee training management. Besides that, they have also reported this incident to the Ministry of Health themselves and will cooperate with the authorities to take necessary actions.

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