11 dance classes that offer beginner trials to make your first moves

There’s nothing quite like grooving to a beat to invigorate the senses. Yet, as with art, it can be pretty intimidating to start without experience. So, I’ve taken it upon myself to compile a list of 11 dance classes that offer beginner trials for you to make your first moves. 

The list includes a range of genres, so whether you’re looking for lively salsa or tranquil ballet, there’s no excuse not to try. 

Here’s a hot tip before you begin: don’t worry about looking foolish. Everyone’s on the struggle bus together, but not everyone owns it.

1. BalletBody

BalletBody is a fitness studio that specialises in ballet-centric work out classes, a perfect stepping stone if you’re nervous to dive right into ballet.

Balletbody 2

By incorporating classical ballet moves in their full-body exercises, you’ll be able to try the dance moves in the more familiar context of fitness. You’re guaranteed a good sweat while you’re here.

Balletbody 7

Ballet becomes a more accessible pursuit at BalletBody, with 3 available class levels: BalletBody Basics, BalletBody Classic, and BalletBody Advance. So, if you find yourself enjoying it, there’s also room for progression here. 

Sign up for a First Timer Trial (S$48 for 3 classes) for a sampling of what these classes will be like. 

BalletBody: 24A Pagoda Street, Singapore 059186 | Opening Hours: 9am – 9pm (Daily) | Facebook | Instagram | Website

2. M.A Ballet

For more focus on classical techniques in ballet, M.A Ballet is a great option. They offer dedicated Adult Ballet classes, which come in two levels: Beginner and Intermediate.

Maballet Online 2

Through weekly classes, their dedicated and friendly instructors will take you through exercises to build up your familiarity and skill. 

M.A Ballet is a friendly environment that offers a constructive opportunity for learning. You won’t feel out of place or left out while you’re here. The instructors always take great care to include everyone in the class, regardless of class size. 

If you’re unsure, sign up for a Trial Class (S$40) to suss things out before committing.

M.A Ballet: 8 Claymore Hill, #01-03/4, Singapore 229572 | Tel: +65 9631 0054 (WhatsApp Call / Message) | Opening Hours: 9am – 5pm (Mon to Fri), 9am – 3pm (Sat), Closed on Sun | Facebook | Instagram | Website 

3. Lindy Hop SG

Lindy Hop is an American street dance that evolved in Harlem, New York City, in the 1920s. With a combination of solo and partner dance, this is one for the music lovers and social dancers.

Lindyhopsg Online 2
Credit: Andrew Lin for Lindy Hop SG

Founded by a group of four avid dancers from Singapore, Lindy Hop SG is a space for first-timers to relish in the joys of swing and jazz. They offer Lindy Hop and Balboa classes to teach you the basics. Following that, you’ll have opportunities to groove with your new skills at their Lindy Hop @ The Centrepoint sessions.

Lindyhopsg Online 3
Credit: Andrew Lin for Lindy Hop SG

However, as Lindy Hop is a partner dance, they’ve decided to postpone classes while social distancing measures are still in place. Stay tuned on Lindy Hop SG’s website and Facebook to know when they resume their classes and Lindy Hop @ The Centrepoint sessions.

Lindy Hop SG: 1 Coleman St, The Adelphi, Singapore 179803 | Tel: +65 9823 9394 | Opening Hours: TBC | Facebook | Instagram | Website

4. Caliente Dance Studio

If a spicier social dance is more of your thing, look no further than Caliente Dance Studio for Bachata and Salsa classes.

Caliente Online 1

Have the time of your life with these intimate and sensual partner dances, starting right from the basics. Here, the experienced instructors will guide you through basic techniques and exercises to help you master the movements. Keep going, and you’ll soon develop your personal flare. 

Book their Trial Classes (S$9.90) to test out your preferences and get a feel for the dance form. 

Caliente Dance Studio: 15 Enggor Street, Realty Centre, #08-02, Singapore 079716 | Tel: +65 9005 3482 (WhatsApp) | Opening Hours: 8am – 11pm (Mon to Sat), Closed on Sun | Facebook | Instagram | Website

5. ZiggyFeet

Here’s another option for salsa and bachata seekers. ZiggyFeet promises to be an inclusive space for first-timers and experienced dancers alike to dip their toes in the sport.

Ziggyfeet Online 1

They offer a range of Bachata, Salsa and West Coast Swing classes for you to choose from. 

As always, it’s comforting to have the low commitment trial classes to find out if it’s the right fit for you. You can sign up for a Trial Class (S$10) here.

ZiggyFeet: 6 Raffles Boulevard, Marina Square, #B1-01/02/03, Singapore 039594 | Tel: +65 8181 9785 | Opening Hours: 6pm – 10pm (Mon to Fri), 2pm – 6pm (Sat & Sun) | Facebook | Instagram | Website

6. Aquilia Dance Academy 

At Aquilia Dance Academy, you can look forward to learning the art of Latin ballroom dancing. With a range of physically and mentally invigorating classes, you can choose from the likes of the Samba, Rumba, and Cha Cha Cha.

Aquiliadanceacademy Online 1

You don’t need any experience to join their Beginners’ Latin Course, which will cover basic rhythm, footwork, as well as arm and hip actions. Following that, end a progressive group course with a routine that you can practise on. 

Drop in for a Trial (S$35) at any class between Beginner to Technique level.  

Aquilia Dance Academy: 803 King George’s Avenue, #02-146 & #02-230, Singapore 200803 | Tel: +65 9617 1175 or +65 8616 8490 | Opening Hours (by appointment): 12pm – 9.30pm (Mon to Sat), 12pm – 5pm (Sun) | Facebook | Instagram | Website 

7. Bolly Dancing Studio

With lively and vibrant classes in Bollywood dancing and zumba, Bolly Dancing Studio is an energetic way to stay fit and active.

Bollydancingstudio Online 1

What sets them apart is their BollyDazz Fitness program, which infuses Bollywood dancing with modern, high-intensity cardio and weight training for a full-body workout. With friendly and approachable instructors, the classes are clear and easy to follow. 

They also offer a Bolly Dancing Choreo option if you’d prefer to learn a dance routine to Bollywood hits. 

Sign up for a Trial Class (S$10) for a lively sneak peek into what Bolly Dancing Studio has to offer. 

Bolly Dancing Studio: 261 Waterloo Street, Waterloo Centre, #01-12, Singapore 180261 | Tel: +65 9062 1412 or +65 9475 6195 | Opening Hours: 11am – 9pm (Mon to Thu), 11am – 8pm (Fri), 9am – 1pm (Sat), 9am – 3pm (Sun) | Facebook | Instagram | Website

8. Dance Embassy 

From traditional Kathak to modern BollyFreak, Dance Embassy does it all. 

Kathak, which translates to ‘story teller’, is a North Indian classical dance form and one of the main genres of ancient Indian classical dance.

Danceembassy Online 1

One of their signature classes is the BollyFreak class, which incorporates popular Bollywood hits in its dance fitness routine. This class will train your core and strength while giving you a good cardio burn. 

As they hold different classes at different locations, do check their website to make sure where your class will be held. Their main locations are at the Core Collective on Anson Road, Tong Eng Building on Cecil Street, and 1880 on Nanson Road.

Book a Trial Class for just S$28 to get started on your routine.

Dance Embassy: Refer to website for specific class location | Tel: +65 8161 4082 | Opening Hours (for in-studio classes): 5.30pm – 7.30pm (Tue, Fri & Sat) | Facebook | Instagram | Website

9. Step Studio

For the captivating arts of contemporary street dance, Step Studio offers a range of Contemporary, Hip Hop and  Street Jazz classes.

Stepstudio Online 1

You’ll be able to learn a dance routine in your chosen genre, choosing between their Open Classes and 8-Class Courses.

Though there are no trials available for their progressive courses, you can purchase a one-off walk-in Open Class at just S$18. Each class runs for 1 hour, and you can enter at the Intro Level, Level 1 or Level 2 depending on your comfort.

Step Studio: 1 Sophia Road, Peace Centre, #04-13, Singapore 228149 | Tel: +65 6397 4989 (Call), +65 8177 1759 (WhatsApp) | Opening Hours: 6.30pm – 10pm (Mon to Fri), 1.30pm – 4pm (Sat), Closed on Sun | Facebook | Instagram | Website

10. Slap Dance Studio 

At Slap Dance Studio, you can dip your toes into the likes of pole dancing and body conditioning. They offer classes like Pole Tricks and Pole Dance from entry to hard levels.

Slapdancestudio Online 1

This might sound like a particularly intimidating hobby to pick up, but while it has its challenges, they’ve also tailored their easiest classes to be beginner-friendly. You don’t have to have prior experience to take them.

Sign up for a Trial Class (S$12.84) before 31 December 2020 to enjoy their current lower rate for trial classes.

Slap Dance Studio: 144 Robinson Road, Robinson Square, #17-02 (reception) / #10-01 / #11-01, Singapore 068908 | Tel: +65 6636 4622 | Opening Hours: 12.15pm – 2.15pm & 6pm – 9.30pm (Mon to Fri), 10am – 4pm (Sat & Sun) | Facebook | Instagram | Website 

11. Dance Factory

Dancefactory Online 1

Who can forget K-Pop? If your preferred dance for fitness lies in this genre, Dance Factory has what you need. With outlets scattered across the island, you’ll also have easy access to their classes.

Try their K-MV or K-Street classes to immerse yourself in the world of Korean pop, while expressing your love for the music through sassy dance moves. 

Book a Trial Class at a discounted rate of S$10 per adult till 30 December 2020 (U.P. S$20)

Dance Factory: Locations | Tel: +65 6565 6368 | Facebook | Instagram | Website 

So, no more waiting on the excuse that you have two left feet! Joining a dance class might be a pricey commitment, but with trials and cheaper single classes available, you’ll be able to find out what you enjoy. It’s time to get moving!