Sign Up On Da Bao App for 50% – 70% Food Discounts While Saving the Earth

Ever wondered how you can be an ethical consumer for the environment? Join the Da Bao app for your gateway to that!

Dedicated to reducing Singapore’s annual nine million kilograms of food wastage, the social enterprise behind Da Bao connects consumers with eateries to do just that.

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Here’s how it works: eateries in Singapore have to throw out their unsold surplus food daily to comply with food safety regulations. However, the extra food is still perfectly edible! To combat this major source of food waste, the Da Bao app links you, a consumer, up with the eateries to buy their extra food at a whopping 50 – 70% discount.

On your part, simply register with them to be notified when they launch. The app is easy to use—browse for nearby meals, prepay on the app, then pick up your meal at the store.

Feel good with discounted meals knowing that it’s a result of your contribution to a cleaner environment!

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If you’d like to be more aware of how your eating habits affect the environment, follow Da Bao on Facebook. With clear and informative infographics, their posts provide bite-sized pieces of statistics that put our consumer habits in perspective.

I personally think that this initiative is such a clever idea to combat food waste in a sustainable fashion.

While we’re often told to consume less to reduce our carbon footprints, this is a negative suggestion. To illustrate, it is harder to ask individuals to reduce their meat intake when it’s ingrained in their appetites.

Instead, the Da Bao app takes our consumption habits in stride. They take the positive approach of suggesting where we can consume from for a preferable outcome, without demanding that we reduce our level of consumption. I’d say this makes for a more constructive solution.

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